New Year Jokes 2019, Poems, Sayings

New year is coming soon, and every year you want to wish your loved ones for the new year. Here is the collection of New Year Jokes 2019. You can find some useful amazing wishes to send to your close persons and get their appreciation on this new year. Check out our collection of New Year Jokes 2019. Give us your feedback.

New Year Jokes 2019

New Year Jokes 2019, Poems

  • Oh! its new year but your face is as old as sinked titanic, I mean what the hell dear just buy a new ugly face which would be better than this one. Happy New Year May you change you ugly face this year.
  • New year is about wishing someone you know, but I am getting texts from everywhere I know or not. Please wish Happy New year to only those whom you know.
  • The person who is amazing at making silly faces, the person who have done thousands of mistake in the previous year and he is still determined to do even more and more mistakes.
  • I beg you and if you want I can beg you by being on knees that please dear please for God sake. Please take a shower this year.
  • This new morning brought a foul smell with it and guess what I understood that you haven’t taken a shower even on New Year. Wish you a Happy New Year and please have a shower.
  • Its New Year friends and I want you to ask me for forgiveness and do not I repeat do not hesitate in asking for forgiveness because you know I am a Kind hearted person and I will forgive you. Happy New Year!

New Year Jokes 2019, Sayings

  • At this time my wish is going to a person who is so silly, so ugly, so lazy but still, he is my best friend. May you have an animated happy new year.
  • If you are not doing good deeds in the whole year and at the end, you are asking for an apology, then go away I am not forgiving anybody. Happy New Year but no apology.
  • The new year is not just about having parties and wearing silly dresses which show you more stupid than you are. New year is all about wishing and spending good time with your friends and family.
  • The person who is getting fair with you deserves fairness in back too. If you are not fair with me I will crush you. Happy New Year!
  • You are so amazing, so intelligent, so hardworking. Ah! just uttered first lie of 2019. Happy New Year!
  • Making mistakes and not repeating them is a thing which nice people do, we make mistakes and then we again do mistake in a try of improving them. Happy New Year!
  • Making mistakes and not improving is a thing legends do. Be a legend and do not ask for an apology. May you have a life full of mistake. Happy New Year

New Year Jokes 2019 in English

  • I have never seen a person like you, I have never seen a person who is so idle that he can reply every single text. Please to announce that great personality and he is YOU. Happy New Year in a different way.
  • Everyone is texting their loved ones. But I am texting a person who is not even a little bit closer to me. Just kidding bro do not worry that useless person is not you. Happy New Year.
  • Wishing you and your family a happy new year. May you this year becomes lucky for you. Because you so unlucky that I can’t even imagine. Just kidding bro happy new year.
  • Happiness is when you had something useful of your friend and he can do anything for getting back. Happy New Year to you and your family.
  • Let’s have an oath today to not to eat junk food for this whole year. But first, we will eat a lot of junk food which would be enough for the whole year.

New Year Jokes 2019 For Friends

  • Here is the new year and I know you are going to waste it again. But still, wish you a happy new year.
  • Again this is the new year, with new hopes but I know you are going to waste it again. So, wish you best of luck for that.
  • Life has goals and I know you want to get them in peace. and I know that is a good joke because success needs a lot of effort and hard work. Wish you a happy new year may you use this year in a good way and have a better and good life.
  • Another year is coming and I know it will go like last year gone through us keep calm and don’t worry you will do something next year.
  • Determine to do something next year, Because I know you are going to waste this year again… Wish you a happy new year

New Year Jokes 2019 For Family

  • Think what you are going to do this year and spend this year in thinking like last year. Don’t do anything just think. Happy New year
  • This is the new year and I wish you stay happy and stay away from me because I know you will try to disturb me. happy new year dear
  • You made lots life goals and I know to will not work on them because you just make goals and don’t try to achieve them. I wish you work hard this year and achieve your goals, Happy New Year
  • Oh God! help me and my friends to solve all the matters and problems and please help me to stay away from my worst friends. Happy New year
  • Life made me to think about you because you are the friend you throw me in every worst work so, stay away from me this year and wish you a happy new year

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