Sorry Message For Teacher, Principle, Boss

Say sorry for your mistake from our collection of Sorry Message For Teacher, Principle, Boss. If you made a mistake and now you realized and want to say sorry to them but you are out words. Our this collection will help you in Saying Sorry. Hope you’ll like our collection of Sorry Messages For Teacher.

Sorry Message For Teacher

Sorry Message For Teacher

  • I am very ashamed that I couldn’t make it according to your expectations, and for that, I am extremely sorry.
  • Dearly respected boss, I am very sorry about today’s presentation, I should have prepared for it and I should have delivered the best, but because of some health issues I couldn’t make it according to your expectations and disappointed you. I am truly sorry sir.
  • I should be sorry because of my today’s behavior, I have been rude to you and disrespected you. But I am really ashamed of what I did and I am truly truly sorry for that.
  • Dear sir, I should have prepared well for the exams and I should have performed well, but I was so sick that I couldn’t learn a single word.
  • I admit that my performance of last some days have not met company standard and for that, I am truly sorry, the reason for my bad performance was that I was stuck in some personal stuff, but now its all resolved and I am fully prepared for the upcoming challenges.

Sorry Message For Teacher For Being Rude

  • I know sir I should be on time for the meeting, but My Car went out of order, and I could not make it to the meeting on time, I am truly sorry for that.
  • Hello, respected sir, I am very sorry for my today’s behavior in the class. I am feeling very ashamed right now and I want to apologize for that. Please, sir, forgive me and this will never happen again.
  • I know sir according to you I am a very bright student and maybe I would, but from last few days my health is a little upset. Therefore, I was not able to perform well in today’s Maths Test. For that, I have to apologize to you.
  • Please, sir, accept my apologies for my today’s irrelevant activity during class. I am sure you will forgive me and you will not report me to the principal.
  • I am so sorry for having too many leaves from the office without informing, but there was a reason for that. My Grandpa passed away last Friday. Therefore I was so busy in arranging things for his funeral that I forgot to inform you.

Sorry Message For Teacher or Principal

  • This project meant to be a very big one for our company. I know that this is all my fault that our company has been disabled to achieve that project. I am extremely sorry for that and I assure you that I will try my best and the next Project will be ours.
  • Attendance is very important in every class and it is more important to sit quietly when attendance is been calling. I am so sorry for having a loud conversation during attendance. Please accept my apologies and it will never happen again.
  • My behaviour was very rude in the class with the CR. For that, I am very sorry and I am ashamed of that but I assure you that this will never happen again. Please forgive me and I had already made an apology to the CR.
  • I was fully prepared for the today’s presentation and I had prepared everything that was required for today’s presentation. But at the main time, my car’s tire blasted and I got late for the presentation.

Sorry Message For Teacher and Boss

  • Dear Teacher, That was my bad. I realized that I misbehaved in the classroom and I am feeling sorry for that. Please forgive me. I am sorry
  • Dear Teacher, You pointed someone else and I thought that was me. that was just misunderstanding and because of that, I misbehaved with you. I am sorry
  • I got full panic and in a minute, I lost my mind and I misbehaved with you. Please forgive me for that misbehave I am so sorry for that.
  • Because of some problems, I got late in class and I am sorry for that. From next, I will try to be on time in class
  • Due to some family issues, I was unable to make presentations on time and I am really sorry for that. Please accept my late submission, I will make it on time from next
  • I was unable to understand that lecture that you gave me last time and I am sorry for that. SO, please give me that lecture again so I can understand it

Best Sorry Message For Teacher

  • I made a fight with the class monitor because he was miss judging me and after that, I felt bad. So, I feel sorry please forgive me for my behavior with Monitor, I will ask for sorry to him too.
  • This project means lots to me and I can’t miss it please accept it otherwise I will be failed and I am sorry dear teacher.
  • I am sorry for my behavior in class and I promise that I will never do that again in class.
  • Dear Teacher, I know that using the cell phone is not allowed in the classroom but I got an urgent call and I had to pick up that call. I am sorry
  • I am very very sorry for bringing a cell phone in the class and also for using it during your class. Its absolutely right that you took my phone, but I assure you this will never happen again.

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