May Quotes, Sayings for Calendars with Images

May, the fifth month of this year, we hope your previous months were amazing. We have collected May Quotes and Sayings for Calendars as well as for every new month and about every day, and this is all for your assurance and comfortability. Because its the new month which is called May, so we have collected a very nice collection of May Quotes, Sayings for Calendars with beautiful images to assure your loved ones that you madly care for them. Here is the collection all opened for you. Support us so that we can keep sharing such good stuff. Enjoy the collection of May Quotes and Sayings for Calendars.

May Quotes Sayings for Calendars


May Quotes and Sayings for Calendars

  • Months will never force you to do hard work, it’s your love with success which pulls you to be successful. Happy May!
  • You should not make plans to start for something good, when you have to deliver good you will deliver good.
  • You do not have to be perfect for delivering the something when you will deliver something best automatically you will be called perfect.
  • May is the month of love, so give yourself a dare, distribute only love in this month, then this may will be called a Happy May.
  • A day or a month cannot be turned into a happy one by just making a wish, it will be happy when you will take the decisions which will make you happy.
  • If you are experiencing a bad day, take some time and dig out something good from you, and your day will be turned into a good day.
  • May you enjoy a happy month of May, the word used for wishing and the name of the month is the same “May”.
  • If the last month was not as much well as you wanted, here is the new one and you have a chance once again to make this month a happy and easy one. Happy may!

May Quotes for Inspiration

  • Success does not come in a day, it takes years of efforts.
  • The first impression is the last impression and same is with the month, the first day impacts so much that how is your last day is going to be spent. Have a great may.
  • There is nothing more special than having chances to be successful again and again. Consider yourself lucky to have a new month again. Happy may dear.
  • Hopefully, you will be greatly ready for facing the new month and its new challenges, try to do everything new in this month and if you are not able to do that then do everything in a new way at least.
  • If you want a change in your life, you have to work for it by yourself things are never gonna change by their self, to change a thing there is always an effort behind it. Happy may
  • This date will never come again in your life, but this month will repeatedly keep coming in your life year after year now this is your choice either you make it a good memory for celebrating every year or…
  • May your every month be great and such full of happiness and joys you are never gonna be alright in your entire life, ups and downs are the part of the life. So, keep calm and work hard.
  • If you are not trying enough to make your life good, then trust me no one else is going to make it right for you. Happy may.

Welcome Month of May

  • If you are trying your best to make your life comfortable but you failed, then change your point of view to make your life good enough which may give you happiness for some years. Happy May!
  • Once your life is comfortable enough that you are happy with it, then serve the rest of the life in making others life comfortable enough so that everyone can be happy. Happy Happy May!
  • Wish you a very happy may, may this new month brings you lot of new happiness and joys. May you have a good and happy month of May!
  • Whenever you are facing problems in your life it means you taking some wrong decision to make them write. Have a great May along with success.
  • Keep yourself optimizing, because this world is only for them who is always up to date. So, make a wish to the new month and try to fulfill it throughout the month. Happy May!
  • May Quotes and Sayings for Calendars: May is the month in which I think you were born, haha! just kidding, I remember your birthday dear. Happy Birthday and Happy Birthmonth!
  • Whenever you feel incomplete you are free to talk to me. I care about you and I feel like you are nowadays a little upset, so dear, feel free and you can talk to me anytime. Have a great month of May!

Quotes about May Day

  • Make challenges for you for the new month and then spend your whole month in hunting for these challenges. Happy May!
  • Everything which we have is not given to us forever. So as the months they come and go, there is not a damn thing you can do about it.
  • If you are feeling sad then confuse your mind and pretend to be happy, after few minutes you by yourself will be confused that you are happy or sad. Have a happy may.
  • May Quotes and Sayings for Calendars: Greatness is a built-in thing if you are born with it, you possess it and if you are not born with it then develop it, it’s not a big deal! Have a great May!
  • Sometimes you feel like you will not be smiling ever again because something worst has happened but after a minute you laughing the hell out even the roofs of houses are down. Just kidding happy May!
  •  Nothing is more happiness giving than finding a bag full of dollars on waking up in the morning. But yeah that waking up was in the dream!

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