Birthday Invitation Message For Friends

Birthdays are the days which comes once in a year. Everyone uses unique Birthday Invitation Message for Friends to invite them. For this purpose you have to use a Beautiful written Birthday Invitation Message to send to your friend and make a partner in your joys and happiness. So, make your birthday special by sending your loved ones amazing invitations to have them on your Birthday and double the fun with their company. Now here we have a collection of some really amazing invitations. Choose your favorite one and send them to your loved ones.

Birthday Invitation Message For Friends

Birthday Invitation Message For Friends

  • Birthday is not the day to get scared of being older, Its a day to Have a new start, Its a day to make sure to not to repeat the mistakes we have done last year and to make a new dream about life and change the point of view to see the world.
  • Birthdays are the days we all want them to be a memorable and everyone tries to have more fun than the previous one. So, on this birthday I want you to come and give your share in buying happiness. Hope you will be there for me.
  • Today I am here to invite you my friend for my birthday. You must have to come and we will have fun together. Let’s make this day a special one. Must come thank you. I will be there waiting for you.
  • On the special day of my birthday I want you, My Friend, to come. No, one can take your place we are together since our childhood. You have to come no accuses are accepted. Hope you will be there.
  • Aha! My birthday came again, this year flew like wind. Its like yesterday I celebrated my previous birthday and today it came again. So, whatever I am looking forward for you be there and we’ll have fun.
  • Every person try to make his present day better than the previous same is with the birthdays I want to make it better, wait a minute, The best one and that can be impossible without you. So, you to be there for me. See you.
  • Never be afraid of getting older. I think you understand the reason I texted you. It’s My Birthday the day after tomorrow. Yo have to be there and do the duty of a friend. Don’t be late and no accuses are accepted.

Happy Birthday Invitation Message For Someone Special

  • Every person make my life special everyone is special in my life I respect all but you are my best friend and its your responsibility to be a part in my joys and play your role to make me happy and when the time will come I’ll be there for you. Wish me birthday on my Birth Day.
  • Birthday is just a day to be gathered and make it a festival and like rest of all this day also demands you to do that. Be there for me and make this special day more special.
  • Birthday Celebrations are uncompleted without friends. Making these days memorable I want you to come to my friend on my birthday. Its been a long time we met so its a nice way for a get together all our college friends and school friends are invited.
  • In this busy world and from your busy schedule I want to borrow some hours. It’s My Birthday on Sunday and I am here to invite you on this delightful day. Make sure you will be there to make me feel good.
  • Being busy is not a big deal. Being busy and also giving some time to your loved ones is the big deal. I am having a birthday party hope you’ll be there.

General Birthday Invitation Message and Quotes

  • Happiest persons are those who have people to care about them. Being older is a thing which we have decided to celebrate in parts and these parts are called Birthdays. I am inviting you to my birthday party it’s on Sunday so be there. See you soon.
  • Sending invitation is a bigger responsibility than organizing a Birthday Party. It should be done with care everyone should get an invitation and not just invitation a specific invitation which suits them. Hope, You like the way I invited you. Party is on Thursday the mid of the week. See you.
  •  Never be late when I invite you on some festival or on My birthday Because I do it with great love and if you ignore it then there’s going to be a fight instead of a birthday party. Haha! So, don’t be late be there on time and No Accuses.
  • Thanks for wishing me birthday before my birthday. I am having a Birthday party this year and it’s my moral duty to definitely invite the person who wished first of everyone. Thanks and I am waiting for your arrival.
  • I was thinking from very long time that why haven’t met for many days and this thing is not fair in friendship and what a coincident that My Birthday is on Friday. So, its a great opportunity lets meet at my birthday party. See you on Friday.
  • Life is full of happy and sad things both things walk together in a line and its our decision how we want them to see. Birthdays are such a delightful occasion when you are being older with similar people. I am Inviting you for my Birthday Party be there.
  • A new start has begun in my life I am going out of teenage. Today is my birthday you are invited. It will be held in the evening. I am waiting for everyone with such a curiosity.

Birthday Invitations To Close Friends

  • Dear friends, you were always with me at the time of need. you supported me and you helped me. I need you at the special event of life. Please join me at my birthday party.
  • Dear Friend, you are stupid, But you are close to me. You are an Ideot, but you are most loving to me. Come to my birthday party because I need your stupid and idiotic acts there.
  • Dear Friend, This is my landing day. And I want you to be there because you are very special to me and I need you at my every special event of life.
  • Friends are always very special and important part of life. And real friends will never leave you at the time of need. So dear friend I need you at my Birthday party so, be there dear…
  • I know you are one who cares me and you have planned something special for me. So I invite you to my birthday party so please join me there… Will be there waiting for you.
  • Life is like a jungle, A small mistake can fire you up. But if someone has a friend like you then he will have no worries. Dear friend I want you to a very special event of my life and I don’t want any kind of excuse. So, be there I will be waiting for you dear.
  • Dear friend, you are the one who is really special for me and I never want to lose you. A friend like you is a great blessing. Dear, I want to invite you to my birthday party. So, be there I will be there, waiting for you.
  • Good Friend is the blessing of God, He teaches you the best way, He teaches you good things, He wants best for you. Dear Friend I tomorrow is the special event of my life. I want your presence there I don’t want any kind of excuse there…

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