Happy Friendship Day Status Collection English

Friendship Day Status collection is here. Friends are the most amazing person of our life and time which is spent with friends is also the most awesome time of our lives. So, wish your best friends happy friendship day by uploading Friendship Day Status. Here is the collection of Friendship Day Status for Whatsapp, Facebook in English. You can use any of these statuses to show your love towards your friends and best friends. Hope you will like our collection go ahead and read out our whole collection and let us know in the comment section either you liked the collection or not.

Happy Friendship Day Status

Happy Friendship Day Status in English

  • You should really find a life if you do not have friends. If you have friends then you must enjoy this life with them.
  • I am enjoying this friendship day with my friends and they are really amazing at making my mood bad to good.
  • My friends probably are from another planet because they know everything about me, even if I do not tell them.
  • May you all have friends like me who are really awesome to be told.
  • If you are here and reading my status then you will not find anything else than just Happy friendship day.
  • There is no relation which can replace the relation of friendship
  • This relation is so amazing that you can make it with anyone. I mean your father can be your best friend your mother can be your best friend. Anyone you love can be your best.
  • Friends are those who can feel what is making you happy and what is making you sad and they do everything which you desire and which gives you happiness.
  • No matter how hard the circumstances are the friends are the only creature who will be with you anytime anywhere.

Friendship Day Status

  • A friend of mine just died because I didn’t wish him Happy Friendship. Save friends and wish them Happy Friendship Day!
  • Here is the clue of the day, today is friendship day, oh man! I just told you what makes this day special.
  • Everything is special when it is connected with your friends.
  • You can make me laugh at the worst times of my life too and that makes you my best friend. Happy Friendship Day to you.
  • Have a lovely Happy Friendship Day may you live long and may you be with me in my entire life and as we grew up together we grow old together too.
  • No matter how vast your friend circle is, the special one always remains one and he is above them all. Happy Friendship Day!
  • Your loveliness made me your fan, I do not want anything luxurious if you are with me every time.
  • The friends who help you in difficult are the real friends and the friend who reply you I am out of town at the difficult time they are best friends.
  • There are many types of friends and that’s it there are. I told you, find out on your own. Have a lovely Friendship day!

Friendship Day Status for Whatsapp

  • A true friend tries to be everything for you and his first and last priority is your smile. That’s it Happy Friendship Day!
  • Doing something well and looking forward to your friend for appreciation is just a waste of time. If you have held your breath for two days even this is not a big deal for your friend.
  • A friend will never show you respect but down below in his heart he loves you the most and no one can love you like your friend.
  • The legendary quotes of friends is your everything is my everything and my everything is also my everything! Does that make any sense to you!
  • Seeding the joys in your life and also making that seed grow in a healthy delightful tree is the responsibility of friends who do this duty with great care and pleasure.
  • The unlimited happiness is only given by our friends. Happy Friendship Day to all of you out there.
  • Indeed that friend is a good friend who helps you in your difficult time and tries to keep you away from the bad situations.
  • A friend breaks all the barriers when he has to protect you. He can cross all the limits if you are hurting his friend.

Friendship Day Status For Facebook

  • The best ever gift that nature has awarded us with is the gift of true friends. Happy Friendship Day!
  • Sharing your every secret with your friends knowing that they will expose you is the stupidest thing we do.
  • In this world, there is nothing more beautiful than the relationship of the friendship and there is no other relationship whom with you can share those things which you share with your friends.
  • This is only beautiful if you have some friends those who know how to make it beautiful. Happy Friendship Day to you dear!
  • A true always help you in getting you towards your destination and he never stops you from a good thing you are going to do. Happy Friendship Day!
  • Everyone has weaknesses and all these weaknesses are not an obstacle in your way. May you have a great day and Happy Friendship Day.
  • A person who is trying his best to make you successful is called your friend.
  • The sweetest relationship of the world is Friendship relation.
  • Let you show your loyalty towards your friends and make them feel good and make them think that you care about them as they care about you.
  • Hope is never going to end and love is never going to leave you. You are far enough from your laughters if you do not have friends.
  • A true seeker can get you to the true person. Who let you live in your own way. Happy Friendship Day!

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