Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sis Bro

Here are Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister and Brother. The anniversary is a very precious day which should be made memorable. Wish your married sisters and brother Happy Anniversary and make them feel that you are thinking about them even in your busy life routine. Hope you will like our collection of Islamic Anniversary Wishes for Sister.

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

  • You have spent a year together now and May you spend your every moment of life together happily and evergreen and ever smiling. Happy Anniversary.
  • Wish you a happy anniversary. May this upcoming year brings you lot of new experiences and may this upcoming year becomes more and happier.
  • You are soul mates together since when you are now a part of each other’s life. May you live happily ever and ever after. Happy Anniversary.
  • Have you ever been a year so happy like this one, this is because you are living with a person who loves you and who cares about you. Happy Anniversary!
  • Today is your anniversary and May you have more and happier together. My prayer to Allah is that May you live happily together.
  • Allah has created many relationships, but this relationship is like the two wheels of a vehicle, these have to travel together so that the vehicle of life can go smoothly.

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Dua

  • When a person gets married then he or she has to start living by each other’s decisions. May you face every upcoming problem together and solve them together. Have a Glad Anniversary!
  • An anniversary is such a great occasion to have, you are celebrating this precious occasion May you live your life happily together. Glad Anniversary
  • Your life is getting smooth day by day because now you have a person which always care about you and knows your likes and dislikes. Have an animated anniversary.
  • My pray to Allah Almighty is that may He Almighty give you such strength that you both become enough for each other. Have a glad anniversary.
  • You have started living together and your life went through smoothly. May your lives get fulfilled with lots of joys and Happy Anniversary.
  • I have never wished you any other occasion, but this is the only occasion I have to wish you and I must have to wish you because its the most precious day of your life. Happy Anniversary.
  • Accept every opportunity which is given by the life, and choose the right way to achieve your goals without hurting the feelings of your soul mate. Have a jovial anniversary!

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes

  • A sister is the only one person who is very close to you and cares about you, but she is not living with you ever she has to go one day, But my prayer is that may you live happily ever with your soul mate. Happy anniversary dear.
  • May this year of togetherness goes smooth and you enjoy the best of your health. Happy anniversary to both of you.
  • You are the luckiest person on the earth because you have a person who loves you and cares about you. Happy anniversary to both of you may you have a splendid next year.
  • May this new year brings you lot of happiness and joys, and May Allah blesses you and your family. Have a Glad Anniversary.
  • The process of life always stay going on, and time never stops for anyone make your self, able and strong enough to face any problem. Happy Anniversary!
  • Time is not difficult and it’s your decision which makes it harder. Try to take better decisions in your upcoming life. Happy Anniversary and May you have a great year.

Happy Anniversary

  • Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister:
    On this precious day, I may announce you the happiest person, because you have a special person who always considers your likes and dislikes. Happy Anniversary!
  • It’s your life your choice, but you can change your destination by taking right decision on right time in each other favors. Have a glad anniversary!
  • Hey, Sister, I am very happy that this is another successful year for you. I wish you best of luck for your future and for now happy marriage anniversary.
  • Dear sister I know you are a little bit upset with me. But I know you will never stay in this condition with me I am sorry and wish you a Special and Happy Marriage Anniversary.
  • Life is race and everyone want to win this race and you know not everyone can win a race but dear you managed this race very beautifully and I am really happy for you. Happy Wedding anniversary dear Brother.
  • I feel no signs of life when I think about something else except you and dear Sister you made my life and after you, I am really feeling lonely. and this is another successful year for you. Happy Marriage Anniversary
  • If I came across from my early days I feel my life is nothing without you. You are with me in my days and nights. Now I really Miss you, dear Sister, Happy Marriage Anniversary

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Prayers

  • Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister:
    Life is nothing if you don’t have someone special in your life. But dear Sister you made a right choice and I am really happy for you and wish you a Happy Wedding Anniversary
  • I really love you dear Sister, and I am happy that you have completed another successful year of your marriage life. I really want to wish you Happy Marriage Anniversary.
  • Dear Sister, I know you are living a very happy life and I am happy for you. So, wish you a happy marriage anniversary stay blessed dear.
  • I know you want lots of happiness in your life and you are trying to achieve your goals with your husband. I am happy that you completed a successful year of your Marriage life wish you happy marriage anniversary dear sister.
  • Dear Brother you are really good in your married life and I am really happy for you. So, wish you a Happy Marriage Anniversary.

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