Birthday Invitation Card Wording, Invitation Letter Sample

Let’s make this birthday special starting with Birthday Invitation Card Wording, done for you. Friends are the best part the best reality of life our life and happiness depends on them it we have some good friends so its our responsibility to make their special day more special so get here with us and check out the most Awesome Birthday invitations to your friends to make them excited to get most out of their joy so feel free to explore.

Birthday Invitation Card Wording

Birthday Invitation Card Wording

  • Hey dear! I am turning 24 This Wednesday and I am celebrating an amazing birthday. Come and enjoy the fun filled evening with me on that day.
  • I’m celebrating the 24th year of my beautiful life and I want you to be here to share the joy and fun.
  • Hey friend! We are going to celebrate the birth day of my beloved sister this Sunday, and I am inviting you and your family to spend some awesome time with us.
  • Ooohh dear friend! Pack your party dresses and come to my house. As I am celebrating a night long birthday party on May 21st this month. And your presence is important.
  • My father is having his 55th birthday next Saturday and I am inviting all of your family members to this amazing day. Kindly join us. It will be the great pleasure for us.
  • Cakes, candles, cold drinks, candies, party, fun, joy. Yes, you guessed it right. It is time for a birthday party. Come and have fun with me.

Birthday Invitation Card Wording Sample

  • Hey girl I hope you will come to my birthday party and it will be fun and there will be foods! And I. Know you are crazy for food
  • My sweet friend! I’m requesting to u kindly give me just 3 hours of your time as I am celebrating my birthday at seven in the evening
  • If you want some music, great food and an awesome party then come and join the party I am hosting for My Birthday at the restaurant. It will be filled with foods and drinks, so come and enjoy!
  • You need to be there when I tell the whole world that I am finally out of my teenage years and now into the world of adults and I am giving a party for this purpose you are necessary.
  • Our grandmother is turning 89 this Sunday and we are inviting you to her birthday party so u are must to be there to share the joy.
  • My dearest friends, my nephew is turning 1 this Sunday. So come and join us to make us feel even more special and just have fun today.

General Birthday Invitation Card Wording

  • You are cordially invited to my birthday party at the pool this evening and All you need to bring your party dresses and accessories I am waiting.
  • My mother is turning 45 this year so I hope that you can come on Friday and let her enjoy.
  • my cousin is turning 8 so we arranged a huge party tonight. There will be a lot of food, fun, music and fully enjoyable environment. And you are invited. So come and enjoy.
  • For a night of music, fun, and games, come and join us to celebrate another birthday.
  • Hey, sweet friend, you are invited on 26th birthday of mine elder sister. There will be a lot fun so come n share our happiness.
  • A birthday is one of the best way to tell people that you grew up. So here is an invite to my party that will be held next Sunday, I hope that you can come!
  • My brother is turning 19 and we are celebrating the birthday tomorrow at 7pm in McDonald’s,and I hope to see you there later and come join us in having the best time of our lives.

Best Birthday Invitation Card Wording for Someone Special

  • Best wishes, my beautiful darling and love of my life. Happy Birthday dear, May you live long and healthy life
  • Dear Sir, This is the day that brought light to our life. This is the day of blessing. So dear Sir Happy Birthday from the depth of my heart.
  • Every second a person borns but legends like you borns once after a long time. Dear Boss, you are a beacon for all of us. Wishing you Happy birthday from the depth of my heart.
  • You always try to give us a better piece of knowledge. In return, we are unable to do something good for you. But we can make you feel Happy and better. So, wishing you Happy Birthday. May you live long.
  • You are not just only my friend you are my brother You are more than a friend to me. We spent a lot of happy moments of our life with you. So at the special moment of your life, We wish you Happy Birthday.
  • This is the day when you were Landed on earth Live long and always stay happy. Happy Birthday dear friend
  • We have been waiting for this day for a long time not to wish you, give us treat buddy!! Happy Birthday…
  • Dear Sister this is the holy day when we got you and God gifted us a baby in shape of you wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • Blow off the candle and cut the cake, Don’t forget to give me my share. Happy Birthday dear friend may you live long and happier life.

Because birthdays are the most special and memorable days. Due to this, we have collected a special collection of Birthday Invitation Card Wording for you. Hope you’ll like and if you did. Please do share on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other such social sites.


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