Happy Iftar Wishes, Sehri Sms Dua

In the Holy month of Ramadan when its time of Iftar, everyone starts receiving Happy Iftar Wishes. Some people send you duas to keep you spiritual and determined towards your faith. Here is the collection of Happy Iftar Wishes along with some Sehri Sms Dua. Hope you will like our collection and if you do give us your feedback.

Happy Iftar Wishes

Happy Iftar Wishes, Sehri Sms Dua

  • Its Iftaar time, the time for which you waited all that long day but with joy because Roza is all about staying away from bad deeds. May Allah accept our Fasts.
  • Just a few more minutes in Iftaar May Allah forgive us and accepts our hard work for doing good deeds. Happy Iftar time.
  • Ramadan is all about fasts and fasts are all about patience and resistance towards bad deed. Fast is not just about staying hungry and thirsty all day. It’s about thanking Allah for blessing us this precious month in which we can ask for His forgiveness.
  • Time of fulfillment of Roza has to arrive. May Allah accept our Fasts and forgive our all sins and May he give us refuge from hellfire.
  •  Heaven is not too hard to achieve. Allah gives us very many opportunities to achieve heaven and one of these opportunities is Ramadan and Fasts. Happy Iftar time.

Happy Iftar Wishes and Duas

  • Ifaat time is near. You showed the best of your strength and courage to achieve your life’s mission. Ask for Allah’s forgiveness on the time of fulfillment of Roza.
  • Wishing you the happiest iftar time with lots of healths and joys. Hope you ever remain smiling like this. Ramadan Mubarak and Iftar Mubarak.
  • Allah loves when a person wakes up early in the morning for starting his fast. May He Almighty Allah gives you strength to fulfill your Fast. Happy Sehri time.
  • Wake up dear and fill your pockets with the Sawab and do have sehri to start your fast. Eat something and drink something to carry the fast throughout the whole day. Happy Sehri time.
  • Sehri is the time when we start our Roza, May He Allah Almighty brings us the best time ever at this sehri time.
  • When we start roza by the grace of Allah. He Almighty Allah sends his angels to record our faith and for what reason we are Fasting. May Allah accept all your worships and fasts.

Happy Iftar Wishes Messages

  • May Allah bless you with lots of comforts and pleasures. May he grace you and your family with good health and joys. Ramadan Mubarak Iftaar Mubarak.
  • Every worship depends upon faith in Allah Almighty. If you are doing good things for the sake of bad reason then he Allah do not need your worships. But if you are doing a little good deed for the sake of right reason, then its enough for Allah to forgive your every sin.
  • Allah created many opportunities to get refuged from hellfire. Ramadan is one of these opportunities May we all also get Allah’s refuge from hellfire. Happy sehri time.
  • I am 100 percent sure that I am spending the best ever time at this time, because its Ramadan and I am 100 percent sure you will also agree with me. Happy Iftaar time
  • There are so many examples to prove the nobleness of Ramadan, one of them is fruits everyone does not eat fruits daily but its the blessing of Ramadan which bless us all these rewards. Happy Iftar time.
  • An iftar is nothing if it doesn’t have families together and a plate full of “Samossa”. Haha! just got my mouth filled with water. Happy Iftar time.

Best Iftar Wishes Sms

  • It is the time of Iftari I wish you all the joys a life and wish for a better life for you and you live that life peacefully and wish you a happy Iftar
  • May the sweets of Iftari make your life sweeter in every possible way and you live a beautiful life and wish you a happy Iftari
  • May this beautiful month brings lots of happiness for you and you have a better life And builds a way of happier life Happy Iftar dear
  • The moment for which everyone is waiting the moment of blessings and forgiveness Happy Iftar dear and remember us in prayers may you have all the success of your life.
  • Wishing you joys of iftari with happiness and with health in a successful way. May you be blessed by the love of Allah stay blessed and happy Iftari.
  • Our book of record will be full if our reason of Fasting will be purely just for the Allah Almighty. Happy Sehri times with lots of happiness and joys.

Happy Iftar Wishes

  • Iftari is the time when lots of blessings are sent from Allah and I wish every iftari brings you a better and beautiful message for you happy Iftarti dear
  • Hope your fast have great value in your life and the life afterlife and your iftari cause you in the way of your success happy Iftar.
  • Iftar is the moment of happiness and I wish your Iftar brings you best and have a happy Iftar dear
  • This month is the holiest day of the year In this month there is blessings of Allah on his creature
    wish you best of luck for this month and happy Iftar dear
  • The moment in Ramadan for which everyone is waiting that moment is Iftari moment Happy Iftari May you always stay blessed and stay happy.
  • I do not know it’s my problem or everyone’s and that my problem is that I can not eat too much in sehri and than I regret it throughout the whole day.

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