Have A Great Weekend Messages, Status

Have A Great Weekend

Wanna send some Have A Great Weekend Messages, here they are. A weekend is the most awaited day of the week. We all await this day to come soon in our lives and give us a break from the daily routine and the busy schedule of our life. Here in this collection, you will find some of the most amazing Weekend Messages which you can send to anyone you want. If you liked our collection then you should probably share this collection on Facebook, Whatsapp, with your friends and family to let them know this much amazement also available in this world and they will also like this collection. Give us your feedback in the end in the comment section about our post of Have A Great Weekend Messages.

Have A Great Weekend

Have A Great Weekend Messages

  • This is the day which will be the most amazing day of our life because this will be the weekend. Love you and enjoy the weekend. Happy Weekend!
  • The most amazing day of the week is here and it has come to fulfill our desire of more sleep in morning and the desire of being lazier. Thank you weekend.
  • The weekend is the only day which gives you enough chance to be you, to keep alive the lazy part of you. I am glad to have this wonderful day once again in my life.
  • Some people ask why the weekend is so special? I just reply to them that it comes after a week. Isn’t it special? Have an incredible weekend!
  • No other day is like a weekend you can expect many things from it including lots of happiness and comforts. Which no other day offer you. Have an amazing Weekend!
  • You are with me and the whole life is becoming amazing and amazing every day. Hope you will be doing great and may you get all the things you desire on this weekend. Happy Weekend!
  • Every person in your life have something of your life with them and that can be more amazing if you carry some of their moments with your life. Happy weekend.

Weekend Messages for Whatsapp

  • The way you think about me and the way you care about me no one else can do that. I am very blessed to have a person like you in my life. Thank you for being here and have a lovely weekend.
  • You are like the weekend of my life, as weekend kick away the stress and gives me comfort you are the same. I hope that you always be with me. Have an amazing day!
  • We can never let each other fell down and lose their hope because each one of us is here to help each other and to be the strength of the other person. I hope that you will have an amazing weekend.
  • The weekend is here once again and it has brought many comforts with it as always. Hope you will be enjoying it because I am enjoying it too much.
  • We wait for this day and why not after all what this day gives us no other day can give. Have an amazing day and have a lovely weekend.
  • In this amazing world, not everything is amazing and not everything can be made amazing by only us we always need someone to help to carry out the things which we need. Thanks for helping me and making my weekend the most amazing!

Best Wishes for Weekend

  • I had plans with my family this weekend and there was a lot of work to do for the office but thank to you that you helped me and I still had time to go out with my family. Thank you and may you also have the most amazing weekend of all time.
  • There are very few chances that every person who follows a successful person can be successful by itself. But the struggle and hard work are always there.
  • Everyone who is here in this world can not make you happy until you, yourself do not want to be happy. So be happy and enjoy the weekend. Have an animated weekend!
  • Troubles, problems, and hardships are the part of our life. But pure determination and hard work can put you there wherever you want. Happy Weekend!
  • Keep your destination clear and move according to your plans. When you will do this your days will be amazing and you will be enjoying your life. Have a wondrous weekend.
  • Surviving in this world is never easy and you can not do it without the help of your elders, your friends, and your family. So be nice to everyone and they will be nice to you to in return.

Have a Great Weekend Quotes and Sayings

  • The successful people in this world always give respect to other. Because if you will give respect to someone you will get the respect in return.
  • When you close your eyes you see the dreams and when you wake, you wake up to get these dreams done. I know that you can achieve these all without making any troubles.
  • Your heart is the best companion of you. It always gives the best advice and it is almost all the time alright. Have an unusual weekend!
  • An extraordinary person always does unusual things which can give you the best of happiness. Hope you will be doing amazing!
  • The flowing lake of the day has just started and it is flowing with many things in it and you can pick up anything from this lake and there is no one who is stopping you.
  • If you have someone who understands you even without listening to any words from you. Then you are the luckiest person on this planet. Have the luckiest weekend.
  • Some of the most wondrous things are looking forward to you for giving you the utmost love and pleasure. The only thing you need to do is that to be on the right place at the right place. Happy Weekend!

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Wednesday Status for Whatsapp with Quotes

Wednesday Status for Whatsapp

Wednesday Status for Whatsapp with Quotes is nowhere. You can make this Wednesday of your friends and family to show them that you care about them every day. Wednesday is the middle of the week so spend it nicely so that your half upcoming week will go amazing. So if you have already made you plan to that then you are standing at the right place. Go ahead and read the collection so that you can find your best wishes. We hope that you will like our collection on Wednesday Status for Whatsapp with Quotes.

Wednesday Status for Whatsapp

Wednesday Status for Whatsapp with Quotes

  • I am very obsessed with very little things which give me satisfaction and these little things make me special. I love these little things rather than having some of the big.
  • When you think that you are having a bad time then you should leave doing that work for some time and give yourself some rest. Happy Wednesday to you dear!
  • I wait for you to come and make my moments the best and amazing. So, come and again make it the most beautiful day of my life. Happy Wednesday!
  • Since we are friends we met each other almost every day and there is no moment when I got tired of this. I always wanted a friend like you and I always want a friend like you. Have a lovely Wednesday!
  • You are not in the town and there is nothing which I can do without y out especially the fun we have together. So come soon so that we can make it fun again. Good morning and have a nice Wednesday.
  • Your shadow on me is like the blessing of God which he has awarded me to always make me smiling in the moments even when I am sad.
  • You never let me feel alone even when you were not with me and that makes you my best friend hope you will be doing great and I really looking to have you back soon. So, just tell me when you are coming back. Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday Status

  • There is nothing more special than you in my life. So, that person will be more than idiot if He will lose the person who is more like a diamond. Love you buddy and have a great Wednesday!
  • If you have a person in your life who is making your life the way best then you thought then you have to spend a life of miracle. Have an awesome Wednesday!
  • A true friend is like the drop of water if you have dropped it in the ocean of this world you are never gonna find it again. So never lose a friend like that.
  • Hope you will be having a great time and may you have many more such times. Enjoying Wednesday!
  • Overcoming your fears is actually winning. So, overcome the fears and face them bravely and they will never be an obstacle in your way of success. Lovely Wednesday!
  • I only live in you, and my life revolves around you and there is nothing more I am demanding than your some of the time to spend with me. Happy Wednesday to you!
  • Our life is like a butterfly, it is as light as a butterfly. A little heavy wind can blow it off. Have an amazing Wednesday!
  • Loyals friends are not everywhere, they are found very difficult and once if you have found one of them then never let them walk away from your life. Have a wondrous Wednesday!

Wednesday Status For Whatsapp

  • If you like something never ask for that. Do hard work to achieve the things which you want or like. Have an exciting Wednesday!
  • Live your dreams and work to make them come true. So get up and get your dreams because its Wednesday now and half of the week has already passed. Happy Wednesday!
  • Extraordinary things are happening throughout the day just a little buzz in the morning will boost up your day and you will enjoy throughout the whole day!
  • Not everything in this world will give you the happiness you want. The thing which can give you the happiness and joy is the company of some good friends who will keep you up throughout the whole day. Happy Wednesday!
  • Nowadays very few things happen in our life which can give us the delight we want. Thank these things or people for making your life the best. Have a lovely and wonderful Wednesday!
  • When you were with me the life was of delights and joys. There was absolutely nothing which was able to make me sad. Happy Wednesday to you, waiting to come these days again.
  • One of the best things which are happening right now in my life is you. The most amazing person of my life, thank you for all the things and have a great Wednesday!
  • If you like to do something and you want to make it the obvious that this is the thing which you want to do it. Then be with your heart and carry on doing what you feel right for you. Have a wondrous Wednesday!

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Happy Friendship Day Status Collection English

Happy Friendship Day Status

Friendship Day Status collection is here. Friends are the most amazing person of our life and time which is spent with friends is also the most awesome time of our lives. So, wish your best friends happy friendship day by uploading Friendship Day Status. Here is the collection of Friendship Day Status for Whatsapp, Facebook in English. You can use any of these statuses to show your love towards your friends and best friends. Hope you will like our collection go ahead and read out our whole collection and let us know in the comment section either you liked the collection or not.

Happy Friendship Day Status

Happy Friendship Day Status in English

  • You should really find a life if you do not have friends. If you have friends then you must enjoy this life with them.
  • I am enjoying this friendship day with my friends and they are really amazing at making my mood bad to good.
  • My friends probably are from another planet because they know everything about me, even if I do not tell them.
  • May you all have friends like me who are really awesome to be told.
  • If you are here and reading my status then you will not find anything else than just Happy friendship day.
  • There is no relation which can replace the relation of friendship
  • This relation is so amazing that you can make it with anyone. I mean your father can be your best friend your mother can be your best friend. Anyone you love can be your best.
  • Friends are those who can feel what is making you happy and what is making you sad and they do everything which you desire and which gives you happiness.
  • No matter how hard the circumstances are the friends are the only creature who will be with you anytime anywhere.

Friendship Day Status

  • A friend of mine just died because I didn’t wish him Happy Friendship. Save friends and wish them Happy Friendship Day!
  • Here is the clue of the day, today is friendship day, oh man! I just told you what makes this day special.
  • Everything is special when it is connected with your friends.
  • You can make me laugh at the worst times of my life too and that makes you my best friend. Happy Friendship Day to you.
  • Have a lovely Happy Friendship Day may you live long and may you be with me in my entire life and as we grew up together we grow old together too.
  • No matter how vast your friend circle is, the special one always remains one and he is above them all. Happy Friendship Day!
  • Your loveliness made me your fan, I do not want anything luxurious if you are with me every time.
  • The friends who help you in difficult are the real friends and the friend who reply you I am out of town at the difficult time they are best friends.
  • There are many types of friends and that’s it there are. I told you, find out on your own. Have a lovely Friendship day!

Friendship Day Status for Whatsapp

  • A true friend tries to be everything for you and his first and last priority is your smile. That’s it Happy Friendship Day!
  • Doing something well and looking forward to your friend for appreciation is just a waste of time. If you have held your breath for two days even this is not a big deal for your friend.
  • A friend will never show you respect but down below in his heart he loves you the most and no one can love you like your friend.
  • The legendary quotes of friends is your everything is my everything and my everything is also my everything! Does that make any sense to you!
  • Seeding the joys in your life and also making that seed grow in a healthy delightful tree is the responsibility of friends who do this duty with great care and pleasure.
  • The unlimited happiness is only given by our friends. Happy Friendship Day to all of you out there.
  • Indeed that friend is a good friend who helps you in your difficult time and tries to keep you away from the bad situations.
  • A friend breaks all the barriers when he has to protect you. He can cross all the limits if you are hurting his friend.

Friendship Day Status For Facebook

  • The best ever gift that nature has awarded us with is the gift of true friends. Happy Friendship Day!
  • Sharing your every secret with your friends knowing that they will expose you is the stupidest thing we do.
  • In this world, there is nothing more beautiful than the relationship of the friendship and there is no other relationship whom with you can share those things which you share with your friends.
  • This is only beautiful if you have some friends those who know how to make it beautiful. Happy Friendship Day to you dear!
  • A true always help you in getting you towards your destination and he never stops you from a good thing you are going to do. Happy Friendship Day!
  • Everyone has weaknesses and all these weaknesses are not an obstacle in your way. May you have a great day and Happy Friendship Day.
  • A person who is trying his best to make you successful is called your friend.
  • The sweetest relationship of the world is Friendship relation.
  • Let you show your loyalty towards your friends and make them feel good and make them think that you care about them as they care about you.
  • Hope is never going to end and love is never going to leave you. You are far enough from your laughters if you do not have friends.
  • A true seeker can get you to the true person. Who let you live in your own way. Happy Friendship Day!

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July Status for Whatsapp, July Images, Flowers

July Status for Whatsapp

Your status must be changed to July Status or something that is related to July. July has come and there are many things which are changing so why not your status change from the previous July Status. Because every month is new and it gives you many new things which you should share with friends and family to let them know how much you care about them. This collection is full of these wishes and status which will amaze you. July is a middlemost month of the year therefore, it can also be called half year.

July Status for Whatsapp

July Status for Whatsapp, July Images, Flowers

  • Half of the year has passed and the next half has to start from this month. Happy July!
  • If you wanna achieve something do it on your own because no one else can get for you that how you can get that for yourself.
  • This be motivational and change someone’s life. Happy July!
  • The stair of the success can only be holded still if there is someone supporting you from behind.
  • Do not leave the desire you want to achieve and if you are trying to achieve it from a long time. Don’t leave it now.
  • The half of the journey of the year 2018 has passed and half is remaining. Live it successfully.
  • I can not understand why have people stopped living. Happy july!
  • I need a person like you to live a happy life.
  • Maybe I am alone, maybe I am not that better as I think, but the person whom I have has never treated me less than special. Happy July to all to them.
  • I need a person who can be with me every time.

July Status for Facebook

  • I have those friend who are always standing at my side and they do not care if the whole world is against me.
  • New month just started a month just ended, strange, isn’t it?
  • The chains of friendship is so strong that these things can not break me down.
  • I am sick of these changing months, why they do not stay for a bit?
  • The walls are looking at me, I think I am drunk! Happy July
  • I am shy enough to write something about this new month, so I just wrote what I am feeling!
  • Sometimes somethings are true and false at the same time.
  • Leaving yourself according to others choice is similar to killing yourself.
  • I promise you I will never let you down you said this and I trust you.
  • Everything in my life is the blessing of my parents.
  • Eyes say all that the next person is feeling, so the person who says “we don’t know” after breaking someone’s heart are the worst liars.
  • Broken heart people are foolish enough that they trust people.
  • If someone is leaving you its their decision and if you are missing them it’s your decision.

July Status

  • In this world, you can not make everyone to agree with you. We are living in a world of disagreements.
  • If someone is showing their love toward you than consider yourself the luckiest person of the world.
  • You can never be the person who you are not.
  • Astonishing things keep happening to the amazing persons.
  • Everyone is special here so treat everyone like they special so that they can also treat you special.
  • Do not be impolite with someone and do not break someone’s heart because time is the best karma and it takes the revenge of every weak.
  • Life is like a mirror what you see in it, everything is opposite.
  • I wanna just slip into the ocean of happiness and get drowned in it.
  • The difficulties of life are here to meet me again.
  • Having an amazing time, if yes send some me too.
  • Sometimes you should move on by just thinking it is what it is.
  • This life is too short to hurt someone, everyone has revolver nowadays:D

Status for July

  • Some moments get stuck and they keep playing themselves in our minds. Have a lovely July.
  • May this July brings everyone out there the best ever and the most exciting days of all time in there life.
  • If you are given something that is not given you without any reason it is given to you for some purpose, I am talking ahout your life and you are wasting in reading my bloody status.
  • Whenever you think that you are doing some good thing than think again and then claim yourself. Have an amazing July.
  • There should be the list of the things which you want to do in every new month because you can do what you can write. Have a lovely July!
  • No matter how hard your life is, put some baking soda in it and it will get soften. Happy July.
  • I know that you enjoy life a lot, do me a favor so and tell me how you do it so that I can make sure I can enjoy this July a lot.
  • I wish that I can try to do the things which would help in making something that I want to make and I want to make a….. I do not know actually what I want to make.
  • Your good words can give some a reason to get up and do something that they have lost hope to do. Happy July to you and your family may you all live long and happy together.
  • If you are creative you can get motivation from anyone, anything and any moment. Say goodbye to June and say hello to July!
  • If you are doing great work and no one is praising you than you do not have to worry your success is just a step away from you the day you meet the true admirer of your art you will be successful.

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Happy Journey Sms and Status For Whatsapp 

Happy Journey Sms

Journeys are sometimes boring, journeys are sometimes interesting. Happy Journey Sms are here which you can send to your friends and family. If you have wasted your time on visiting other sites and you did not find anything useful then now you are at the right place. In this collection, you will find some unique and amazing Happy Journey Sms and Status For WhatsApp. These sms are on a wide range you can send to everyone you want. Let’s start the collection without any further explanation. Hope you will like our collection, and give us your feedback at the end of the post.

Happy Journey Sms


Happy Journey Sms

  • Like it or not but journeys are the part of life.
  • Journeys are sometimes the most amazing things in life. We get new things to discover and new opportunities can be found on journeys.
  • Our life is also like a journey which is never ending and keep going all the time. Hope you will be doing great and you will be alright. Happy journey to you dear.
  • Difficult things on a journey can put your life in danger but these experiences will give you some really cool memories to share with your loved ones. Have a great journey!
  • There are many things which we can learn from journeys and these things are really important too. Happy journey to you dear!
  • One single step can give your life new reasons and new purposes to live life. Finding these purposes are also the purpose of life and it would be great to live life more and more every day!
  • The main thing a journey tells us is that life is beautiful and live it in the best way. These ways are built by you and these ways are developed by you. Have a cheering journey!
  • Transforming things and getting brand new things is a great hobby to possess. Have a great journey to you dear may you be safe and come back safe.

Safe Journey Quotes

  • Every person is growing every day and why not the experiences and the good things should also grow with us day by day, journeys are the best way to do that.
  • Sometimes leaving your daily life routine and visiting a new place is the thing which we all need. Have a safe journey!
  • Where we live we get connected to it and it is a good thing but often having journeys can get you new things and can help you in making things interesting!
  • Happy Journey Sms:
    Life is not all about winning or losing, it’s our attitude which can change our lives. Happy journey to you dear!
  • If you are with a person who is giving you a great time during the journey then the whole journey becomes more joyful. Happy journey to you!
  • Life can lighten up by finding the new things in life which give you delights. Journeys can surely help you in that. Have a safe journey!
  • Making progress is not a big deal, carrying that progress and keeping it stable is the thing which matters. Have a safe journey of success
  • Failure is not to quit, failure is to get up and find out what and where you did something wrong. Then put your full effort into making things right.

Have a Safe Trip Miss You

  • Closing eyes and seeing success is a dream, waking up and living your dream is the thing which true adventurers do. May you have a safe journey and may you achieve what you want to.
  • Remaining focused on what you were traveling is important. Otherwise, travelers are everywhere and some of them are now found lost. Do not get lost and be focused on the matter you want to cover.
  • Involving people in your success and giving all of them a credit of your journey to success is the thing which great people do. I am very proud of you that I have a person like you in mty life.
  • You have been so supportive to me in the journey of my success. Today, whatever I am is all because of you and I am not shy to give the credit of my success to you.
  • Happy Journey Sms: Boosting up yourself and keeping yourself energized is very important when you are on a journey. Have a great Journey!
  • Discovering the peaks of mountains and exploring the depths of the ocean have been your hobby and I like the way you are and I love your thinking and your effort towards journey. There is just one request I want to make and that just remain safe.
  • Wherever you be, whatever you do safety is the first rule of the journey, taking every step with safety is very important for journeys. Have a great journey dear!
  • Many things we learn from journeys, such as we learn the importance of home. No matter how beautiful place you are visiting, there is nothing more peaceful place like home.
  • Everything does not matter on luck, your efforts and determination can change your future. I hope you will be enjoying your journey and you will be feeling safe.

Happy Journey Status for Whatsapp

  • Journeys possess the capability of changing your mind along with your heart.
  • A journey can be the most beautiful experience as well as it can also be the worst experience.
  • Life is a journey and you are a traveler, success is your destination and death is the End.
  • Having problems is normal on a journey but facing these problems with courage is the ability of brave people.
  • A beam of light can give a path to a lost person. The journey is all about finding the right path and leaving the wrong behind.
  • Suffer is the basis of success, success is not a fruit which grows on a tree and all you have to do is make a jump to pluck it.
  • Having unique experiences and learning the lesson of life from them is the rule of the journey.
  • Coming with new ideas every day is the like conquering the world.
  • Having a supportive companion in your journey of life can be very useful in a peaceful and full of comforts life.
  • The message of journeys are, the world is bigger than our imaginations and you are just a tiny piece on this chess board.

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May Status, Flowers, Memes New Month May

May Status For Whatsapp

Here is the May Status for Whatsapp. May is the month of in which new year becomes old, and all the excitements have been ended till now, but we are humans and we always want to be happy so wish every new month like its new year. Buying happiness from our collection will be easy and helpful too. We have collected an amazingly freakish collection of May Status, Flowers, Memes. So, if you liked something copy it and make someone’s inbox beautiful. Hope you will be amazed by our collection of May Status for Whatsapp.

May Status For Whatsapp

May Status for Whatsapp

  • Amazingness are everywhere and everyone wants to be happy, let’s try a different way to find happiness by distributing happiness to others lets we find our joys.
  • Wishing someone happy new month can also make your month, a happy one too. Do not worry about the challenges and complications you will face during the month just try to enjoy it.
  • May Status for Whatsapp: A new month brings many new things, but we waste these chances in continuing our old ways of doing work. Try something different in this May. Happy May!
  • Wish you a very happy May, I hope your this month may go smoothly and full of delight. Have a sparkling month of May.
  • Nothing should be more important in your life than your family, because the families are the only one who never leaves you in your difficult time. Have a great day and Sparkling May!
  • What a nice day to have a new start, wish you a new start and may you continue this month with progress and happiness. Have a nice and tremendous month.
  • Uploading… new status about May… Be ready… System Error!
  • Wish a person which belongs to you, and whose happiness belongs to you. Make him happy by wishing an amazing wish to start the new month.

Short Status For Whatsapp

  • In order to celebrate your every day and make it special for you and for your surroundings too, there is only one way that you should work honestly and do not be jealous of anyone. Happy May!
  • Change the daily routine to get some new colours in your life. The colours which will excite your life and which will increase your hunger of Living and Cheers.
  • Do not break any relation because every relation was created because of some reason and these reasons can be only understood when these relations stand for you in your difficult times.
  • Hope you will be enjoying your life and I wish you a very happy new month and may you get more and more in your progress in your life. Happy May!
  • May this May fulfill your desires and may these fulfilments of your desires keep coming in your life again and again. Have a bright May!
  • The brightness of May are everywhere and this month is also filling our days and nights with its charms. Happy May!

Best Whatsapp Status Ever

  • May Status for Whatsapp: If you are tired doing something again and again, then get some rest and make a different way, a way of your own, a way in which you feel the satisfaction of doing the same work.
  • Start this new month of May in a different way, start it in a different style and choose your platform of comfort. Have a great May!
  • Make someone your ideal and find your happiness in someone and when you will be in a state of difficulty you will have that hope which may match your situation. Have a glinting May.
  • May this May brings a lot of grins in your life and may after this May you never feel any discomfort. Happy May to you dear!
  • Whenever a new month is coming I wish you and I wish you a happy month so that your every day of this new month can go with full of delight. Happiest May!
  • Hope this new month will be the easiest of all the previous one. I hope you will be all ready to chase this month and hunt down your happiness. Have a great May.
  • A new Sun is rising and bringing up the new month and this new month is bringing some really great experiences. May you get all the progress in this new month!

May Quotes For Inspiration

  • Hope is very important which impact all your entire life, whenever you have something in your mind you should do it because living with regret is very difficult. Have a promising May.
  • Every wish is important and therefore we should work on our every wish. So, that you can be safe from the word “I wish”. Have an amazing May.
  • I wish I could be there in time, I know an anniversary is an important day of everyone’s life. But date does not matter the only thing which matters is Happiness. We will recreate this moment when I’ll reach home. Till then take care and happy May!
  • Holidays are very important to enjoy life and I am glad that this May is starting with holidays. Wish you a happy May along with holidays.
  • I wish may you write my destiny with the ink of night on the page of day and may what you write be Happiness. Have a Glad may.
  • Wish you a happy May, hope you remain such happy in your entire life and may these happiness keep you ever smiling. Have a delightful month of May.
  • Whenever there is your name in my conversation, I choose the words which are best for explaining your beauty and your amazing personality. Happy May!
  • Listen to your instincts every time, because when you will listen to them they will get their appreciation and will be stronger enough t0 be right. Enjoy the new month of may with this amazing thought.

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Ramadan Status for Whatsapp, Facebook

Ramadan Status

Upload your new Ramadan Status for Whatsapp, Facebook. Ramadan has come once again in our lives and definitely, it has brought a lot of happiness, joys, pleasures, blessings and many more things. We have collected some really nice Ramadan Status which you can choose as your Whatsapp or Facebook status. You will be pleased after reading our collection. Also, give us your feedback!

Ramadan Status

Ramadan Status for Whatsapp, Facebook

  • Ramadan has come once again in our lives and we should make it sure that our apology get accepted.
  • This Ramadan also thinks about poors and needy.
  • Spend Ramadan as Allah ordered us. Happy Ramadan to Everybody. Happy Ramadan!
  • I am loving Ramadan and Fasting. May Allah bless us all.
  • Ramadan is Allah’s blessings and its all about seeking refuge from Hell Fire. Exhilarated Ramadan!
  • The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity for a sleeping nation like us to wake up our souls.
  • This noble month always brings a lot of blessing and good fortunes with it.
  • Ramadan is the best, Ramadan is amazing, Ramadan is so spiritual. Ramadan Mubarak
  • Fasting in Ramadan is a way to thank Allah Almighty for his blessings on us.
  • Diseases get afraid of Fasts. Happy Holy Month of Ramadan!
  • A universal truth is that Ramadan is the best ever month in the whole year.
  • One more advantage of Ramadan is that you are served fruits daily.
  • Ramadan is key to Jannah. Happy Ramadan
  • The relationship between a Muslim and Ramadan is just the Pure Love.
  • He Allah never wants us to be in hell, therefore he gave us this month. Happy Glorious Month of Ramadan

Ramadan Status for Whatsapp in English

  • Everything has been so expensive during Ramadan. May Allah give these men Hadayat.
  • Happiness is to sit first on Iftari table without fasting. Happy precious month of Ramadan.
  • Missing these childhood memories when our fast was only until the 12’o clock.
  • This whole month is showering blessings day and night consecutively.
  • A person who is more concerned with his health should never miss a Fast of Ramadan.
  • Ramadan is not just a month. Its a month to change yourself.
  • Its a month to live and find the purpose of your creation.
  • You have given the papers and also the answers in the Quran, the only thing you have to do is cheat and solve the whole paper of life.
  • We should spend our whole lives in thanking Allah, but we are not able to do it. Therefore, Allah gave us Ramadan this one month is enough for whole life.
  • Whole our lives will go well and smoothly when we will start living according to Allah’s order.
  • Every person’s life routine gets changed in this Holy Month of Ramadan. Glad Ramadan
  • Did you noticed everyone’s gets so spiritual in the Ramadan. That’s Ramadan is.

Ramadan Status Updates

  • Ramadan Mubarak to every friend and Muslim. Happy Ramadan!
  • May every Muslim gets the fulfillment of his desires and gets successes and promotion.
  • First of all I want to make an important announcement for today’s iftari, I will take an extra glass of Jam e Sheeri. May everyone spends a spiritual Ramadan.
  • This Month of Ramadan is not about just being hungry and thirsty, think about the reason why we are ordered to be hungry and thirsty.
  • I love Ramadan and in Ramadan, I love iftari the most, and in iftari, I love iftari without Roza. Haha!
  • A superior personality is above us who is making decisions for us. We can change our destinations by Duas.
  • May Allah forgive us all and award us, Heaven.
  • I wanted to go to Jannah and thus Allah awarded us, Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak
  • The blessings in Ramadan gets 100 of times more than the normal days.
  • I am spending the best ever time of my life. Ramadan Mubarak!
  • Ramadan is full of happiness and joys for all of us.

Ramadan Status for Facebook

  • Ramadan is a comfort given to a Muslim to rest a month and thank Allah for his blessings.
  • Take a break from daily life routine because its Ramadan.
  • Because its Ramadan, therefore I see every person changed.
  • Happiness is to have you in my life, I hope you will be glad to have Ramadan again in your life.
  • Spend every Ramadan as it’s your last Ramadan. That’s how you can make a difference.
  • It is the biggest blessing among the biggest blessings of Allah.
  • This month is all about forgiveness and to earn every that thing which is desired by you.
  • Allah always wants us to forgive us, therefore, he is always giving us opportunities to get our forgiveness accepted.

Ramadan Status in English

  • Enjoying Happiest Ramadan, gladiest Ramadan, and the most comfortable Ramadan. Happy Ramadan!
  • Happiness is to understand the true meaning of Ramadan!
  • If you have understood the right meaning of Ramadan, then it means you have the right path now.
  • Whenever you feel like sad, offer prayer you will find yourself in peace after that.
  • The personality who is delivering unlimited happiness to all accross the world, and He isn’t tired a bit, He is Allah!
  • When you find Ramadan is again in your life, then be proud of you good luck.
  • This month’s worth is so high, that if Allah had not given us this, we would never be able to earn this Holy Month.
  • Precious things about Ramadan, 10 Days of blessings, 10 days of forgiveness and 10 days to refuge from hellfire. What else we want?
  • This month is giving us the ultimate package to achieve the Heaven in its lowest price.
  • Heaven is not a big thing to achieve but only in this month of Ramadan. Happy Holy Month of Ramadan!

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April Status, Flowers, Memes

April Status

April Status is the new trend nowadays and everyone’s first choice is to upload a status related to the days. So now its time for April Status, Memes. Here is the collection of April Status, Flowers, Memes you can send these to your contact list also as a message. We assure you, that you will like our collection. Do something different this year because its new month and it deserves a little change too. Hope you will enjoy our collection!

April Status

April Status, Flowers, Memes

  • A new month has come again, it’s April and it has brought new opportunities too. May I have a cheering April.
  • You are the person who can make every day every month special for me. Sparkling April.
  • This April and it is calling all of us to accept the challenge to remain happy. I do, do you? A questioning April.
  • I love April, because it blossoms flowers. Happy April, Happy Spring!
  • The weather remains really nice in April. Therefore I am loving it. Laughing April.
  • This month is so full of greenery and flowers that my mood is always the best. Have a Glad April
  • Happiest April ever, and this month is going best of the rest of all. Amusing April
  • Happiest person is them who have someone to care about them. I have you. Smiling April
  • This month has brought a lot of happiness with, the only thing we have to do is that find these happiness and be happy. Have a Glad April
  • Being happy is not so difficult, it just takes a moment. Find that moment in this April. Have an animated April
  • A person can more be happy by distributing happiness on others faces too. Have a great April!

April Fool Status Collection

  • Happiness can be doubled by sharing them. Develop the habit of sharing in this April. May we have an animated April.
  • April, April everywhere, cannot find a way to go away. Okay, then Celebrating April.
  • Why it’s important to upload a new status every day and according to the day. Happy April;)
  • A person who can be happy in every situation, that’s how you can find an April Birthday.
  • I have a birthday too in April, so wish me birthday and send me gifts by parcel. There’s no need to come.Haha! Sparkling April!
  • Months are just names, the real reason for celebrating every new month is that we should spend every new month differently by not repeating the same mistakes.
  • If a thing is giving us joy, try doing it again and again.

April Status For Whatsapp

  • Do not think about the people, or what people will say spend your day as you want.
  • Find yourself and be that in this April. Have a Jovial April!
  • May your every morning happen in such a great mood that you remain ever and ever happy.
  • A new morning has a brought a new month with it and its called April. WOw, informative status!
  • Every new month comes with delights and joys and ends in a bad way. Make this one different.
  • Make sure that this will not be wasted in a similar routine.
  • Speak the truth and your life will be easy enough to live with comfort.
  • Happiness are ever following you, take a break from running behind the money and look for the happiness to come and meet you.
  • No one is bringing good luck in pocket and handover it to you. You have to hard work for it. Happy April to everyone out there!
  • A new month which is coming towards you is bringing the very new things with it. Happy April!
  • New start, new things, new determination, new courage, and new opportunities to get a different result.

April Status For Facebook

  • If a person is in love he can have achieved it in this month of April, because I am declaring it!
  • May this new month fill your life with lights and delights. May your life becomes bright like the morning of April.
  • A new month has come to give us more trouble and people be like Happy April dear! what the hell?
  • Ever thing will be in your favour when you will try to make them in your favour.
  • Happiness is to have someone who always text you and don’t get late in replying.
  • My biggest fear is to loose my mobile.
  • Happiest persons are those who have houses to live and happier are those who have big houses to live.
  • This April should bless us with all the joys and pleasures otherwise what will be a difference between this and other months.
  • The whole world will try to put a person in trouble because he is happy.
  • No one remembers you after a long time until they have some sort work with you.
  • If you have not done anything right in your entire life, then trust me neither don’t I.

April Status Updates

  • Seeing someone happy is irrelevant nowadays, but if we are happy by wishing each other Happy April so what’s the problem?
  • The biggest problem of this world is Whatsapp and most of all its groups. Nothing useful there not at all.
  • Today’s conversation end in just 10 sec and persons get back to their world of Facebook.
  • Some retards think themselves as the king of the world because they have got 30 likes on Facebook.
  • Is this the end of the world, people do not know parents.! Strange isn’t it?
  • April can bring happiness, but how, no one knows!
  • New months are new challenges, but what about the previous old challenges. The answer is to forget about them.
  • Forgetting something can remind you of something.
  • The biggest lie of the nasty world is I always speak the truth.
  • Some people make friends and then leave them alone because they have lost the interest.

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Advance Ramadan Mubarak Sms Status Wishes

Advance Ramadan Mubarak

Here we have the collection of Advance Ramadan Mubarak Sms Status Wishes. Holy Ramadan is coming and everyone is waiting for this most precious and blessed month. We wish you Holy Ramadan and we have also collected Ramadan Wishes in advance which you can send to your loved ones and be a part of their happiness in the blessed month of Ramadan. Hope our collection will be helpful to you in expressing your words towards your loved ones.

Advance Ramadan Mubarak

Advance Ramadan Mubarak

  • This New Month which is a hope for all of the Muslims to achieve Heaven. Wish you and your family a Happy Holy month of Ramadan.
  • I am so grateful and thankful to Allah because He Almighty has given us this month which has so much blessing that if we want we can fill our pocket with blessings for the rest of Life. Wish you a happy Ramadan in advance.
  • This month gives us more opportunity to do good deeds because Allah traps the devil and close the doors of hell for the whole month. May Allah shower his blessings in this Holy Month of Ramadan. Happy Ramadan in advance.
  • My first priority is you and I am sure I will be the first person to wish you, Ramadan. May you have more and more months of Ramadan in your life.
  • In this month everyone becomes so spiritual and that’s not a thing to be ashamed its a thing to get proud of your religion which gives you such great opportunity to achieve the real goal for your arrival in this world.
  • Happy Holy month of Ramadan in advance to you and your family. May this month brings you lot of happiness and good fortune.

Advance Ramadan Mubarak Sms

  • May Allah forgive our all sins and award us all Jannah and May He Allah show us the right path to achieve his, please. Happy New Year!
  • May He Allah Almighty forgive us and make us able to be as he wants us to be. Happy Holy month of Ramadan in advance.
  • May Allah accepts our worships and fasts. We are not so able to get his all blessings. Happy Holy month of Ramadan.
  • Ramadan is not just a month. Its a start of a new era and in which every person’s life routine gets changed. Wish you a happy Ramadan in advance.
  • Allah didn’t create any person perfect. So how He can expect us to do everything in a perfect way. No, he didn’t demand to be perfect the only thing he demands is a pure mindset to do good deeds and that’s it. Happy Ramadan.
  • Ramadan full of blessings and more chances to please Allah Almighty. May you spend this Holy Month of Ramadan in worshipping and pleasing Allah Almighty.

Advance Ramadan Mubarak 2018

  • This upcoming month is coming to change point of view of every single on this earth. May Allah forgive us all. Ramadan Mubarak in advance.
  • Ramadan is the best month to change your life routine and develop good habits. May Allah shower his blessings on all of us. Ramadan Mubarak in advance.
  • Fasting is not just a worship. Its a shield and it protects us from evil deeds. May Allah give us the ability to worship Him in the best way. Holy Ramadan in advance.
  • Ramadan is a month of exam for a Muslim if a person can pass this exam then trust me he is successful. Happy Ramadan in advance.
  • May you have a best-ever Ramadan with lots of blessing. Wish you a Happy Holy month of Ramadan in advance.
  • My first ever priority is to spread a smile on your face. No matter what the event is May Allah give you best ever fortune. May Allah forgive us all.

Advance Ramadan Mubarak Images

  • New Month of blessings is coming and I wish you stay blessed in this month and you get a lot of new happiness, wish you advance Ramadan Mubarak
  • life made lots of changes and Ramadan is the month when you pray to get them with your heart. I wish you achieve your all goals, Happy Ramadan Mubarak
  • Ramadan is the closest month to me because I know this is the month of blessings and worship. Happy Ramadan Mubarak in advance
  • life made me a feel better in a month and that month is Ramadan and I am very happy because that month is coming again wish you Happy Ramadan in advance and wish for a better and beautiful Ramadan
  • Ramadan is the month of blessings and to worship of Allah my you got blessed with this beautiful Ramadan and wish you a happy Ramadan in advance
  • Eid ul Fitr is the gift after Ramadan and Ramadan is the test before that gift and spend Ramadan in good deeds Happy Ramadan in Advance stay blessed and stay happy.

Advance Ramadan Mubarak in English

  • Ramadan is the Month of special blessings of Allah and I wish this Ramadan month becomes very special month for you Happy Ramadan Mubarak in advance
  • Wish for everything good and wish for a blessed month and wish you a Happy and Blessed Ramadan Mubarak in advance stay blessed.
  • Alhumdullilah the most blessed month of the year is coming and I wish you will spend that month in good deeds and you will remember that month in good words Happy Ramadan Mubarak in advance dear.
  • Ramadan is the most missed and most blessed month of the year because its nights and days are most remembered days of my life. happy Ramadan Mubarak in advance
  • Staying awake in nights and stay worshipping Allah is the most loved moment and fasting and staying away from every evil deed is my favourite and because all of these things Ramadan is my favourite month of the year. So, Wish you a happy Ramadan Mubarak in Advance stay blessed dear

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Saying Sorry Status For Whatsapp For Friends

Saying Sorry Status For Whatsapp

Check our post of Saying Sorry Status For Whatsapp For Friends. Committing mistakes is normal. Everyone in this world has some imperfections and at many stages of life, people do commit mistakes. But the first thing after the mistake is to say sorry and ask for the Apology for your mistake. If you are facing a similar situation and want to ask for an apology, but you want to do this at once and want to get your apology when you are at the right place. Because we have collected a nice collection on Sorry Sms. Hope our collection will be helpful to you in saying sorry.

Saying Sorry Status For Whatsapp

Saying Sorry Status For Whatsapp For Friends

  • I am very sorry for hurting your feeling, I can not afford to lose you and therefore I was so afraid that I said something wrong. I hope you will forgive me I am So sorry please forgive me.
  • My mistake is worst but I know that you have a big hurt and you have guts to forgive my every mistake. Afterall you are my best friend. I am Sorry please forgive me.
  • The time is the best ever time when you are with. I love to spend time with you. But if I crossed my limits and you did not liked it then I am extremely sorry for that.
  • I am not a perfect guy and every person can commit a mistake, but the thing you should observe after a person’s mistake is to see how he is going to say sorry for his mistake. I am very sorry for my mistake I will not do that again in my entire life.
  • When you are with me I had everything, but you are not with I still have everything but all that does not matter if I do not have your support. I love you and please forgive me and come back.

Cute Sorry Status

  • I am a shy guy and the only thing I am afraid of is of committing mistake, because I do not have guts to ask for an apology. But as I did a mistake so it’s my duty to definitely ask you for an apology and I am so sorry please forgive me.
  • I am so sorry because of me you got punished in front of whole class, but you didn’t expose me I am really really sorry. I assure you I will make a confession in front of whole class. But first you have to forgive me.
  • I have a problem, I am keeping on making blunders and because of that I am extremely ashamed. Today what happen was just bad luck and bad timing but if you still think that was because of me. Then don’t have a single objection in asking for Sorry.
  • You and me are best friends for many years, and I don’t wanna lose you because of my stupid mistake. I admit I am so stupid but I also know that you had always forgiven my every single mistake and you will do it again, I am sorry!
  • I was so worried about the exam result that I forgot your birthday, for that I am really sorry. please forgive me.

Sorry Status for Friends

  • The first question which raised in my mind after our fight was, can I live without you, and I kept on thinking over it and guess what every time the answer was NO. Please, Pease, Please forgive me.
  • My problem is that I take everything so seriously that sometimes I overreact, and I know I behaved like a retarded person. But at the end I am sorry. Please forgive me I will try my best that this should never happen again.
  • The bravest person is the one who commits mistake and develops the courage to accept it and ask for an apology. I am sorry How I reacted was the worst thing of my life. I am extremely sorry for that.
  • A person who have guts to accept his mistake and have guts to ask for an apology is the bravest person in this world. Because I had done a mistake so I am sorry.
  • I will not bound you to forgive me, I am doing my part by asking for an apology it’s your life and your decision either you forgive me and we can have a new start or you don’t wanna keep it further.

Best Sorry Status

  • Dear friend, I want to say sorry for all those things that I ever had done wrong to you and I want to get that friendship back. I am sorry dear,
  • Sorry for those who cause this life beautiful and sorry for those to whom I did anything wrong I am sorry. Please forgive me
  • The time with you was my best time and I am feeling nothing without you. Again I want to spend my time with you I am sorry Please forgive me. I know that was my bad
  • I know I am not perfect for you, everyone commits mistakes in his life and I know that was a big mistake but you have the ability to forgive me and I know you will let it go and start the new start again. Still, I want to say sorry to you.

Heart Touching Sorry Status Lines

  • Sorry for that, that I had done yesterday. I know you mind that and I want to apologize for that please forgive me, I will never do that again
  • All the words of sorry are small to you and I know this is a big challenge for you to forgive me. I am sorry dear I will never do that again
  • Dear Friend, I know my sorry will never fill your loss and I don’t know what you are thinking about me. Please forgive me for what I had done to you. I am sorry dear
  • Sorry, My friend, I promise you that I will never do that again, I am sorry for everything I ever had done. Please forgive me
  • My mistake is worst and I know you have a big heart to forgive me and you will forgive me soon I am sorry dear friend Please forgive me.
  • Hey Friend! I am sorry, Sorry for everything I ever had done wrong to you Please forgive me

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Romantic Rain Quotes and Sayings

Rain Quotes

Enjoy this rainy season with your loved ones or if they are far away from you send them Romantic Rain Quotes and Sayings. Some people love rain some people hate rain, but this article is for them who loves rain. But there is a good news too the people who hate rain will fall in love after reading our collection on Romantic Rain Quotes. Here we have collected some really nice rain quotes which are probably romantic too. Read and give us your feedback.

Rain Quotes

Romantic Rain Quotes and Sayings

  • Sad people get sadder after rain and the happy people get happier. I am happy because I have you with me. Happy rainy day dear.
  • This night is getting more and more romantic minute after minute, I don’t know either it’s because of rain or its because of you. Tell me if you are feeling the same.
  • Happy rainy day to my love who is like rain, which cleans dust and every dirt from the environment, so as you cleaned my heart from every dirt and made me just yours.
  • Towards me, you are like rain which is always ready to shower its blessing on everyone. Happy Rainy Day and have a nice day.
  • If you want to find a romantic person, find a person who loves rain and can sit in the window for hours, just watching the rain. Happy Rainy Day.
  • Enjoying rain is not just being wet and get yourself infected by cold, it’s an art which only romantic people can do. Happy Rainy day.

Inspirational Rain Quotes

  • Rainy seasons are not forever, its just a gift by nature and everyone should get an advantage of it. Happy Rainy season.
  • I am a lot like rain when I am happy I get so expressive that sometimes I get myself in trouble. Have a Nice Rainy day sweetheart.
  • No matter how much we are far enough from each other when it’s raining I feel like so close to you that I can feel your fragrance.
  • These water drops are making me excited, maybe I am in love with someone or maybe its just Rain.
  • If you have not get wet in rain, trust me and try once you will get addicted to it. Happy rainy season and have an awesome day.
  • Its awesome to sit on rocking chair and watching raindrops striking the ground. It looks like rain is meeting its love after a long time.

Enjoying Rain Quotes, Sms

  • Get wet in this rain and let it wash every your pain and spread happiness in your life.
  • You are like the sunshine, which lighten ups every dullness after rain.
  • If you love someone then a rainy day is a perfect day for proposing and it has also more chances to get your proposal accepted.
  • Rain makes everyone romantic if you love someone, wait for a rainy day and propose before it gets too late. Happy Raidayayy.
  • My life became so dull from when you are not in my life. Please come back and let we take a new start. Missing you.
  • I love rains because, when we met for the first it was raining and I offered you my umbrella. Happy rainy day.
  • Our first meeting was on a rainy when you asked my name and everything changed. After that, I am in love with these rains.
  • We are far enough from each other but today when it’s raining, I am feeling like I am in your arms and you are in my arms.
  • Enjoy every rain of your life maybe tomorrow happens or not. Happy Rainy Days.

Best Rain Quotes and Sayings

  • If Raindrops sounds beautiful to you then remember you are in love with someone. Have a happy Rain dear
  • In Love, Raining is really special and romantic event, let’s make this event really special and Have a Happy Rainy day dear
  • Love and Rain have a deep connection. Because Rain is the Most important and really special thing for a lover. Happy rainy day
  • Rain is always my favourite because it’s so enjoying to me. I wish you have a beautiful and better rainy day
  • Rain is really special to me because no one can see my tears when I miss you in rain. Have a Happy Rainy day
  • This is little different but I would say that a lover can never hate Rain, Have a Happy Rainy day
  • You Gave me the reason to live and I am really enjoying this beautiful reason and want to Thank you very Much for that, Happy Rainy day dear
  • My this life belongs to my parents and then you dear, They born me and you are the reason that keeps me alive. Happy Rainy day

Cute, Romantic Rain Quotes and Messages

  • You are My life and you are my love. I always miss you and always want your hand in my hands. I wish, I walk through this rain with your hands in my hands. Happy Rainy day dear
  • I feel like I am the only happiest person when its raining outside. Because every other person is trying to hide under a roof and they miss the happiness which rain is showering on them.
  • I was just thinking that we have not met for a long time, today this rain gave me an idea lets meet today and have fun together in this amazing rainy season.
  • I can spend my whole life trying to make you happy and feel fresh like rain is making these leaves so green and fresh.
  • Rain is nature’s romance when nature gets close to someone it showers itself on mankind to express its love.
  • Life is a track and my life track is you, I will always follow you and want to wish you a happy rainy day dear May you life became full of happiness

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Happy Rainy Day Status for Whatsapp, Facebook

Happy Rainy Day

Update your Rainy Day Status in a rainy season.Rains are important for every living thing and as well as to Environment too. Because after Rain everything gets clear and looks like everything is pure. We have collected a very nice collection on a rainy day. Enjoy these statuses and impress your friends and loved ones. Hope you will like our collection. Upload your status from our collection Rainy Day Status.

Rainy Day Status

Rainy Day Status for Whatsapp

  • Rains are the best shower to have, it can refresh you and as well as lighten you up.
  • I love when its raining because it makes me Feel Light and Happy.
  • I love to walk in rains and get wet because rain does not mean to get wet it means to feel it.
  • Rains are the best days because it makes everyone expressive.
  • Everyone wants to make their day full of happiness, in other days they have to try for it but on rainy days happiness automatically happens.
  • If the world ran out of the rain, many lovers will be found dead next day.
  • The day before yesterday I was praying for rain, and a lot of happiness and look you came to meet me.
  • I am a very creative person and all my creativity comes out when it’s raining.
  • Be strong enough to face any problem and build your own sunshine when the sky of opportunities is covered by the clouds.
  • The best news to get in the early morning is that it’s Raining. Happy Rainy Season.
  • The blessing of rain cannot be replaced, but remembering it can also give us satisfaction.

Rainy Day Status for Facebook DP

  • First I was not a fan of rain, but once I took got wet and understood the true meaning of blessing.
  • The best smell is when raindrops touch the soil.
  • A rainy day is a Precious Gift to the students because you get all the peace you wanted.
  • If its raining and you are carrying an umbrella than take my find a day and suicide.
  • The best night is the night on which rain is happening.
  • I love to watch through my window when it’s raining.
  • Whats more interesting than having a cup of tea and watching the rain to strike the ground and feel the smell of the soil.
  • It gets interesting when you are in love and moreover that it starts raining. Happy Rainy Day.
  • You are the one who makes the rainy day special one for me.
  • Every one of us wants to be happy, but the truth is some are trying and some are not. So trust me and have a shower in rain.
  • The best ever feeling is to fall asleep near your window when listening to the sound of rain.
  • You should be strong enough that even a rainy cant postpone your plans. A glad rainy season.

Romantic Rainy Day Status For Loved Ones

  • My joys get double when it’s raining. Loving this rainy season.
  • The vacation day gets more exciting when it’s raining, my expression becomes more expensive.
  • If you love music, then you must listen to the music of raindrops falling on the leaves of the trees.
  • Talk to me who says that rainy days are not exciting and we cant have fun on rainy days.
  • The lovers of sunshine are the people who are dull inside and want to fulfill this darkness with that external light.
  • The lover of rain are the persons who are so full of lights and delight and they don’t need any external light to lighten up themselves.
  • Wait for some time because its raining and I don’t like you to get touched by anyone.
  • Rain of this season is nothing to me because when you are far away from me my heart showers the rain which is incredible.
  • I love Rainy Days because in these days I can express my feelings more accurately.
  • Awesomeness is to sit in the balcony and watch the rain coming up from there.

Cute Best Rainy Day Status, Sms Messages

  • Try to take a Feel of every drop of rain and Enjoy the Rain. Happy Rainy dear dear
  • Have the mantle peace with nature Enjoy the rain and have fun in there and have a Happy Rainy day
  • Another favorite day, I wish I can live these Kind of day forever. Have a Nice day!
  • Say welcome to another beautiful day. It’s a beautiful day because it’s a rainy day, Enjoy the day and make yourself feel better. Happy rainy day!
  • I wish you enjoy this day a lot with someone you like. Happy rainy day and best of luck
  •  I wish you every day became a rememberable day for you. Have a best rainy day. Happy Rain
  • This is another beautiful day, Spend this day with someone special and someone you want. Happy Rainy day
  • Shine in the sky because of lightning have a powerful sound and it gives a signal of Something special. Happy Rainy day Dear
  • Sit relaxed at the open place and take a hot sip and enjoy the beautiful sound of rain. Happy Rainy day
  • Get your Mind relaxed with the beautiful raindrops and with its sound. Happy Rainy Day

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Hello March Status Images, Flowers, Memes

Hello March Status for Whatsapp

Here we have collected a nice collection of March Status For Whatsapp Images. March is coming and February is asking us for Good Bye. So say goodbye to February and Welcome March in such a good way that it becomes nice and easy for you. Hope you will like our collection.

Hello March Status for Whatsapp


DP March Status For Whatsapp

  • Say goodbye to February and Welcome March. Please March be nice to us. Happy March.
  • March is once again on the calendar and something is going really crazy in my life. Confused March.
  • Successfully wasted two months of 2018 and looking forward for March. Hopefully March.
  • The current month is very nice I am enjoying it, do you? Having a great nice march.
  • Every new Month gives us new opportunity and tells us to be ready for the upcoming challenges.
  • Challenges are everywhere but the main thing is that how you face your problems. Attainful March.
  • Getting ready for the March and also for the problems it is bringing along with it.
  • March is online now and it is typing now. Be ready to give it a reply. Nailing March.
  • February is gone now, it is history now and forget the history forget the mistakes. Make the new one.
  • Happiness is having a great day along with your bestie. Precious March!
  • March is once again on every calendar and everyone is trying to make their march a Happy March.
  • Feeling so much lost in this modern world, everyone is living in their own world of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Hello March Status For Whatsapp Combination

  • A month become more special when you have someone special. Spending a Special March.
  • Happiness is, grilling at night and making Barbie Q.
  • I am not looking forward for a perfect life. I am just looking for a person who can make my life special. Happy March.
  • Every person is very mean, everyone texts me when they need me or they need something. Selfish March.
  • I don’t like selfish people I just like grilled fish. Foody March.
  • Having trouble with people, try ignoring them and the problem will be solved automatically.
  • This month everytime remind me of something. I mean Someone and From someone I mean YOU.
  • My WhatsApp status was looking forward for a new month and here the March came.

Best March Status for Whatsapp in English

  • Everyone is looking for some fun and want to enjoy life. But I see no one trying to have fun or enjoy life.
  • You are so stuck with your WhatsApp and Facebook that you forgot that you have a life too.
  • My March Status for Whatsapp for You is: Showing your attitude to someone is not a bad thing until your attitude does not become arrogance.
  • I am infected by a disease called mood disorder, They suddenly change and don’t even ask.
  • If you cheat someone then it’s not a cool thing. Because breaking someone’s heart is an evil’s deed… Happy March
  • Life is like Donald, Don’t try to make it Trump. if they combined, then that will make a huge disturbance. Happy March dear.
  • When you meet someone, then meet him with love so that he wishes to meet you again and again. happy March
  • My Love has some abilities and this love is addicted you to me. Happy March
  • Give your life in some responsible hands. a person who knows how to use it and wish you happy March
  • Sometimes I feel bad for those who hate me. They will get nothing from this… Happy March

March Status for Whatsapp with Attitude

  • Life is like a race track. If someone fell out then he will feel a lot of damage… Happy March
  • I know I will do it, not Immediately but definitely… Happy March
  • Always keep smiling and stay positive… There will be a way that you will find to help yourself. Happy March
  • Fools never be cool, Fools can try to act like cool but we all know they are fools… Happy March
  • Life is short, spent it at the place that you want and enjoy it a lot. Happy March
  • March Status for Whatsapp: New Month comes with new opportunities and new determinations happy new Month and Happy March.
  • True love never dies it goes stronger and stronger with the passage of time. Happy March
  • Say welcome to the new Month, I wish you life became full of happiness and joys this month and wish for best of luck for you.
  • While I learnt a lot from those who are smarter… It’s who are kinder, teach me the most, and really really big thanks to them.

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Selfie Status For Instagram Facebook

Selfie Status For Instagram

Let’s upload a Selfie Status For Instagram Facebook. Selfie nowadays became a new fashion. Everyone wants to have a great selfie status and want to impress people by their looks and styles. But if you can’t find a proper wording to write a selfie status, then here’s the good news for you, we have a nice collection of best Selfie status for facebook and other social networks. Hope you’ll like our collection.

Selfie Status For Instagram

Selfie Status For Instagram Facebook For Friends

  • My name is my quality, how I present myself is the best way in the world.
  • I do not want any approval, I am great.
  • Hold your breaths, I am uploading best ever selfie…
  • Nothing is more charming than my selfie.
  • I have just taken the Oscar-winning selfie.
  • When I upload my selfie, FAcebook’s server crash because of so much traffic on a single post.
  • Be ready and take a deep breath, because my friend is uploading a new selfie.
  • Close your eyes, surprise! here’s my new selfie.
  • Let’s make a new breaking news, I am uploading a new selfie.
  • Oh my God I am so charming.

Selfie Status  and quotes For Instagram

  • Check out my new selfie. I just broke every beauty records.
  • If you liked my selfie give a like and that’s it.
  • Don’t be rude with me, because if I got angry you will be no more.
  • I am born with this charm.
  • Born to rule fellas, check out new selfie.
  • Look at my selfie, common shower the likes.
  • I don’t need likes, give me a smile that’s enough
  • Everyone is posting new images. My new one is releasing tonight buy your tickets now.
  • If you have any problem with me, go away its your problem solve it.
  • My trouble is I am so cute.
  • My cuteness is gone out of control.

Selfie Status For Instagram, Whatsapp

  • My selfie is enough I don’t need any status.
  • Oh My lord! look at the new selfie I am more popular than a star.
  • Wow! I am looking like a celebrity in this photo.
  • Check this out, Oh you already starring at it since night.
  • Nothing is more important than giving me like and writing a comment when I upload my selfie.
  • Instagram selfie is out today, What are you doing here.
  • My qualities are so charming that your eyes will get filled with lights.
  • Taking selfie is so easy for me because my every selfie is best.
  • Why are not you giving like, don’t be resistive like it because you liked it.
  • Oh its nothing, I am just born COol!.
  • We don’t need an army to win a war, my friend’s selfie is enough for that job.

Selfie Status For Instagram Facebook

  • The greatest person on earth has just uploaded his selfie.
  • Don’t be shy go ahead, print my photo and stick it to your wall.
  • If you love me don’t tell me I’ll see it in your eyes.
  • Precautions! cuteness alert, underage don’t watch.
  • See my picture and you will fell in love with me.
  • Let’s have a party tonight because I just got 100 likes.
  • Please don’t like my photo without comment.
  • If you are lazy enough to not to give me a compliment for my new photo. Then atleast give a like! haha, you thought I was going to forbade for like too.

Captions and Selfie Status For Instagram

  • Don’t disturb me while I am taking selfie
  • I know you are lazy, If you want to prove me wrong then hit the like button
  • Yea I am cool… everyone knows.
  • Coolness is not applied it borns with you and dies with you.
  • I know my attitude and I know how to use it.
  • Life make lots of changes, few of them are described
  • I hate who, who hates me.
  • That shine in my eyes…
  • It makes me look cool.
  • You don’t need to tell me anything, I know I am cool.

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Happy Weekend Quotes, Messages

Happy Weekend Quotes

Let send Happy Weekend Quotes, Messages to friends and family and make them feel good about themselves, that you are thinking about them. A weekend is a very great thing to have and everyone loves it. So, make their weekend more special by sending them special weekend wishes. Hope you will like our collection.

Happy Weekend Quotes

Inspirational Happy Weekend Quotes

  • Every week should be started with the mindset of the plans of full week. This will help you in achieving your target and it will make your Weekend exceptional.
  • I am making your weekend special than any of the previous one. I hope your this weekend goes well and full of happiness.
  • My morning prayers are for you have a nice weekend. May you don’t get any stress in this weekend and come back to the with full of your energy.
  • A new morning came and it has brought something special with it and that is its weekend. Enjoy your weekend with full of fun.
  • I am so pleased that I have a friend like you and today I am here to wish you a Happy Weekend and may this your weekend goes smoothly.
  • Place your work aside and enjoy the weekend, because its the only day where we can do the things we want. Happy Weekend dear.

Had a Great and Happy Weekend Quotes

  • Mothers are the only creature in this world which do not demand a single leave from their work. Make a day on which help her in her work and give her a leave also from her work.
  • Hey  I am thinking of having a party this weekend. Because there is special news I have to announce oh I can’t wait to announce that. Okay, listen I got engaged.
  • My dear brother since you started working we didn’t met, let’s meet at this weekend and make it special and also make some new memories.
  • My dear best friend, this weekend has some special thing about it and that special thing comes once in a year. That’s your birthday. Happy birthday dear in advance.
  • Every person is special for me whom I send daily wishes and the person who gets my text on weekend is the most special person in my life. Happy weekend.
  • If I text you on knowing that weekend is for rest and then you should understand that whom I am sending weekend wishes it means I prefer them instead of taking rest. Happy Weekend.

Happy Weekend Quotes for Friends, Family

  • Good Morning dear, Have a nice weekend, may your day goes well and entirely full of delight. Happy Weekend.
  • May God blesses you with his blessings and your every your day goes well and especially weekend. Happy Weekend and God bless you.
  • Weekends are very special for everyone and some people get special wish which makes their day special. Hope your weekend goes happily with my wish.
  • Every start should be taken after setting a target and every end should be taken when you have achieved the setted target. Happy weekend.
  • Hope you enjoyed whole week and may you enjoy the weekend too and May you achieve every your success.
  • Seek your success and get it, then have some rest get back wih your full strength and achieve another success. Happy weekend.

Happy Weekend Wishes and Messages

  • The weekend is the special day Because in these days you can go to the place of your own choice and spend your time in your own way. Happy weekend
  • The weekend is really special for me because this is the time in the whole week that I can spend with my family and friends. Happy Weekend dear
  • Weekends always brings a great pleasure for me. I can Enjoy my time, I can spend in the way that I want. SO wish you a happy and beautiful weekend.
  • I wish this weekend becomes the most pleasurable weekend for you and you enjoy this with your heart. Happy Weekend,
  • This is the moment for that I was waiting the whole week, Happy weekend. I wish you enjoy this weekend a lot,
  • Every Weekend has very special moments for me. and I wish this weekend have lots of Good and Happy moments for you. and this weekend became an enjoyable weekend for you Happy Weekend.
  • Weekends are special events and this event have a great importance. I wish you have a happy and beautiful weekend.
  • After the frustrations of the whole week, Weekend is the best moment to remove this tension. So, say hello to this weekend and wish you have a happy weekend.

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Whatsapp Attitude Status

Whatsapp Attitude Status

Everyone wants to have a charming and attractive Whatsapp Attitude Status profile and that can be enhanced by adding some really cool Whatsapp Statuses about Attitude and other such categories. Whatsapp is growing day by day. Almost every person is using this amazing app for sharing their texts and media files and every one has their own taste when it comes to adding Whatsapp Status. Some would love to have an Attitude Status for Whatsapp. When it comes to the attitude it should be in anyone but not in this way that people start hating you. Here we have some Amazing Whatsapp Statuses about Attitude. Hope you would like our collection. Go Ahead!

Whatsapp Attitude Status

Whatsapp Attitude Status Collection

  • Attitude is not a trait it is a quality that is found in some people.
  • Attitude is not a thing which is on sale in market it borns in you and it dies with you.
  • Never consider yourself below someone everyone has their own place and places do change.
  • I heard you are whispering about my attitude. Trust me you didn’t saw it yet.
  • Leaving someone behind is not attitude. Walking together and making them think you are better in attitude.
  • What? Looking for my status? It’s Single.
  • I have attitude and I know how to use it.
  • I don’t have a status. It’s my attitude and that’s enough.
  • Don’t copy someone, build your own attitude.
  • Show me what you got, its nothing against my attitude.

Famous Whatsapp Attitude Status, Quotes

  • If you have a problem with me. It’s your problem go ahead solve it.
  • Don’t try to show your attitude it will come out when you’ll need it.
  • Learning how to be with someone and how to talk with them is real Attitude.
  • I am not obsessed with how am looking so don’t try to tell me.
  • If you think am bad. Go ahead am not your dad to tell you whats wrong and whats right.
  • Competing to the world in this modern era you have to be an attitude model.
  • Everything looks good in limited quantity similar is with attitude.
  • Copying someone may give you style but not attitude.
  • Attitude has a second name called Self Respect.
  • Show your attitude in a classy way.
  • You may be classy but not like me.
  • Being me may give you some better qualities.
  • I know the difference between attitude and arrogance.

Fresh Whatsapp Attitude Status One Liner

  • Having me as your best friend means you don’t need to worry about anything.
  • Solving problems is not my ability it’s my talent.
  • Learning how to be the best? Try me.
  • Attitude can acknowledge you to think how do things work.
  • My hearing is better than your sight. So, be careful next time talking about me.
  • You don’t need to leave a way for me. I can find my way.
  • I don’t need A Way to Success, I can build one.
  • Keep your arrogance in your pocket, I know how I am and how to treat people.
  • Let’s begin a battle. Wait a minute, I am the best.
  • I do not need to prove my self, it’s not my confidence it’s my attitude.
  • Have you ever be with a guy like me? Of course not!
  • I don’t have a problem with me. Why do you have?
  • If you want a job getting done by me. Say please,
  • My attitude is bigger than you.

Whatsapp Attitude Status for Friends

  • Giving someone a compliment will not let you down.
  • I have so much attitude you can distribute it to the whole world.
  • You can be behind me, you can be equal to me but you can’t get a bit ahead of me.
  • You want to talk about me. I have a better idea lets talk about my attitude.
  • If you disobeyed me then there’s no doubt you are not going to be all right.
  • If you harm me or anyone I love, I will definitely destroy you.
  • I am quite it does not mean that I am not listening.
  • I know where am going and where I wanna go, you don’t have to show me the way.
  • You know what? No, of course, you don’t. You are such a dumb person.
  • I do not want to insult you, You want me to do that.
  • When am talking. Then there’s no work important than listening to me.
  • If I  text you first it does not mean you are way above me it means I am giving you respect.

Whatsapp Attitude Status In English

  • Having trouble with my opinions I have a advice change your opinions.
  • I have trouble with me my attitude is always coming out.
  • Some people make friends and leave them alone and think that they are showing attitude.
  • Attitude does not develop in a day it develops with you and with the passage of time.
  • My attitude is my strength and you can’t break it.
  • Everyone has the attitude but not everyone knows how to use it and where to use it.
  • Breaking someone’s trust is not counted in attitude.
  • Who thinks I am arrogant should think better than that and they have to do better than that.
  • My life has its own rules. I make these rules and I follow them.
  • I have my own way and I will work in my way to achieve my target.
  • If you think you made a mistake being with me then I may assure No that’s not the mistake, thinking that is the biggest mistake you have done.

Cool Whatsapp Attitude Status

  • My style is my Attitude and Style could not be copied because attitude is natural it cannot be copied.
  • Being cool and looking cool have a hell of the difference. Because looking cool have some conditions of the time.
  • Styles are not attituded. Styles can be changed but attitude cannot be changed it is natural.
  • Life with style and attitude have no respect. No one cares you and no one efforts for you.
  • Have Attitude is my quality and I know how to use this quality.
  • Yes, I have Attitude Problem But I am happy for that.
  • I have attitude, and I know how to use it.
  • If you have trust on me. then You will never feel my Attitude problem!

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Whatsapp Love Status

Whatsapp Love Status

Nowadays Whatsapp is trending worldwide. Everyone looks for the best statuses such as Whatsapp Love Status and other such categories. Status is the first thing which is viewed by everyone. Statuses about love are available here are the Best Statuses about Love you can share with your family and friends to impress them. Here we have a great collection of Whatsapp Love Statuses, emotions and relations.

Whatsapp Love Status

Whatsapp Status About Love And Emotions

  • True love is not to change someone as you want them to see it is to like someone as the way he is.
  • Love does not ends when someone cares about you it ends when someone pretends to care about you.
  • Money has the ability to buy everything except love.
  • Do not judge someone who loves you.
  • Forgive the mistakes of your loved ones. Their mistakes should never be compared to the love they gave you.
  • Caring about someone is the best way to express Love.
  • There’s a thing in this world which can heal every wound and that is love.
  • In the language of science, love is defined as chemical imbalance.

Whatsapp Love Status for Her Him

  • Everyone says that he loved once in life but that’s the biggest lie.
  • Parents love is the purest example of true love.
  • Love can come from anywhere and where ever it comes from catch it and do not let it go ever.
  • Being in love sometimes becomes a problem not for only you but for all around us.
  • In modern world expressing love became so easy, say I Love You and that’s it.
  • Warning You are infected by a death causing disease LOVE.
  • Don’t be shy in distributing love maybe I can find mine in this way.
  • Love and hate have strange relation they walk together and doubt is the thing which can break these twin to only hate.
  • Include everyone in your love list and thus you are the happiest person in the world.
  • A broken heart has one treatment to get well soon find another one to fall in love with.
  • Neither fights nor hate can solve the problems of the world its love that can.

Best Whatsapp Love Status Ever

  • True lovers never give up.
  • If you love someone and they are not responding towards you trust me God has a better idea for you.
  • Getting your love is the biggest thing, consider yourself the luckiest person on the Planet.
  • If you love someone don’t be late to say it.
  • Time flies faster than a plane, if you are in love get ready for a race.
  • Happiest persons are those who wake up in the morning and have someone to care about them.
  • Am I the only one who is not in Love?
  • If you have a penalty of time to waste, fall in love.
  • Your crush is angry with you buy a teddy bear to say sorry.
  • When a guy laughing says I am in love with you, step back, turn around and as fast as you can.
  • Sometimes saying being in love is stupidity is a sign that you are being mature.
  • Haters are everywhere find someone to ignore these.
  • If you are enjoying someone’s company so much that you forget about the whole world then you are in love with the right person.

Whatsapp Love Status And Short Lines

  • Motherhood is the purest love.
  • If a guy cries for you, no one can love you greater than him.
  • Brothers love their sister more than anything and if you playing with her emotions R.I.P .
  • Nowadays trusting someone is called love.
  • My Todays Whatsapp Love Status is: I trust you means I Love you.
  • Don’t compare my whole love with a single mistake.
  • If you love someone with the depth of your heart the whole universe will try to get it for you.
  • Already in love, get ready to face the difficulties.
  • Falling in love gives your stomach strange waves and extra speed to your heart.
  • If I failed in love once does not mean I should not try it again. Maybe I deserve better.
  • If there will not be any difficulties in love, then what about the stories telling to your grandchildren.
  • Nothing Can bring more happiness than love.
  • Greater the extra time greater the chance to get in love.

Lovely Whatsapp Love Status

  • Saying you are done with love does not mean you are done with life.
  • Every relationship has a different taste of love.
  • Showing emotions is on extinction in this Digital world.
  • Relationships die when they are not getting their part of attention which they deserve.
  • If you don’t have the strength to stand up for someone but you did it, trust me you won the war of love.
  • If you love someone then they have a right on you.
  • To have a great life give everyone the love they deserve.
  • Hating someone cannot solve a problem but the same situation can be handled with politeness and love.
  • Sometimes someone loves you so much that they scare you.
  • Getting afraid of love increases the chances of getting into it.

Whatsapp Love Status for Friends

  • Meet someone with that love that he wishes to meet you again and again.
  • Love has the ability to get you addicted to it.
  • Give your life in some responsible hands. a person who knows how to use it.
  • Love is a feeling, and that feeling can only be felt by a lover.
  • Don’t make this life a race track. because if you fell out then it could be dangerous for you.
  • Life in a style is ok… but cheating in love and making it style is not ok.
  • You don’t know how fast my herts beat when I see you, and when I am at front of you.
  • True love never dies it goes stronger with the passage of time.
  • If you are on your right track them life will be easy for you… Leaving the track could be dengerous.
  • Be carefull in every deed because life never gives you second chance.

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Best Whatsapp Status, Love Whatsapp Status (Short, Cool)

Best Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp is a daily most used app and Best Whatsapp Status are the best way to express your mood, I hereby Gathered some Best Whatsapp Status a large number of variety status from which you can choose from according to your mood so feel free to express your mood and pick the one you want.

Best Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status – Best Whatsapp Status Collection

  • I am quite it doesn’t mean I am week.
  • Life is like a coin some time its happy some time it’s sad.
  • I am not shay to defend myself it’s just your love making me quite
  • Love is live life is happy you are mine we will shine.
  • I am not in attitude it’s just my style.
  • I live in style not to impress but to express.
  • I am father of my own dreams.
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  • We make the paths of our success.
  • Love makes a man as well as destroys it!
  • Life is an open war rather you have to withdraw your odds or you have to fight against it!
  • Regret what u saw, just see what other want to see.

Best Whatsapp Status Ever

  • Don’t do what other want you to do just listen to your heart.
  • Closing the eyes seeing the sin is as sinful as doing it.
  • Life strikes hard at every instance of life it on you to become a hero or a looser.
  • Don’t fly in to high as they say as higher you are harder u will fall.
  • They say life is a game but they forgot to mention its game of throne.
  • Love is a onetime experience it happens only once.
  • I am silent not because I am on the wrong side just because I don’t want be on any side!
  • Coins make noise so spend the life like cash.
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  • A dollar bill can make you buy anything but love!
  • I will like to walk on the broken glass rather to break your heart!
  • Money can buy anything but love.

Best Whatsapp Status about Love, Life

  • Money can buy anything but happiness.
  • The feeling the aggression of first love is undescribed.
  • Haha you are looking at my status.
  • Ahh! Go away user is busy.
  • My spelling of love is just different I know so move on.
  • If you can’t bear me than simply stop looking at my status.
  • You want to fight! Let’s play tic tac toe.
  • Just saw the most astute individual when I was before the mirror.
  • God is extremely imaginative; I mean…just take a gander at m!!
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  • I’m not languid, I’m simply on my vitality sparing mode.
  • Please be understanding even a can deal with just a single stinky sphincter at any given moment.
  • Whenever I have an issue, I simply sing, at that point I understand my voice is more regrettable than my concern.
  • When I’m on my deathbed, I need my last words to be “I cleared out one million dollars in the.
  • I dependably gain from a mix-up of other people who accept my recommendation.
  • my last idea before settling on general choices.

Best Whatsapp Status For Her, Him

  • If I erase your number, you’re fundamentally erased from my life.
  • A few people need to open their little personalities rather than their enormous mouths.
  • Every day is another opportunity.
  • If open door doesn’t thump, manufacture an entryway.
  • Do not surrender, the start is dependably the hardest.
  • The best way to do incredible work is to love what you do.
  • A trip of a thousand miles starts with a solitary advance.
  • You need to take in the tenets of the diversion. And afterward, you need to play superior to any other individual.
  • Life resembles riding a bike to keep yours adjust, you should continue moving.
  • You’re as of now an effective individual. The things we underestimate another person is appealing to God for.
  • If your attitude is not cool, then do not try to be one, because showing you are cool when you are not is the biggest uncool thing.

Best Whatsapp Status Friends

  • Dreams isn’t what you find in rest, Is the thing which doesn’t give you a chance to rest.
  • I will win, not quickly but rather certainly.
  • Had an extremely awesome “Night Out” the previous evening, as indicated by my police report.
  • The street to progress is constantly under development.
  • Doubt executes a greater number of dreams than disappointment ever will.
  • Born to express not to awe.
  • Silent individuals have the loudest personalities.
  • Some individuals are alive just, in light of the fact that it’s illicit to murder them.
  • When nothing goes right… Go left!
  • Everyone wants to be cool but being honest is the coolest thing.

Fresh and Best Whatsapp Status Ever

  • While I learnt a lot from those who are smarter… It’s who are kinder, teach me the most, and really really big thanks to them.
  • Life is like Donald, Don’t try to make it Trump.
  • When I was single, I see couples are happy Now I am dating now I see singles are happy.
  • Keep smiling and stay positive… There will be a way that you will find to help yourself.
  • Don’t break someone’s heart, they have only one… Break their bones, They have 206.
  • Life really short doesn’t waste it is foolishness… Be kind to everyone and stay positive.
  • I dedicate this life to someone special. Because that person is the only one who changed my life.
  • Hey, You fool. Don’t try to be cool. cause fools never be cool.
  • Being cool is an art, everyone cannot afford this art…

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