Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Wishes, Greetings

If you are thinking that either you will find your desired content here or not, feel free to think yes you will. Friendship Day Quotes are here to keep you and your friendship alive with the same intensity but in a better way. Friends are the life they tell you everything they are feeling so why not you tell them what you are feeling in terms of their friendship.  Let them know what you think about them and how much you care about them. Here are the top Friendship Day Quotes which you can send them to make it sure that they enjoy this precious day.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes

Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Wishes, Greetings

  • Guessing your mood from your text is the superpower which only best friends possess.
  • A friend is that who never show you respect but deep in his heart, he has the purest love and respect for you. Happy Friendship Day!
  • I am an average guy who does not know much of the time what is good and what is bad in my favour but I do things which you say me right and these things are node out right!
  • Thanks for making me friend and giving me a part in your life, I was an alone person who remained depressed almost all the time. Happy Friendship Day!
  • Friends are like that beam of light which brightens up the whole life of the person to give them a brighter future.
  • Friends are the only person who gives you hope in your difficult times, friends are your strength they make you able stand in this cruel world and they also protect you from the wind of hate coming from other people.
  • I feel myself the blessed because I have a friend like you who is really great to be told. Happy friendship day to you dear.
  • Sometimes chilling out with your bestie is all that you wanted. So lets make the plans for this weekend and travel like old ages. Thanks for having me in your life and blessing me with your presence. Have a lovely friendship day!

Happy Friendship Day Quotes For Best Friend

  • Sometimes you feel depressed and you think its the end of the world. But then a friend of yours comes and he makes you laugh as hard as you wanted you then you laugh over your obsessions.
  • I feel nothing without you and I feel I am nothing if I do not have you with me in my life and there is no life without friends. Thanks for all the great memories we both shared and happy friendship day.
  • Friends are the best comedian ever. They can make you smile no matter what is going on around you. Have a lovely day and happy friendship.
  • Today is friendship day and everyone is thanking their friends for everything they have done for them. But I wasted my two hours in thinking what have you done for me and I found nothing, what the hell! Do something for me be quick!
  • The best thing about friends is that they never try to bound you according to their taste they always let you be what you are. Thank you for helping in exploring myself!
  • No matter what day it is friends have plans for every day and mostly their plans are to keep their other friends happy. True friends never want something in return. Happy friendship day!

Friendship Day Quotes and Sayings

  • Every place is the best place if I can find you there. No matter how beautiful the place I can’t find it attractive just because you are not there.
  • I only get mad at you I am attending the class and either you are on bunk or absent, because at that time I feel alone there.
  • The worst time of my life is when you are absent in the class and I have to pretend like I am still happy.
  • Without you, I can never make myself happy I tried but I failed.
  • Maybe I am not the only person who loves you so much, maybe there would be many more persons who respect you who love but I can bet on this that there will be no friendship like yours and mine.
  • Worthiest things become useless without friends, happiest days become saddest without friends, luckiest moments become the worst without friends.
  • Sitting together and humiliating each other is the favourite hobby of the friends.
  • Getting together and memorizing the childhood is the best part of the friendship. I can never forget the moments you made me laugh as hard that it brought me tears.

Friendship Quotes

  • I got my six packs by laughing hard on your jokes. Happy friendship day!
  • Worst things happen when I can’t find you near me. Think twice its friendship day and everyone is praising their friends so do I.
  • We never let anybody of us to demean himself when we were together and even when we are not.
  • Guessing your mood from your text is the superpower which only best friends possess.
  • Friends are the only person in this world who let you know how special you are and also how ugly you are. Happy friendship day!
  • In this world if you have a true friend then consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. Happy friendship day!
  • Creating memories with friends and always laughing on these memories is the best cure of depression.
  • There are many good memories in my life but the time I have spent with my friends is the best ever time. Happy Friendship Day.
  • I can never find a friend like you who has been so supportive to me in every aspect of my life. I just wanna say you thank you and happy friendship day.

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