14 August Sms Text Messages, Wishes Greetings and Status

Here is 14 August Sms collection. A day which comes once a year but we celebrate it throughout the whole year with our patriotism and the loyalness towards our country. This day gives us all the honor to celebrate the day of our computer. This country has given us so much that no matter how much we thank our country this will never be enough. Here we have collected a lot 14 August wishes which you can send to your loved ones to show your gratitude and loyalness towards your country. So go ahead and read out the collection of these beautiful wishes and quotes of 14 August Sms collection.

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14 August Sms

  • This country is the purest example of how much sacrifice is needed. So respect this country and always work for the development of your country. Happy Independence day.
  • Maybe this country is not yet in the list of top developed countries but there are a lot more things which makes it noble. One of them is the loyalness of its citizens towards their country. Happy 14th of August.

14 August Text Messages

  • Slavery is a life worst the death because there is nothing which you can do with your own choice. Its like life is yours but there is someone else who is living it. Happy independence day
  • The day has come which gives every Pakistani emotions to live for their country and to rememorize for what they gained this country and how much work is still there. Happy independence day!

14 August Photos

  • What a noble country we are born in, there is no other piece of soil like this country and I am sure there will never be like it. Happy Independence day.

Independence Day Pics

  • Happy 14th of August, the day on which we got the freedom to live a life according to our choice, But this day comes to ask us, are actually you doing it. Stop being patriotic just for one day, show your patriotism by doing something great for it.

Jashn e Azadi Mubarak

  • There is no country which gets noble by its own the people living in these countries make it noble. Our nation is the wisest and the one of the strongest nation but just a little effort is to be made. Happy Independence day.
  • May our country keep climbing the ladder of success day by day and may Allah Almighty’s grace be on us and May He Almighty Allah gives us all strength to make a change for our country,

Independence Day Sms

  • We all know that the current issues and problems of the country are always pulling it down. But these problems do not know that there is a nation standing behind this green flag which will never let their country down at any cost. Happy independence day!

14 August Wishes

  • The most amazing thing about this day is atlast everyone is proud to be Pakistani putting all the problems and dishonesty of our leaders beside. Happy Independence day to you.

14 August

  • There are many questions in everyone’s mind. This day comes to ask every year much more questions and we should stop criticizing others and we should probably look for our inside that what we are doing to make the gracious country more precious. Happy 14th of August.

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