Selfie Status For Instagram Facebook

Let’s upload a Selfie Status For Instagram Facebook. Selfie nowadays became a new fashion. Everyone wants to have a great selfie status and want to impress people by their looks and styles. But if you can’t find a proper wording to write a selfie status, then here’s the good news for you, we have a nice collection of best Selfie status for facebook and other social networks. Hope you’ll like our collection.

Selfie Status For Instagram

Selfie Status For Instagram Facebook For Friends

  • My name is my quality, how I present myself is the best way in the world.
  • I do not want any approval, I am great.
  • Hold your breaths, I am uploading best ever selfie…
  • Nothing is more charming than my selfie.
  • I have just taken the Oscar-winning selfie.
  • When I upload my selfie, FAcebook’s server crash because of so much traffic on a single post.
  • Be ready and take a deep breath, because my friend is uploading a new selfie.
  • Close your eyes, surprise! here’s my new selfie.
  • Let’s make a new breaking news, I am uploading a new selfie.
  • Oh my God I am so charming.

Selfie Status  and quotes For Instagram

  • Check out my new selfie. I just broke every beauty records.
  • If you liked my selfie give a like and that’s it.
  • Don’t be rude with me, because if I got angry you will be no more.
  • I am born with this charm.
  • Born to rule fellas, check out new selfie.
  • Look at my selfie, common shower the likes.
  • I don’t need likes, give me a smile that’s enough
  • Everyone is posting new images. My new one is releasing tonight buy your tickets now.
  • If you have any problem with me, go away its your problem solve it.
  • My trouble is I am so cute.
  • My cuteness is gone out of control.

Selfie Status For Instagram, Whatsapp

  • My selfie is enough I don’t need any status.
  • Oh My lord! look at the new selfie I am more popular than a star.
  • Wow! I am looking like a celebrity in this photo.
  • Check this out, Oh you already starring at it since night.
  • Nothing is more important than giving me like and writing a comment when I upload my selfie.
  • Instagram selfie is out today, What are you doing here.
  • My qualities are so charming that your eyes will get filled with lights.
  • Taking selfie is so easy for me because my every selfie is best.
  • Why are not you giving like, don’t be resistive like it because you liked it.
  • Oh its nothing, I am just born COol!.
  • We don’t need an army to win a war, my friend’s selfie is enough for that job.

Selfie Status For Instagram Facebook

  • The greatest person on earth has just uploaded his selfie.
  • Don’t be shy go ahead, print my photo and stick it to your wall.
  • If you love me don’t tell me I’ll see it in your eyes.
  • Precautions! cuteness alert, underage don’t watch.
  • See my picture and you will fell in love with me.
  • Let’s have a party tonight because I just got 100 likes.
  • Please don’t like my photo without comment.
  • If you are lazy enough to not to give me a compliment for my new photo. Then atleast give a like! haha, you thought I was going to forbade for like too.

Captions and Selfie Status For Instagram

  • Don’t disturb me while I am taking selfie
  • I know you are lazy, If you want to prove me wrong then hit the like button
  • Yea I am cool… everyone knows.
  • Coolness is not applied it borns with you and dies with you.
  • I know my attitude and I know how to use it.
  • Life make lots of changes, few of them are described
  • I hate who, who hates me.
  • That shine in my eyes…
  • It makes me look cool.
  • You don’t need to tell me anything, I know I am cool.

Hope you liked our collection of Selfie Status For Instagram Facebook and hope it will be enough for expressing your style. Share with your Friends and Family on Facebook, Instagram and other such social sites. Also read our other collections too. We have also love statuses, attitude statuses and many other such categories.

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