Romantic Weather Status For Whatsapp Facebook

Let’s update Romantic Weather Status For Whatsapp Facebook. Weather affects our mood and it also changes our taste too, from other days and the most things happen when the weather becomes lovely our mood becomes romantic. So here we have collected some really best wishes, quotes, SMS, messages and statuses for WhatsApp and Facebook. Go ahead read and give us your feedback. Go ahead, read like and change your status from previous to Romantic Weather Status.

Romantic Weather Status

Romantic Weather Status For Whatsapp Facebook

  • This weather is whispering a lot to me, it’s making my heart feel sad and happy at the same time.
  • I don’t know what to do in this happy rainy season.
  • Today’s weather is very nice let’s go out for a walk, and have a feeling of enjoying life.
  • When the weather becomes romantic, my heart why not me.
  • Making noises becomes compulsory when its nice outside. Happy great season.
  • My heart becomes happy when the sunshine is blessing us with its light.
  • You filled my life full of happiness like rain fills the soil with its precious water.
  • Your love is pure like raindrops, it wiped my every sorrow.
  • Happiness is to have someone special in this happy and nice weather.
  • Rain is coming outside but my heart is becoming wet inside.
  • My feelings towards you is like the sun after rain.

Rainy Romantic Weather Status

  • The relations which don’t have fights are not serious relations because we accept the importance of light when we face darkness.
  • I am glad that I had you with me when its such a nice weather outside.
  • Parents love is like rain drops it wipe out all the dust from our lives
  • My life is nothing when it doesn’t have rain showers of your love. Happy Rainy day.
  • Today sun came out after many days and the dark clouds are gone now, it reminds me of your arrival in my life.
  • I saw you in stars, I swear of you I saw your reflection in my tears. Come back.
  • Love is not a game, it is fire not water, you have to play with it with great care. Have a lovely day.
  • You are with me when no one is with me. Thanks for being in my life.
  • It’s your presence which made my life full of happiness and joys.

Cool Romantic Weather Status

  • My life becomes more important to me like the day becomes important when its good outside.
  • The meaning of true love can be understood when you are alone on a pleasant day.
  • Your happiness means a lot to me, it’s like the ray of lights after rain.
  • My pains get fainted when my heart connects with you or the time your text comes.
  • This weather is whispering something, oh its saying let us make some more memories. Happy sunny day.
  • When you are with me I am like a pleasant day with full of lights and delights, but when you are not with me I like the cloudy day which is full of darkness.
  • Don’t be like a cloud which gives its water first to the upper leaves of a tree and then the upper leaves gives drop by drop to the lower leaves, be like the sun which shines on each and everyone equally.
  • This morning came with full of lights as you came in my life bringing a lot of delights.
  • If you are having problems with life, wait for a day with nice weather and go out for a picnic with your friends or family.

Best Romantic Weather Status

  • Your love is like an infection in me. It is increasing with the passage of time…
  • Have a Romantic Mood on this Romantic weather, with your beautiful smile and love
  • I just came into know that I am just addicted to you, I can’t start my day without you. I am nothing without you, Love you a lot dear
  • Weathers are never been romantic. Love makes it romantic, whenever you feel love in the air then you will feel yourself romantic
  • This is the new day, I wish you have a better and beautiful new day with the better romantic weather
  • When you are with me I am like I am in heaven, but when you are not with me I like the cloudy day which is full of darkness.
  • All those days with you, Those Romantic days with you will never be forgotten have a Romantic day dear
  • When you grip your hand in my hands I feel like I am in heaven, I will never forget your love.

Romantic Weather Status

  • Whenever I feel alone in romantic weather I remember you and I forget my all loneliness. Happy Romantic weather dear
  • I will be very happy if I have you with me in this weather, I miss you dear and whenever I think about you. I forget all of my stress.
  • I wasted many springs and lovely weather days in useless things, but now its time to make that thing mistake right and enjoy every other pleasant day with you.
  • You will forgive every your joys when you will fell in love with someone. Then it’s only their happiness which matters.
  • Where ever I see, I see you, I just got an appointment with an eye specialist, he said you are infected with loveria.
  • The weather has some connection with the heart, when it becomes rainy my heart becomes sad.
  • My mood has changed and I am thinking about changing my status according to weather, Romantic Weather Status.

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