Belated Birthday Wishes and Messages

Belated Birthday Wishes are available here. Got late for someone’s special birthday party or you didn’t make it on time to wish him or you completely missed it, and now you want to say sorry them. Here we have Belated Birthday Wishes and Messages to wish your angry loved one and make them back on track. Hope you will like.

Belated Birthday Wishes

Belated Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • I know I should remember your birthday, instead, I must remember your birthday. But I forgot your birthday and for that I am really sorry for that.
  • I am very ashamed that I got late in wishing you Happy Birthday and also that I missed your birthday party. I am so sorry for that. Happy belated birthday dear.
  • I am so sorry for wishing you belated happy birthday. I got stuck in work and forgot about the most special day and I am so sorry and once again Happy Birthday.
  • My dear wife, I am truly sorry that I forgot your birthday. I know you are so mad at me and I know that you should be, yeah you should be. I deserve it. But I also know that you are the kindest person in the world and you will forgive me for my mistake. Happy Belated Birthday darling.

Belated Birthday Wishes Card Wording

  • Fathers are the most loveable persons in the world, I don’t remember that you ever forgot my birthday, But I am so sorry that I forgot your birthday. Happy belated Birthday dear father.
  • I am so sorry for being late in your birthday party and Happy belated Birthday. Hope your this your brings you the best fortune and best of luck for your future.
  • Dear Mom, you never forgot my birthday but I know I am a bad son I forgot your birthday but I know you will forgive me for that mistake. Happy Belated Birthday Mother so sorry once again.
  • Dear brother you always stand up for me in my every problem and I didn’t make it to prove that I am a good brother. I am greatly sorry that I forgot your Birthday. Happy belated Birthday.
  • You are the best ever person I met you did so much for me. But I am really sorry that I couldn’t make to your birthday party. I was out of town for some work. Happy birthday, dear may you get the best of your fortune.
  • May you get everything you wanted to in your life, happy birthday and I am so sorry for being late in wishing you happy birthday. Happy belated birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes For Brother, Sister

  • My mistakes are going worst day by day and hope you will forgive my this mistake that I forgot your birthday. Happy birthday dear.
  • Happy birthday dear friend, so sorry for being too late in wishing you. Hope you’ll be alright and I pray that this new year will bring you a lot of happiness and gives you the strength to face the upcoming problems.
  • Birthdays are the most special day for everyone, and I forgot that special day of yours and that I couldn’t make it to your birthday and cant wish in time. Happy Belated Birthday.
  • I admit you never forgot my birthday and you never disappointed me, but I disappointed you. This time I forgot your birthday and I am very very very sorry for that.
  • I have to go out of town and I am sorry that I cant make it your birthday party. Happy birthday and may you live long and get the best of fortunes.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • Dear best friend, I know you love but you canceled your birthday party because I didn’t wish you, that’s not fair. I am so sorry for my mistake and I will improve that mistake by an announcement that this birthday is on me. Hope you forgave me and let’s celebrate a belated birthday.
  • Birthdays are just days, the main thing is the happiness that this day brings with it, but you know that I can make every situation full of happiness. I will make your belated birthday special for you. Happy belated birthday.
  • My greatest apologies for being late in your birthday party and you are now out of teenage and I wasn’t there on your celebration for that. Happy birthday and so sorry for being late in wishing you and not for being there on your birthday.
  •  I had full plan for coming on your birthday but at the same time I got a very important work and I couldn’t make it to your birthday. I am extremely sorry for that hope you will enjoy your health in this upcoming year.

Best Belated Birthday Wishes and Quotes

  • I know you are upset with me, And I know that is my bad. I was very busy on that day and unable to be there, I am sorry dear.
  • Life is too rough now a day for me, and sorry dear I was unable to be there on your special event of your life. Wish you a late Happy Birthday wishes.
  • That was my boss who caught me on that night and I was unable to come to your birthday party. I am sorry dear, But I can celebrate and wish you happy birthday now.
  • I am sorry dear, I was unable to attend your birthday party because of some important work I am sorry dear.
  • Dear That was just bad luck because I was completely ready for your birthday party and I got caught by cops, and that’s why I got late to your party. I am sorry dear.
  • I apologize for last night because that was my fault. My boss called me for an urgent meeting and I need to go there, I am sorry dear,
  • I know I came to your party late and I am really sorry for that I got stuck in traffic and this is the reason behind it, I am sorry, But wish you a Happy but late Birthday dear.
  • I had a full plan to come to your birthday party, But I am sorry dear I got an urgent work and that’s why, I got late. Again I am sorry dear
  • Honey, I am really really sorry, Because I got tricked by time and got late in your birthday party… I am sorry for that. I hope you will accept my apology and wish you happy birthday dear.

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