March Birthday Wishes Quotes

Go ahead Read our March Birthday Wishes Quotes collection. People who are born in March are thought to be very special. I was also born in March and therefore I am pretty sure about it that people who are born in March are very special. If your friend was born in March and you want to wish him Birthday according to the month. So here we have solved this problem for you. Hope you will like our collection.

March Birthday Wishes

March Birthday Wishes Quotes

  • The month came, which have your birthday and I am very pleased to wish you a happy birthday as well as Happy March.
  • Being older is not a thing to get scared of, it’s a thing which gives you more and more experience. Gain experience and learn from your mistake. Happy Birthday.
  • I love one thing about March it has your birthday, and I love one thing about your birthday, you always gave a very delicious cake. Happy Birthday.
  • One more year of success is looking forward for you. May this new year gives you lot of pleasure and peace. Happy Birthday, dear.
  • Hello there, oh you look happy what happened, oh it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday, May you live long with lots of delights.
  • Haha! you were thinking that this is almost 12:05 and I forgot your birthday. Not at all dear Not at all. Happy Birthday and May you have many more.
  • Maybe there will be a day when I will forget your birthday, Maybe there will be a day when I will forget about the importance of March. But that day is not today Happy Birthday.

Best March Birthday Wishes

  • March has so many importance in my life and one of them is you because you were born in March and came into our lives and made our lives full of delights and joys.
  • I think I am the only one who never forgets about your birthday and that is enough for me to express my care for you. Happy Birthday and Happy March.
  • March is the only month I await the most because it contains your birthday. You are the most special person in my life and you are the reason of joys in my life. Have a Glad Birthday.
  • This is my good fortune that I have a friend like you, who is born in March and made this month worthy. May you have many more, Happy Birthday.
  • Your presence is the reason of my satisfaction among all the things. Thanks for having me and thanks for being in my life. Have a Jovial birthday!
  • If ever there will be made a biography of me, you will be the who can tell more about me and know me much better than me. I am so pleased to have a friend like you. Have a cheerful birthday.
  • With due respect, I am wishing you a Sweet, glorious and Glad Birthday and have a great March.

Funny and Sweet March Birthday Wishes

  • Human is made of 90 percent of mistake. He make mistakes again and again, but a wise person seek knowledge from his mistakes and do not repeat them. Happy birthday.
  • Seeking knowledge from every your new day or new month is a symptom of a wise man. March has just begun and it has also your birthday on 12 so this month you are awarded with two Starts. Use this opportunity and attain your success.
  • The world will not be so successful if you were not born, Just kidding you are maybe not so much importance to the world. But yeah! you are important to me as well as my own life. Have a great march and Exhilarating Birthday.
  • Each day is a new experience, each month is a new experience. Especially when a month have your birthday in its calendar. Have a Glad birthday and may you have many more.
  • Huhu! It’s again March. I am very pleased to announce that you are giving us all your birthday party tonight. Oh yeah! let’s have fun. Haha! yeah, you are thinking right it is a self-invite and not just self-invite I have also invited every our friend to your house. You are so busted, this is called FUN.

Best March Birthday Wishes For Someone Special

  • This is the special day dear friend, And I want to celebrate this day a different and better way. Happy Birthday dear
  • At the blessed Month of March, We received a Gift in shape of you. So wish you a Happy Birthday dear Love.
  • Dear Mother, This is the day of Happiness, because of you, we are here and without you, we have no existence So, Wish you a Happy Birthday
  • Dear Sister, This is the day of great blessings and we got blessed by a huge gift in shape of you in this blessed Month of year. Because of you March have a lot of importance in my life. Happy Birthday dear
  • Lots of things gone change with the change of time. But love for you in my heart never changes and wish you a Happy Birthday dear.
  • Best wishes, my beautiful darling and love of my life. Happy Birthday dear, May you live long and a better life and wish you again Happy Birthday
  • Blow off the candle and cut the cake and don’t you dare to do it without me give me my share. Happy Birthday dear friend I wish you have a better and beautiful life.
  • This is a great and exciting event of your life and I never want to miss it. So, Wish you a Happy Birthday dear and wish for a better life for you…
  • This Month is very special in my life. Because in this Month, we got a really precious gift in shape of you, And we are back again in this month so wish you Happy Birthday dear.
  • My life belongs to you and you know my all happiness belongs to you. So, wish you a Happy Birthday dear

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