Condolence Messages for Loss Father, Mother

Your close friend or relative lost one off from their parents, and you are looking for the best words to do that job, So we have done this for you in our Condolence Messages for Loss Father, Mother collection. Parents are the Most Important Ones in this world. Everyone loves their parent and if your friend or someone your close lost one of them so this is your moral duty to Condolence for their non-recoverable loss. If you were a Partner in Their Joys then you should be their partner in their sorrows too.

Condolence Messages

Condolence Messages for Loss Father, Mother

  • I just received the news of your Mothers death. I am truly sorry for your loss. She was a nice lady along with a great personality. May God give you Strength to bear this pain.
  • I heard about your Father’s death. I felt so sorry for you because you were very close to your father and this loss can not be recovered. But may God give you strength to face this difficult situation.
  • Every person who is born has to die one day. I heard about your Father’s loss. Undoubtedly this is the hardest part of your life. Truly sorry for your loss be courageous.
  • No one can take the place of parents. Your Father was a great personality he was very close to you and was very proud of you and always wanted to see you happy. May you face this difficult time with courage.
  • Just got the news of your Mothers death. First of all, I am extremely sorry for your loss and I am also sorry for being late and that I didn’t attend his Funeral. May you face this hard time with courage.

Deepest Condolence Messages for Loss Father, Mother

  • Losing a person who told you whats right and whats wrong and losing the person who taught you walking by holding your finger, your Father was a very nice man along with an extremely great personality. I am very sorry for your loss May God forgive all his sins and award him, Heaven.
  • Parents are always on the top of everyone’s loved list and losing one of them is like world’s end but time has an ability to heal every wound and give you strength to get back into your life. Extremely sorry for your Dad’s loss.
  • Every person has some uncompleted wises and so as your Father also had some of them and the wish of everyone parent is to see their child succeed in their lives and after their death, you should complete these wishes for them.
  • I am truly sorry for your mother’s loss. She always treated everyone very nice and every child like her own son. I can’t forget her smiling face with full of delightfulness. It’s my belief that she is watching you every time up there and the only thing she wants to see is her son’s smiling face.

Heartiest Condolence Messages for Loss

  • Sometimes time take your exams by giving you pain and hard times but a courageous person like you has the ability to face every problem with patience. I am extremely sorry for your loss.
  • No person is born to live forever. Everything in this world is born to die. But losing a person who means to you like everything is the hardest time in everyone’s life. Sorry to hear about your mother’s death.
  • I just received news that your parent met an accident and your mother didn’t survive. I am really really sorry for your such big loss and I will pray for your father’s recovery and may he return home and Once again truly sorry for your such unexpected loss.
  • The person who loves us more than everything never really leave us alone even after their death. I am so sorry for your loss. I’ll be there soon. May God gives you the courage to face this problem and Accept my deepest condolence.

Condolence Messages for Your Loss and Quotes

  • A Mother’s love never dies. So, sorry about your mother’s death. She had spent a very well life and she was very polite and kind with everyone. May her soul Rest in Peace.
  • A tragedic incident just happened in your life and you had a huge loss. Your Father was a very nice person and a great personality. My his soul rest in peace and may Allah forgive all his sins.
  • Accept my heartfelt condolence for your Mother’s loss. Every boy has a superior lady in his life and that lady is his mother. May her soul Rest in Peace.
  • Parents are the only one in everyone’s life who love their children without any demand and take care of their children, due to which they are the everyone’s ideal and losing an ideal is never easy. Accept my heartiest condolences for your unrecoverable loss.
  • I am very shocked to hear about your mother’s loss she was so fine and healthy but accidents happen unexpectedly. May God give you the courage to bear this hard time and May her soul rest in peace.
  • Dear, I know This is the biggest loss in your life. Other losses can be recovered but this kind of loss can not and never be recovered. Your parents were really close to me I am really missing them. This is the Universal truth that everyone in this world has to go one day.

Condolence Messages for Your Loss For Friends

  • Parents are the most important part of life. They bring us into this world and then you became their first priority. I know this is the saddest moment of your life. But dear I am not able to do anything for you. I am sorry.
  • Death is the Universal truth. Everyone in this world has to go one day and no one knows about their last day. Your parents spent a role life. They became a role model for me. But I feel sad because my role model is no more. I am sorry dear.
  • I am shocked to hear this news. Because this is unbelievable this your parents are no more. Accidental deaths are really shocking. I am feeling sorry for you dear.
  • Happiness and sorrows are the part of life, and losing parents is the biggest sorrow. Because parents are always with you in the time of need. They support you when no one supports. Your parents were really nice to me. I am sorry dear I am unable to do anything for you.

Very Sorry Condolence Messages for Your Loss 

  • Life became empty with parents. It looks like no one cares you. It looks like no one is worried about you. Parents are a really great blessing. and I am sorry dear to hear this that this blessing is no more to you.
  • Life becomes empty and colourless without them. Their way of love could be different but they are the only one who loves you the most. I am sorry for you dear.
  • Dear friend, I know you are sad. I am unable to make you happy at the moment. But crying for them is not the way they will like now. Pray for them and pray them for a better position in heaven.
  • Parents are a great blessing. If you have them then you have no worries. If you have them then you feel free. I am sorry dear that your parents are no more.
  • I am sorry dear, I am feeling bad for you. Your parents were really nice to me. I wish they will get a better place there and their souls rest in peace.

Special Condolence Messages

  • Life is made with combinations of ups and downs, and without them life is boring. I am feeling bad for you dear but don’t worry dear it will heal with time. I am with you dear,  Tell me if you need help with anything.
  • Life needs change and these changes could be Good or worst. I heard this news just now, I am sorry dear to hear this news.
  • Dear, I am so sorry. I heard this news Just now. But this is a universal truth that this world is temporary. I know this is a big change for you but dear we are unable to do anything here.
  • Life means lots of struggle and changes. I know this change is not in your favour but dear don’t worry it will be alright.
  • This is the big loss for you and I know that was a big opportunity for you. But don’t worry dear it will be alright. Time is the biggest healer and this loss will heal with the passage of time.
  • I just heard the news of your accident. I am glad that you are safe from that accident. but feeling sad for your new car, But dear the good news is you are alive without any damage.
  • My friend things gone change. Now it needs more effort more struggle. I hope you will do this next time, I am with you dear.
  • This world is temporary everything has to go one day. we all know this is the truth, I am sorry dear.
  • Parents are the great blessing of God. But losing them is a big loss and that changes life a lot. your parents were very nice to me I miss them too. But dear I am unable to do anything for you.
  • Dear Friend, I am sorry. Mother is the most important part of life, she cares you she loves you and losing her makes a big disturbance in life. and I am sorry dear I was unable to come to your home because of some important work.

Hope these Condolences Messages will surely help you to be a part in difficult times of your loved ones and a difficult time like a death situation, you should have to do it carefully and in a decent way. Someone of your friend of friend is facing a problem that how to write a condolence message with deep words then share these Condolences Messages with them.

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