May Birthday Wishes, Born in May

Here are some of the best and full of uniqueness May Birthday Wishes. Getting birth is not in your hands, yeah, of course, everyone knows it. So, if you or your friend or someone of your family was born in May. Then you are at the right place to wish yourself or your friend or someone of your family. We wish you Happy birthday and not only we wish you also we have created a really nice collection of wishes for Born in April. Here is the collection all opened for you. Go ahead and read out the collection of May Birthday Wishes, Born in May!

May Birthday Wishes

May Birthday Wishes, Born in May

  • This month is a little bit important for me and for you as well, cause, it has your birthday. So, happy birthday to you dear.
  • May your birthday keep coming every year, oh! before this wish I think it already uses to come every year. OH! sorry than and happy birthday dear.
  • Dear happy birthday to you, may this May keep coming in your life and bringing the most pleasant day of your life! Happy Birthday!
  • Birthdays are the days to enjoy and make plans for your upcoming whole year, and in the upcoming year, you have to stick to the achieve these plans. Happy birthday, bro!
  • This birthday may be the best ever birthday and may you enjoy your birthday and receive the gifts you want. Have a cheering birthday!
  • May you get everything which you deserve and may you get all the things you deserve. Have the happiest birthday!
  • My good wishes to you may you enjoy your party and such good moments of your life. This life is too short for achieving everything we want but if we try to demand less we will be more than happy!

Birthday Wishes Sms

  • Happiness is when you desire something and in the next moment, you have that thing its called luck more than your greatness. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • May Birthday Wishes: One day in a year comes on which everyone is caring about you and that day is your birthday, I think you will be understanding now. Charming birthday!
  • One thing which will give you happiness and that thing is giving happiness to others, have you ever been such happy as happy you are. Have a sparkling birthday dear!
  • The purpose of living can be improved and by choosing some passion of life. I know you are a hardworking person and you will be a successful person in your life.
  • Life will never be in your favor forever. But your part is to only think about how to make it in your favor. Happy Birthday may you live long and enjoy many more birthdays.
  • A little friendship with the life can bring you lots of happiness, I know there are hundreds of dreams you want to fulfill, but the only thing you have to see is your strength. Happy Birthday!
  • Your friends and family are the only your strength, everyone whom you consider your well wisher is just your perception. If you want to be strong you have to be it on your own!

Warm Birthday Wishes

  • Everyone is beautiful when the beauty is in your eyes, but it is a little different in your case whatever you see it becomes beautiful. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • Whenever there is no hope and you consider yourself alone then always you should know I am there for you always and ever. Happy Birthday
  • Birthdays are the days to make plans for the upcoming whole year. You should be clear in your aims when you are cutting the cake. Happy birthday!
  • Sometimes it’s important for you to get cut from the world for some time and give some minutes to yourself. Happy Birthday
  • In this Modern world, we are busy enough that we aren’t able to talk to our selves.
  • Homes are there for us but we are not there for homes, these rectangles can be called anything but not homes. Home is made with the amazing persons living in them. Happy birthday!
  • I can not sleep enough, because I am excited enough to wish you happy birthday before anyone. Happy birthday!
  • Whenever a person is depressed enough that he can not see anything except darkness, at that a little ray of happiness can lighten up their whole life. Happy Birthday may this birthday lighten up your whole life forever.
  • You can not hide happiness from a person who is such happiness lover, he can find it even if he has to travel a way across the world. Happy birthday!

Birthday Quotes

  • Start this amazing day by getting some prayers from your parents, hug them and that would be it. Happy Birthday change in plan this year!
  • There are no limits to be happy, so I wanna give you unlimited happiness and way above your thoughts. Happy birthday may this day ever coming and may I keep you wishing and wishing this precious day.
  • Sometimes it’s amazing to deliver to your haters what you feel for them, no matter what they will think because its democracy and everyone has right to share their view. You always keep thinking and caring about your happiness and the person who are responsible for your smiles and happiness. Happy Birthday
  • May Birthday Wishes: Things can be worst sometimes, but the only thing which matters is that is their hope in your heart. Happy birthday!
  • I can spend this whole life in giving you happiness and even that will not make me tired of caring about you, this is what you mean to me. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • I will be there in every your difficult time, and it’s my promise and I will keep it. Happy birthday and as I will be there for you in every difficult time also I will be there i for you in your happiest times.
  • I wanna make your every moment full of delight and cheer, my days never begin without you and that’s how I love you. Have a cheerful birthday!

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