New Year Sms 2019 Poetry and Poems

Send your loved ones New Year Sms 2019. A new year is nothing but just an event full of happiness and joys. On this new year wish you loved ones, by making good wishes and wishing them a Happy New Year from our collection of New Year Sms 2019 Poetry and Poems. If you are out of words but you can not miss to wish new year, then we have a solution for your this problem. Here it is, the collection of New Year Sms 2019 poetry and poems.

New Year Sms 2019 Poetry

New Year Sms 2019 Poetry

  • New Year
    To make fun
    and to celebrate
    and to have fun
    Happy New Year
  • New year is Important among all
    No matter someone is big or small
    Everyone celebrate it with great passion
    Because its new year after all
  • The wealthiest persons are those
    Who accept their victory and loss
    You can not win every time
    It’s just a game of Thrones

Famous New Year Poems

  • New year, new challenges and new states
    May these makes you more courageous
    to feel these new changes
    I wish this your New Year goes enormous.
  • Happiest persons are them
    who have someone to care about them
    Don’t be afraid of the difficult circumstances
    May you have a Happy New Year after then

Short New Year Poems

  • It’s the new year
    with a new day
    Spread love
    and spread kindness
    Happy New Year
  • It’s an honor to wish you a everyday
    No matter its Saturday, Sunday or Friday
    I am always ready to make your day
  • Making my song
    Right or Wrong
    With a new tone
    It’s a new year to wish
    Happy New year

Happy New Year Poems

  • Set your dreams
    Set your goals
    Make a roll
    Take it as your goal
    Happy New Year
  • Don’t you dare
    take a sip of beer
    I am with you dear
    It’s the new year
    Happy new year
  • Friend is all about delivering happiness
    Sharing the pains and filling delightness
    Happy New Year to my Princess.

Inspirational New Year

New Year Sms 2019 Poems

  • Make your life Hi-Fi
    without using Wi-Fi
    because of new Year is Si-Fi
    Happy New Year
  • Tick tock
    It’s 12’O clock
    Time to celebrate
    Happy New Year
  • Set your aims
    Make your goals
    make it whole
    Happy New year
  • Happiness to me has only one definition
    that you are the person of my satisfaction
    Wish you a Happy New Year
    May you enjoy lots of adventures and action

New Year Poems and Jokes

  • A person who is such great
    that everything he does, I appreciate
    The only thing I want in my proposal is
    That I don’t wanna be late
  • The only person who can make me giggle
    is you who can make me smile even at that time
    When I can not even imagine, to smile.
  • There is a way
    when you want it
    Time to celebrate
    When you got it
    Happy New Year
  • Trust me, I am not the richest
    but having you makes me wealthiest
    am not saying I am bill gates
    but your presence makes my life brightest

Funny New Year Poems

  • Tick tock
    man on the walk
    waiting for 12’O clock
    It will be a new day
    with a new start
    Happy New Year

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