Saying Sorry Status For Whatsapp For Friends

Check our post of Saying Sorry Status For Whatsapp For Friends. Committing mistakes is normal. Everyone in this world has some imperfections and at many stages of life, people do commit mistakes. But the first thing after the mistake is to say sorry and ask for the Apology for your mistake. If you are facing a similar situation and want to ask for an apology, but you want to do this at once and want to get your apology when you are at the right place. Because we have collected a nice collection on Sorry Sms. Hope our collection will be helpful to you in saying sorry.

Saying Sorry Status For Whatsapp

Saying Sorry Status For Whatsapp For Friends

  • I am very sorry for hurting your feeling, I can not afford to lose you and therefore I was so afraid that I said something wrong. I hope you will forgive me I am So sorry please forgive me.
  • My mistake is worst but I know that you have a big hurt and you have guts to forgive my every mistake. Afterall you are my best friend. I am Sorry please forgive me.
  • The time is the best ever time when you are with. I love to spend time with you. But if I crossed my limits and you did not liked it then I am extremely sorry for that.
  • I am not a perfect guy and every person can commit a mistake, but the thing you should observe after a person’s mistake is to see how he is going to say sorry for his mistake. I am very sorry for my mistake I will not do that again in my entire life.
  • When you are with me I had everything, but you are not with I still have everything but all that does not matter if I do not have your support. I love you and please forgive me and come back.

Cute Sorry Status

  • I am a shy guy and the only thing I am afraid of is of committing mistake, because I do not have guts to ask for an apology. But as I did a mistake so it’s my duty to definitely ask you for an apology and I am so sorry please forgive me.
  • I am so sorry because of me you got punished in front of whole class, but you didn’t expose me I am really really sorry. I assure you I will make a confession in front of whole class. But first you have to forgive me.
  • I have a problem, I am keeping on making blunders and because of that I am extremely ashamed. Today what happen was just bad luck and bad timing but if you still think that was because of me. Then don’t have a single objection in asking for Sorry.
  • You and me are best friends for many years, and I don’t wanna lose you because of my stupid mistake. I admit I am so stupid but I also know that you had always forgiven my every single mistake and you will do it again, I am sorry!
  • I was so worried about the exam result that I forgot your birthday, for that I am really sorry. please forgive me.

Sorry Status for Friends

  • The first question which raised in my mind after our fight was, can I live without you, and I kept on thinking over it and guess what every time the answer was NO. Please, Pease, Please forgive me.
  • My problem is that I take everything so seriously that sometimes I overreact, and I know I behaved like a retarded person. But at the end I am sorry. Please forgive me I will try my best that this should never happen again.
  • The bravest person is the one who commits mistake and develops the courage to accept it and ask for an apology. I am sorry How I reacted was the worst thing of my life. I am extremely sorry for that.
  • A person who have guts to accept his mistake and have guts to ask for an apology is the bravest person in this world. Because I had done a mistake so I am sorry.
  • I will not bound you to forgive me, I am doing my part by asking for an apology it’s your life and your decision either you forgive me and we can have a new start or you don’t wanna keep it further.

Best Sorry Status

  • Dear friend, I want to say sorry for all those things that I ever had done wrong to you and I want to get that friendship back. I am sorry dear,
  • Sorry for those who cause this life beautiful and sorry for those to whom I did anything wrong I am sorry. Please forgive me
  • The time with you was my best time and I am feeling nothing without you. Again I want to spend my time with you I am sorry Please forgive me. I know that was my bad
  • I know I am not perfect for you, everyone commits mistakes in his life and I know that was a big mistake but you have the ability to forgive me and I know you will let it go and start the new start again. Still, I want to say sorry to you.

Heart Touching Sorry Status Lines

  • Sorry for that, that I had done yesterday. I know you mind that and I want to apologize for that please forgive me, I will never do that again
  • All the words of sorry are small to you and I know this is a big challenge for you to forgive me. I am sorry dear I will never do that again
  • Dear Friend, I know my sorry will never fill your loss and I don’t know what you are thinking about me. Please forgive me for what I had done to you. I am sorry dear
  • Sorry, My friend, I promise you that I will never do that again, I am sorry for everything I ever had done. Please forgive me
  • My mistake is worst and I know you have a big heart to forgive me and you will forgive me soon I am sorry dear friend Please forgive me.
  • Hey Friend! I am sorry, Sorry for everything I ever had done wrong to you Please forgive me

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