April Status, Flowers, Memes

April Status is the new trend nowadays and everyone’s first choice is to upload a status related to the days. So now its time for April Status, Memes. Here is the collection of April Status, Flowers, Memes you can send these to your contact list also as a message. We assure you, that you will like our collection. Do something different this year because its new month and it deserves a little change too. Hope you will enjoy our collection!

April Status

April Status, Flowers, Memes

  • A new month has come again, it’s April and it has brought new opportunities too. May I have a cheering April.
  • You are the person who can make every day every month special for me. Sparkling April.
  • This April and it is calling all of us to accept the challenge to remain happy. I do, do you? A questioning April.
  • I love April, because it blossoms flowers. Happy April, Happy Spring!
  • The weather remains really nice in April. Therefore I am loving it. Laughing April.
  • This month is so full of greenery and flowers that my mood is always the best. Have a Glad April
  • Happiest April ever, and this month is going best of the rest of all. Amusing April
  • Happiest person is them who have someone to care about them. I have you. Smiling April
  • This month has brought a lot of happiness with, the only thing we have to do is that find these happiness and be happy. Have a Glad April
  • Being happy is not so difficult, it just takes a moment. Find that moment in this April. Have an animated April
  • A person can more be happy by distributing happiness on others faces too. Have a great April!

April Fool Status Collection

  • Happiness can be doubled by sharing them. Develop the habit of sharing in this April. May we have an animated April.
  • April, April everywhere, cannot find a way to go away. Okay, then Celebrating April.
  • Why it’s important to upload a new status every day and according to the day. Happy April;)
  • A person who can be happy in every situation, that’s how you can find an April Birthday.
  • I have a birthday too in April, so wish me birthday and send me gifts by parcel. There’s no need to come.Haha! Sparkling April!
  • Months are just names, the real reason for celebrating every new month is that we should spend every new month differently by not repeating the same mistakes.
  • If a thing is giving us joy, try doing it again and again.

April Status For Whatsapp

  • Do not think about the people, or what people will say spend your day as you want.
  • Find yourself and be that in this April. Have a Jovial April!
  • May your every morning happen in such a great mood that you remain ever and ever happy.
  • A new morning has a brought a new month with it and its called April. WOw, informative status!
  • Every new month comes with delights and joys and ends in a bad way. Make this one different.
  • Make sure that this will not be wasted in a similar routine.
  • Speak the truth and your life will be easy enough to live with comfort.
  • Happiness are ever following you, take a break from running behind the money and look for the happiness to come and meet you.
  • No one is bringing good luck in pocket and handover it to you. You have to hard work for it. Happy April to everyone out there!
  • A new month which is coming towards you is bringing the very new things with it. Happy April!
  • New start, new things, new determination, new courage, and new opportunities to get a different result.

April Status For Facebook

  • If a person is in love he can have achieved it in this month of April, because I am declaring it!
  • May this new month fill your life with lights and delights. May your life becomes bright like the morning of April.
  • A new month has come to give us more trouble and people be like Happy April dear! what the hell?
  • Ever thing will be in your favour when you will try to make them in your favour.
  • Happiness is to have someone who always text you and don’t get late in replying.
  • My biggest fear is to loose my mobile.
  • Happiest persons are those who have houses to live and happier are those who have big houses to live.
  • This April should bless us with all the joys and pleasures otherwise what will be a difference between this and other months.
  • The whole world will try to put a person in trouble because he is happy.
  • No one remembers you after a long time until they have some sort work with you.
  • If you have not done anything right in your entire life, then trust me neither don’t I.

April Status Updates

  • Seeing someone happy is irrelevant nowadays, but if we are happy by wishing each other Happy April so what’s the problem?
  • The biggest problem of this world is Whatsapp and most of all its groups. Nothing useful there not at all.
  • Today’s conversation end in just 10 sec and persons get back to their world of Facebook.
  • Some retards think themselves as the king of the world because they have got 30 likes on Facebook.
  • Is this the end of the world, people do not know parents.! Strange isn’t it?
  • April can bring happiness, but how, no one knows!
  • New months are new challenges, but what about the previous old challenges. The answer is to forget about them.
  • Forgetting something can remind you of something.
  • The biggest lie of the nasty world is I always speak the truth.
  • Some people make friends and then leave them alone because they have lost the interest.

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