Marriage Invitation Wordings To Invite Friends Sms

Here is the collection of Marriage Invitation Wordings To Invite Friends. Marriage is a precious relationship and when someone decides to get married he wants it to do it in the best way. He tries to start it so amazingly that it would remain always in his memories ever fresh. Suppose you start it in a different way and your startup is the Marriage Invitation Wordings To Invite Friends then you will need an amazing collection of Invitations which can overcome and solve your this mystery of inviting people. Let’s start the collection!

Marriage Invitation Wordings

Marriage Invitation Wordings To Invite Friends

  • Long ago, the only persons I had to share my experiences and my happy were you guys. But now its time to get jealous because now there will be another purpose of living for me. Happy My Wedding Must Come.
  • Remember the date, okay remember the next month on the 3rd date you should found on my wedding. Yeah! you heard it right it was an invitation
  • All we did is to care for each other and now there is another moment where you have to come and make it memorable and Its my wedding dears.
  • Guess whats happening, of course, you cant. Okay, let’s make it easy. It’s my wedding the very next month. You have to come and double the pleasures.
  • We need someone to come to our wedding because without persons on the wedding what we will do with the reserved place. Haha! yeah, I am getting married.
  • What will we do when there is no one dance in our wedding. After all groom and bride cannot dance on their own wedding. Must come dears!
  • Loneliness has to go and a person to give me the company has to come into my life and that person should be my soulmate. Wish me happy married life and must come.

Wedding Invitations Wordings For Friends

  • Everyone needs someone to spend this life with. I have decided to get married and it will be happening the next month and you have to come.
  • Life has to enter a new era because marriage is the start of a new life and I will need you there for me.
  • Sharing joys with buddies are fun and a joy like marriage is a thing which is all about happiness and making memories. You have to come!
  • A special has to come and be a part of my life. After all, I am also getting married. I thought lets taste the married life. Buddy, you have to come and give me another reason to smile.
  • Leaving the old life behind I am starting a new life with my beloved wife. Yeah! I am getting married and dear you have to come and give me another reason to thank you.
  • Marriage Invitation Wordings To Invite Friends:
    Shouting with joy and I am so happy to tell you that I am getting married. Guess what you have to come! haha oh yeah its sure you have to come absolutely.
  • It’s a new morning and it has to start a new day along with many new things, like the thing that I am getting married. Like you have to come.
  • Choosing your passions and then making them come true. I found the love of my life and you have to come.

Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends

  • Precious relationship has to start. Let’s make it more special with your presence. Thanks for coming in advance because after the wedding I would be rather busy.
  • Now, this is the time which all belongs to me because the wedding day is the only day of your life when everything is for you. Wish me a happy married life by coming on my marriage.
  • Shining sky and glittering stars are being more interesting since I had decided to get married. You have to come along with your family.
  • Reality is more beautiful then expectations. I am finally getting married and now I think it would be the best decision of my life.
  • Hesitation for being happy will drag you in the darkness of the sadness. You have to always find the reason to be happy and I found one. I am getting married!
  • Today is my day and I feel it to be totally my. If you are thinking that what day it is, then I must tell you that it is the wedding day!
  • Spread this news from east to west, that I am getting married. But also tell this too from east to west that only the person I know are coming so take it just as a news. Haha! tried to make something interesting with these freaking old traditional invitations.

Unique Wedding Invitation Wording

  • I am here to announce my wedding. Its happening the next month and you all have to come.
  • Time to come and dance in my wedding has come. Your presence will be my blessing and the gift of my wedding.
  • Time has come and you have to come to my wedding. You have to make it more eagerly special and I dare you! to spread happiness all over that day.
  • Lights are delights should be the start of a new relation. Every joy seems fainted without friends and how can I start the precious relation of wedding without you.
  • Marriage Invitation Wordings To Invite Friends:
    Relationships are amazing because they give you the reason to smile and drown in happiness. Thanks for making my life interesting and there is one more event coming on which you should come. Must come to my wedding!
  • Everyone has to come and there should be the scenario of happiness all over my wedding place. That is the mission and you should make it possible. MUST COME!
  • Come and give us your good wishes. Give us your blessings that we be happy all in our entire life.
  • Waking up and getting a news, is a thing which is brought by good deeds. Haha! preaching is over and now its time to invite you on my wedding.

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