Romantic Rainy Day Sms Messages For Friends

Here we have collected a nice collection of Romantic Rainy Day Sms Messages For Friends. Rain has both effects good one and a bad one. The person who likes it he will love it no matter what the circumstances are and he will enjoy. But the one who doesn’t like it will Fall in Love with it after reading our collection. Check these out. Hope you will like our collection of Rainy Day Sms and it will surely help you in expressing your words.

Romantic Rainy Day Sms Images

Romantic Rainy Day Sms

  • After every darkness there comes the light, similar is with the rain after it the sun comes out and blesses its light on all. Happy Rainy Day.
  • I was just going out for a walk when it started raining and then I decided to still go out for a walk and this was the best decision.
  • Happiest rainy day, may you have happiness like rain is distributing happiness to the grass and making everything green and fresh.
  • I love to watch the rain, when I am busy even then I can manage time and can watch the rain coming up from there.
  • Everyone should try to be like rain, I mean their presence should make people Happy. Happy Rainy Day.
  • Our creator has blessed us with so many blessings, and one of the best is Rain.

Happy Rainy Day Sms 

  • I am not flirting, yeah the weather is very beautiful but not like you. Happy Rainy season and may you get lots of delights in your life.
  • When you were with me then it was something else, but now without you, rain is just water. Feeling sad without you in this rainy season.
  • Life is like a boat made of paper, if you are not on your destination in time, your boat will be left on the dark ocean of life, forgotten forever.
  • More the man has wealth more he will be scared of losing it, the person who don’t have branded clothes, don’t have the fear of getting wet. Rainy Season!
  • If its raining there’s not a damn thing you or me can do, the only thing we can do is let it rain and enjoy it. Happy Rainy Days.
  • Its raining outside, sit in your balcony have a cup of tea or coffee and forget about the movies and social media. Watch is raining till its last drop.

Funny Rainy Day Sms and Messages

  • Be careful when you are walking in rain because your way of walking is terrible and if you got dislocated your ankle am not picking you up. Oh! no no, you thought I am breaking friendship with you no no not a chance its because I am out of town.
  • You are so silly, so waste of time, so irrelevant speaker but I like you the way you are and there is not a damn thing I wanna change about you. Love you like I love rain.
  • Rain gives me a terrible superpower, I become a very skilled liar. You are so beautiful, look that’s what I’m talking about. Haha just kidding, oh look its again, OMG I’m becoming a skilled liar.
  • This rain is washing my all pain, as detergent wash out all the dirt from clothes. This rain is removing my all bad memories as an eraser can remove every ugly spot. we have made in our lives and this rain is making me to text some of the really bad people whom I made friends. Not you, my dear!

Rainy Day Sms For Friends

  • Say welcome to another better and beautiful day. Say welcome to another rainy day, Enjoy the day and make yourself feel better. Happy rainy day
  • Don’t you try to mess up with the weather, Its rainy outside and you can get cold. take care of yourself and happy rainy day dear.
  • I wish you enjoy this day a lot and this day would be a rememberable day for you. Happy rainy day and best of luck
  • Some people get so emotional when it’s raining. reading their texts on a rainy day feels like its end of the world. But the very next they are as much happy as they. Liars!
  • Do not get wet too much in rain, if you got sick I am not taking you to hospital. Haha! just kidding just here to say Happy Rainy Day but in a different way.

Best Rainy Day Sms, Status

  • Enjoy the rain but not too much… It could be dangerous for you, as you know that it’s the cold weather out there and you can get sick. So take care of yourself and happy rainy day
  • Sit on the balcony take a hot drink and take it in slowly and enjoy the moment. Happy rainy day dear
  • It’s the rainy day out there, GO out and enjoy the rain. Happy rainy day dear
  • Go out and make fun because of its raining out there. Happy rainy day
  • Its rainy day and too cold outside, take care of your health and happy rainy day
  • Things have gone stop outside there and everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather out there. Happy rainy day dear
  • Enjoy every drop of rain and try to take feel from them, Happy rainy day, take care of yourself.

Happy Rainy Day Sms For Best Friends

  • You are like rain because when you come I forget my every pain and can stare at you like hours and months. Have a nice rainy day.
  • If you are sad for a long, take my advice and sit in a chair and watch the rain. Happy Rainy Season.
  • You are the one who means a lot to me, as like rain means a lot to a growing crop. Have a blessed rainy day and May this rainy season bring you lot of cheer and happiness.
  • Parents love is like the blessing of rain, which has both thunder and light. When you do something to make them feel proud then they shower their blessing on you.
  • Its raining and I am writing a romantic Rainy Day Sms for you. So that I can help you in enjoying rain.

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