Condolences Message on Death for Sympathy

If you are out of words for condolence then we have solved this problem for you in our Condolences Message on Death for Sympathy collection. Condolences are such a huge responsibility on your shoulders when someone of your Loved One leaves you for forever, then the first thing comes is condolence for their loss. Here are some wordings done for you. Hope this collection of Condolences Message will be helpful.

Condolences Message

Condolences Message on Death for Sympathy

  • When a person dies his soul departs from his body, but always remain with their loved ones.
  • Losing someone who means a lot to you can leave you apparently but can’t leave you in their life after death.
  • I know you are in a great shock but this is the situation no one can do anything about it and cant change anything about it. May his soul gets eternal peace.
  • I just got the news of your uncle’s death, he was a really nice man and I am sure his soul will be now out of every trouble.
  • I am very saddened to hear the news of your aunt’s death. She was only of your blood relative who gave you roof over your head after your Parents Death. Hope you’ll face this situation with patience and courage. May she remain happy where ever she is.
  • Losing a person like your MOM is a loss which is unrecoverable and no one can replace it because they have their own special place. May her soul rest in peace in his afterlife.
  • One day everyone has to leave this world and everyone knows that I am sorry dear this is a big loss for you

Condolences Message to a Friend

Condolences Message

  • One more great personality departed today from our lives. May his soul rest in peace.
  • Every person isn’t born to live eternal life. Your brother was a nice man, he was really close to you, but who can change the laws of nature. Accept my deepest condolences.
  • Your grandpa was a great man, You will miss him for sure and I will also miss him and particularly his sense of humor. Heartiest condolences.
  • Once again once more person had said us goodbye. May your uncle’s soul rest in peace.
  • Accept my deepest condolences on your loss. Your Father was a good man he spent all his life with full of honesty and truthfulness. God will really give him a high status in heaven.
  • I have never met a man like your uncle and from today I am sure I will never meet a man like that. May God let this man’s soul rest in peace.
  • A friend just told me about your loss and I am very sorrowful for you and I will pray for your brother that the God forgive all his sins and award him Heaven.

Condolences Quotes and Condolence Message

Condolences Quote

  • I am very sorry that I wasn’t able to attend your uncle’s funeral. Because I was out of town, so I am doing condolence on your loss. Accept my condolence and I will also be there in a day.
  • When a person says us Goodbye forever, just his body is leaving us his souls, his memories and his sayings always remain with us. Heartiest condolences for your loss. May his/her soul rest in peace.
  • She was a very kind lady and she had spent a very nice life. Of course, God will award her heaven.
  • Losing a person like your Dad is a loss which is unrecoverable May his soul gets eternal peace in his afterlife.
  • I felt very saddened when I heard the news of your Grand ma’s death. She was very nice lady with a delicate personality. We will never forget her. May her soul rest in peace.
  • Really sorry about your loss, Your Mother was a very nice lady she spent her entire life by showing kindness towards all. We’ll never forget her loss. Accept my heartiest condolences.
  • Condolences Message: One day everyone faces this day when someone from our beloved ones leaves us, accept my heartiest condolences.

Condolences Sms, Condolence Message

  • I know this is a big loss for you, I am really upset for you I am sorry dear. But this is the truth you have to accept it.
  • May his soul rest in peace and he has good rewards there, We are able to do nothing here I am sorry dear
  • Life is short and no one knows when it is going to end I am sorry dear but this is the universal truth.
  • Dear I know this is a big loss for you and no one can replace this, I wish their soul rest in peace and they got a good position there.
  • Life is made with lots of ups and downs, I am feeling bad for you dear because this is a big loss for you but it will heal with time. I am with you dear,  Tell me if you need help with anything.
  • Life means lots of struggle and changes these changes could be good or bad. I know this change is not in your favour but dear you have to stay strong.
  • Condolences Message: This world is temporary everything has to go one day. we all know this is the truth and no one can change it, I am sorry dear. I am unable to do anything here.
  • I am so sorry My friend. I heard this news a few hours ago. But this is a universal truth that this world is temporary. I know this is a big change for you but dear we are unable to do anything here.

Hope these Condolence Message collection on death for sympathy will help you make your words loud and clear to anyone and share their sorrow with these wordings of our collection Condolences Message. Because these type of situations happens to everyone and therefore, you should condolences in a decent way.

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