Islamic Wedding Anniversary Prayers, Wishes

Check out the collection of Islamic Wedding Anniversary Prayers, wishes. The Wedding is the most precious day in everyone’s life and everyone want to make there this day special and memorable. The anniversary comes after a year and every one of you out there should make their this day such delightful that the whole year goes well. If someone from your loved ones is married and it’s their Islamic Wedding Anniversary Prayers and you want to send them your good wishes but you are out of words. So, here we collection a very nice collection of wedding anniversary wishes.

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Prayers,

Beautiful Islamic Wedding Anniversary Prayers

  • It’s your first wedding anniversary. Hope you both will be fine and will be enjoying your health. May Allah showers his blessing on both of you.
  • A marriage is a very precious relation. You both are tied into this precious relationship for almost a year now. May Allah give you more and more happiness and joys in your life.
  • The person who is closed enough to you that he or she knows your every habit and every secret is your soul mate. Happy Anniversary to both of you.
  • Thanks for inviting us on your wedding anniversary. May Allah bless you both and fill your lives with peace and pleasures.
  • Having someone who always cares about you and remains always there for your help is such a great and tremendous blessing of Allah Almighty. Happy Wedding Anniversary
  • On this precious occasion of your Wedding Anniversary, I would like to pray to Allah that he always keep you happy and smiling.
  • On your Marriage anniversary, I would like to pray to Allah that May he keep your family safe from every problem and no pain come near to you. Have a Glad Anniversary.

Happy Islamic Wedding Anniversary Prayers

  • Today I am very happy to see you both developing together. Your smiling face is giving my heart Peace and pleasure. May Allah please you both with his uncountable blessings.
  • I am Glad to see you both today on the occasion of your wedding anniversary I Pray to Allah that may he fills your life with a lot of satisfaction and happiness.
  • A marriage is a glorious relation. Each one of you has to stand for each other and each one of you has to help each other in every aspect of life. Have a Pleasing Anniversary.
  • You stood for me no matter what the circumstances are. You gave me your hand whenever I felt down. That’s what makes you my perfect soulmate. Happy Anniversary.
  • On this beloved day of our Wedding Anniversary, I would pray to Allah that may he give us more and more success in our personal as well as working life. Happy Anniversary.
  • You are the person who made my life so special and took it too far that I can’t even imagine it in my dreams too that one day I will be such Happy.

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Prayers Duas for Brother, Sisters

  • Being expressive is a thing which not everyone can afford. But I am happy that I have a partner like you. Because of you, my life became soulful. Thanks For being in my life and Happy Anniversary.
  • No one else means a lot to me as much as you. You have a very big place in my life, actually, you complete me. Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary. May this figure goes up to 300.
  • I am very sad that on your this wedding anniversary I am out of the city. But my good wishes are always with both of you. I will be soon there for you Until then take care and May Allah bless you both with his blessings.
  • The reason why I am so successful is all because of you. My every achievement belongs to you. May we always be together and remain such happy as we are.
  • Be partners of each other’s joys and sorrows. Allah takes your exam by putting you in a difficult situation. The only thing that matters is to solve that difficult situation with calm and help each other. Have a Glad Anniversary.
  • May you both remain such happy as you are today. May you achieve every goal of your life together and your life gets filled with delights and comforts.

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Prayers for Friends

  • May you always happy with you this life. And wish both of you a very special Happy Marriage Anniversary
  • Dear I know, you have lots of goals and you want to get those goals with someone speical in your life. I wish you you get all of your life goals and wish you a Happy Marriage Anniversary.
  • With the Grace of Allah, this is another successful year. Happy marriage anniversary, I wish you guys always stay together and happy.
  • Islamic Wedding Anniversary Prayers is: Both of you look beautiful with each other I feel the real meaning of love after seeing you guys and I wish you always stay together. Happy Marriage anniversary.
  • Dear Friend, I told you that your couple looks best and I am happy to see you guys together. I wish your couple always stay together and stay happy with each other. I wish you happy Marriage Anniversary stay blessed.

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Prayers For Parents

  • Life without a special person in life is boring, and dear friend you found a right person to marry and proved a successful couple I wish this couple always stay happy and together with the blessing of Allah and wish you a Happy Marriage Anniversary
  • I can imagine the depth of your love after seeing both of you guys, I feel there is nothing in this world except love, Happy Marriage anniversary, stay blessed and stay happy.
  • Alhumdullilah I feel happy to see your couple your couple is beautiful, You guys look beautiful together. May you always stay together. Happy Marriage Anniversary and wish you best of luck for feature,
  • You guys compleated another year of glory. I wish you guys always stay together and your love comes in a good way. Happy Marriage Anniversary
  • Mashallah, here is another year of your successful life. I saw your love for each other is getting deeper day by day, after seeing all of this I want to wish you Happy Marriage Anniversary

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