Islamic Nikah Wishes, Quotes and Dua

Being married is the biggest experience and important event of a person’s life. If someone of your close companion is getting married so send him or her Islamic Nikah Wishes. If you want to send compatible wish which also suits the recipient then you are at the right place. Here we have collected some really nice wishes for the newly Nikah holder person. Check out our collection and wish your loving person Happy Nikah Wishes.

Islamic Nikah Wishes, Quotes

Islamic Nikah Wishes, Quotes and Dua

  • You are going to be tied in a really amazing and precious relation, may you and your soulmate gets all the happiness and joys you both deserve.
  • May Allah bless you both, may your this relation remains until the world remains. Nikah Mubarak and best of luck for your future.
  • May you get everything which you desire, may your married life be successful and may Allah fulfill all your desires.
  • Many things will come, many ups and downs will happen, but you have to remain calm and determined and always be the strength of your soulmate. Nikah Mubarak
  • Do not ever let your partner down, whatever you deserve your partner also deserves that. Now you are not single and now you have a responsibility of person on your shoulders and I know you will do it perfectly. Nikah Mubarak.
  • Be happy and keep your partner always happy, because the marriage is not a relation which should only carried by one person. Happy Nikah to you and your soulmate!
  • Whenever you feel lost or upset, talk to your soulmate, this relation is very beautiful and you should have to keep it beautiful. Best of luck for your future, Nikah Mubarak!

Nikah Wishes and Sms Quotes for Best Friends, Family

  • Dear friend, first of all, congratulations on you Nikah, and then May Allah keep you both safe and happy and may you both never feel a difficulty at all. Happy Nikah dear.
  • Whenever you are at a place where you think you are lost, concern with your partner and make out a solution about the problem. Stay blessed and stay happy.
  • Congratulations on your Nikah, may you both always remain such happy and evergreen, may your life be filled with love, happiness, and joys.
  • Nikah is the start of a new life, you can be smart but you will be smarter after Nikah, may you ever remain happy in your entire life. Nikah Mubarak
  • May you both enjoy the best of health and may you both be the strength for each other. May you both live long together and happily. Congratulations on your Nikah!
  • The best ever desire is to remain always happy, may your this desire gets fulfilled. Happiness will be always on your door, Wish you a happy life.
  • Best of luck for your future life, may you both remain such happy and smiling throughout the whole life, Allah bless you both. Congats on your Nikah.
  • You are going to start a new life, may your this life goes smoothly and jovial. Happy Nikah day dear.
  • The start of a new era has to begin, may this new era brings you a lot of happiness and joys. Hope you guys will be the most of happy at this precious moment of the life.

Nikah Wishes Dua for Sister, Brothers

  • When a person is getting married with a person, he is actually attaching his soul with the other’s person soul. Hope you both will happy and jovial. Nikah Mubarak to both of you.
  • When you are getting married, after that relationship you do not need to even talk to each other for describing your day, you will talk with your heart and eyes. May your life goes unexpectedly happy.
  • The biggest happiness of this world is that you have a person, with whom you can share all your thinkings and feelings. Nikah Mubarak to you and your partner.
  • This life is an ocean of happiness but it will be filled by drop by drop. Just remain positive and be good in the side of your partner. Many many congratulations on your Nikah.
  • Accept my heartiest congratulations on the precious event of your Nikah. May you both stay always happy and may your life get filled with lots of cheers.
  • You will face many problems and difficulties during your married life, but you have to be positive and determined and that will result in a successful married life.
  • When you have a person who always thinks about you and keeps thinking about you is the luckiest thing to have. May you both always remain happy and smiling.

Nikah Wishes for Brother

  • Wish you a happy life and many many happiness in your life. May you both be the strength for each other and may you both remain happy in your life. Nikah Mubarak
  • This day comes once in everyone’s life and everyone should celebrate it in a memorable way that it always remains in your memory. Nikah Mubarak to you and your family.
  • When a person gets married, there are many things that he has to face, many difficulties will be there. But you have to be strong for solving your problems on your own.
  • A happy is standing at your door and looking forward to you may you find happiness in every corner of your life. Have a glad life after you Nikah and many many congratulations.
  • You will not remain far from your soulmate because its a part of life and this relation is the best ever relation in the world. Hope you will have a happy married life. Congrats on your Nikah!
  • What a nice relation you are going to be tied in, may this relation be successful and may you get all the happiness and joys you deserve. Many congrats on your Nikah!
  • Words can not describe this pure relation, this relation is only understandable by heart and it never comes up to the words. May you get all the happiness and remain such delightful. Nikah Mubarak!

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