Best Happy Journey Quotes and Sayings Collection

Journeys are sometimes really painful for the person who is waiting for the person to back from the journey. If you are in a similar situation then our Happy Journey Quotes and Sayings collection will be very helpful to you because it can really change the person’s mind and heart too and he will be in a try to come back home soon. Here is the collection check out and give us your feedback about our collection of Happy Journey Quotes.

Happy Journey Quotes

Happy Journey Quotes

  • I can not forget you for even a second, you have become a part of a soul, and this relation can never be broken. Have a safe journey and take care of you.
  • Whenever I get to see something which belongs to you I can’t control my tears you are so attached to me. Please come back soon I am really missing you.
  • Your and my relationship is not just a relation our souls are now attached with each other and they can never depart from each other and so are we. Have a safe journey and come back safely.
  • Taking care of your self is very important when you are on a journey because there is no one with you to care about you. Be safe and come back home safely.
  • Journeys are really frustrating sometimes, but I wish that may you will be having fun and will be enjoying every single second of your journey. Have a safe journey.
  • Since when you came near to me, and the distances between you and me were removed, this is the first time I have been so far from you for so many days. May you have a safe journey.
  • When you are with me, my life is like heaven. Time is flowing sand and I know this difficult time will also pass on very soon and you and me will be once again together. Have a safe journey.

Have a Safe Journey and Happy Journey Quotes

  • Your fragrance is everywhere wherever I go I can feel you. Hope you will be alright and you will be enjoying your journey. Have a safe and peaceful journey.
  • Life is a book of some incomplete stories which are connected with each other, but our story is complete and it is full of love. May you remain safe and may you enjoy a safe journey.
  • Our story and lives are full of love, there is nothing left which I want from the destination, I only need you. May you have a safe journey.
  • Life has come and hugged so happily since I had you in my life, having you feel like I am now having a life. We are so similar with each other, maybe this is the reason for our sweet relationship.  May you have a safe journey!
  • I feel happy and light to have you near to me, but when you are not with me it feels like rain is on fire. Have a nice and safe journey and come back soon.
  • My days and nights are colorless without you, there is no reason to live without you, you are my life. Come back as soon as possible from your journey.
  • You are my only friend, you are my only hope and you are the only one whose life gives me inspiration, I have prayed to God that may He gives me the strength to live without you but no He also wants me to spend this life with you. Have a safe journey and come back soon.

Safe Journey Wishes For Husband

  • When you will be back we’ll have so much fun, actually, we’ll manage a party. I want to celebrate every that day which I had spent with you. Have a safe journey.
  • There is no life without you, you are a colorful night of my life, I am nothing special if I do not have you with me, please be ever with me and never leave me again. May you have a delightful journey.
  • Life is like an ocean and you are the bank of that ocean, without one both are useless. I am so happy to have you with me. come back home safely and happily.
  • Journeys are sometimes really painful for the person who is waiting for the person to come back soon from the journey, yeah! I said it that I am missing you a lot. Come back as soon as possible.
  • Your disappearance is ever hurting, and these wounds of your disappearance can never heal without you. I am missing you and that makes it your responsibility to come back soon.
  • May this journey fills your life with lots of happiness, joys, and delights which may be enough for the rest of your life and May you come back home safely.

Have a Safe Journey Back Home

  • I hate when you go on long journeys alone because at that time I have to wait for you and keep praying that may you remain safe. Really May you remain ever safe and healthy.
  • Whenever there is happiness in my life, the reason was you. You are like the moon in my life without whom my nights are dark. Come back soon!
  • Your presence in my life gives me hope and when you are far away from me, I feel like I am nothing and I am not special anymore. Have a safe journey and come back soon!
  • I can be yours forever, just give me a hint. Oh! yeah, I am already yours. Just make it sure and keep it in mind that you are very special and important towards me I can not live without you so take care of yourself during that damn journey.
  • Whenever I get happy, whenever I am sad, whenever I am feeling drowned you were always there for me and that makes me your addict. Have a Safe journey and come soon.

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