1st Ashra Of Ramadan Prayers and Duas

Let’s find out 1st Ashra Of Ramadan Prayers and Duas. Ramadan is a month of great blessings of Allah Almighty. Celebrate this precious month by asking for an apology from Allah. First Ashra of Ramadan is about Mercy. Ask Allah for his mercy. Here we have collected a really nice collection of Ramadan prayer you can send to your family and friends and aware them the importance of Ramadan. We hope you will like our collection.

1st Ashra Of Ramadan

1st Ashra Of Ramadan Prayers and Duas

  • O My Lord, forgive us and show mercy on us and your are great merciful.
  • Thirst is Gone, we have filled our stomach with your blessings and if Allah desired He will also accept our Worships and Fasts.

Ramadan Duas Daily

  • May this Ramadan brings you lot of Happiness and Joys. May this blessed morning of Ramadan showers Allah’s blessing on you.

Ramadan Duas

  • May the month of Ramadan keep coming in your life again and again and every time when it comes, may you will be there for welcoming it. 1st ashra of Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Duas In English

  • Allah has ordered us to Fast in the month of Ramadan, but it’s our choice if we want, we can Fast in normal days too which are called Nafali Roza. May Allah accepts our fasts of Holy Ramadan.
  • May Allah accept our Fasts and Worship, May he also give us the strength to live other days of the year as like Ramadan.

Ramadan Dua List

  • If Allah wanted, he would have made it sure that we should Fast the whole year, but its His blessing He gave us one month whose Nobleness is equal to a whole year. May you achieve Allah’s mercy in this Ashraa of Mercy.
  • Thank Allah Almighty for his greatest blessing one of which is Ramadan. May He shower his blessings and bless us with good fortunes and good luck.

Ramadan Duas From Quran

  • Ramadan is all about thanking Allah Almighty and worshiping, so why not we do what we are told and Thank Allah Almighty by worshiping Him. Who is single and enough for everything.
  • Always ask Allah for help, because He himself says, call me I will answer your calls. How cannot he solve our every problem just try once and you will be known. Happy Ramadan’s First Ashra!

Sehri Dua For Roza

  • May this first ashra of Mercy brings us Allah’s mercy on all of us, and may our loved ones get everything which they desire. First Ashra Mubarak.

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