Missing You Messages For Her, Fiance

You can express your love by being honest and sending them Missing You Messages and make them think about you. The most loving relation of a girl and boy is their wedding and this day is not forget able if you are Missing Your Love One and you want to wish then but you are out of words and no getting any idea but you want to wish your fiance a Happy Anniversary with some out class blend of words and you can’t find some than dear stop right here it is your destiny here you will find what you want all in one place just visit the place and enjoy.

Missing You Messages For Her, Fiance

Missing You Messages For Her, Fiance

  • The moon is shining as bright as it can but it’s nothing without the stars same. I am nothing without you come back soon dear miss you so much.
  • Flower is nothing without out you. Its look like this I am nothing without you come back dear my love I am missing you.
  • Hey! Come back I don’t want to cry any more. I want to hug you kiss you play with you come back soon dear please.
  • Hai! it’s almost a month I haven’t have seen you. I am missing you. You know I can’t sleep without seeing you come back dear come back soon.
  • I know I was rude with you but you know you are only the guy I love and love to spend time with you please forgive me and come back soon. Missing you My Fiance.
  • I can’t explain my feelings! Right know missing you so much life is like hell without you come back soon please.
  • Game of life is the hardest game and in this game you are my life line please come back soon or else I can survive no more. Miss you dear love you.

Romantic Missing You Messages

  • I know I was wrong it was all mine mistake but at time I don’t know what happened to me but know I am very sorry can’t live without you I am sorry Come back soon please.
  • The idea to leave you was hell wrong you are like my water and I am your wish a fish can’t live without water now missing you to mush come back soon dear.
  • Our wedding anniversary is coming an I want you with me on that day on that very spot where we first met Come back soon missing you so mush.
  • Life is not enjoying as if you are not with me come back soon dear missing you a lot.
  • Love is life, life is short, want to spend it all with you came back dear come back soon.

Missing You Messages for Everyone

  • I have so many dreams in my life but the most loving is that I want to live with you die with you! You are my only wish I want to be fulfilled come back dear love you so much missing you.
  • Tit or Tat my bf is Fat . Missing you my cupcake come back soon want to hug you kiss you see you! Missing you so much come back soon
  • Life is limited but love is limit less that I learned from you. You teach me how to smile in every passage of life. Love you dear Miss you so much come back soon!
  • Love is usually like game of thrones and it not easy to pass it! But with you I can win it! Come back soon dear Missing you so much!

Cute and Missing You Messages

  • To whom love we fight the most I am missing those days when we fight we make fun sometimes you make me smile sometimes I make you smile. Missing your naughtiness missing you smile come back soon dear wana see you live.
  • As much as we talk about love it is as same as a rose with thorns, there are some thorns in the love but in the end its softer like the petals of the rose. That is what love and relationship is all about. Miss You much come back soon I want to feel the petals of the love.
  • Its only 2 hours since you have left me and I am already started to missing you. Level of your love is at that stake hehe. Love you so much my dumpling I am coming. Miss you so mush.
  • There is a beginning after every ending and there is a story after every beginning! Aaaa, forget the big words just wanna say that missing you so much and I am sorry for what I did. Come back soon you know I can live without you.
  • Dear Honey, I can’t wait to spend my all time with you and spend my life with you. Life is short. I want it to spend it with you. I really miss you.
  • I know these are not big words, But if you are understanding my feelings then they will become your feelings. I really miss you. I never want to lose you. I want to spend my all time with you. I really miss you.
  • Sometimes I think, What will happen to me if you were not there for me. I even can’t suppose my life without you. Please never leave me. I really miss you and can’t wait to be with you.
  • Life is too short we all know, No one knows how and when it is going to be the end. But dear I want you to be with me and want to spend this short life with you and this could happen with your support. I really love you and miss you.
  • I have lots of dreams in my eyes. when I see you, I feel that I got them. Please never broke my dream because I always want you in my dreams. I really miss you, Honey.

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