Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

You want to wish your Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife but in unique way and simple heart touching lines is what you are looking for than my dear you at the best place on this cyber net we have collection of world best Wedding Anniversary Wishes for wife and we have a some unique set of words which you will love try some from here.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

  • My life my love my heart my soul want see you every morning in front of my eyes
    may you live long may this celebrations comes every year with more happiness very happy anniversary dear.
  • life was sad life was dull life was odd life was in the meadows of darkness I was hell alone but you came you make me bright you make my life meaningful want to live with you my entire life very happy anniversary dear love you so much.
  • After so many years of your partnership in my life I can say that you are the best wife in the world want to hug you kiss you keep smiling my love Wish you a very Happy Anniversary dear.
  • if someday an angel come to me to ask for a wish will you believe I will ask him to make you mine even in the heaven can’t live without you dear love you so much Happy anniversary dear.
  • life is a Bucky of roses with your presence in my life wish you a lots of happiness and wishes on our 5th anniversary Love you my life love you sweety.
  • Every day I wake up see you aside my bed and stare at you and one thing come in my mind it’s your hard work for me my family you the best wife the best mom the best everything I want to have you in my dream in my life in my every breath love you so much dear very Happy Anniversary dear.
  • I remember those days when you were by my side when you were like a shadow of me I miss you dear I miss you very much you are not with me but still I can feel you in myself happy anniversary dear happy anniversary.
  • Life is live with your presences this is a mist in the air with your presence there is a meadow of happiness with your each smile. happy anniversary dear.
  • If in my life I have a chance to life some moments of my life again than surely it will the moments of our marriage and our first meeting beside the hill side. Happy anniversary dear

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

  • Happnies is all what we want love is all what we can give life is happy but only when you are with me don’t want to lose you ever wish you a very happy marriage anniversary.
  • Cheerful commemoration dear may all your desires work out. May this
    clench hand commemoration turn into the beginning of your bliss.
    Cheerful commemoration dear.
  • By having you on my side I am the most fortunate individual on the earth.
    Cheerful first commemoration of our wedded life my dear spouse.
  • I was greatly strained to consider that ladies who might be my significant other. Be that as it may, when I met you I overlooked each pressure. Tanks. Happy anniversay.
  • As life is nothing without water and air. Same I am nothing with my you my significant other. Happy first commemoration dear.
  • Life requests an accomplice to spend an existence with and Allah has favoured me
    with a magnificent life accomplice fit as a fiddle of you spouse. Cheerful anniversary dear.
  • Life will be increasingly fun when we both offer our issues and love
    with each other dear spouse. So absolutely never take subterranean insect mystery. Happy second commemoration of our life.
  • Life is by all accounts fun with you. Much appreciated! Cheerful commemoration on the
    to start with most joyful snapshot of our life.
  • life is a paly ground and happiness is your smile keep smiling my love. Happy 20th anniversary dear you are the one life partner everyone wants and prays for.
  • Did u remember the day you said you want a life there are no sadness just happiness my dear open your eyes and see the date it’s the day this all started and changed our life. happy anniversary dear.
  • One of the biggest happiness of my life is when is the morning is see you aside my arms it makes me motivated to pass the hell of the day with a smile and your face in front of my eyes. Happy anniversary dear may we live like this ever.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife From The Heart

  • There are many up and downs in life some of the peoples left us new peoples accompany us new life moments creates new memories than become just a memory but one thing that is as refresh is always is our anniversary dear every year it fills me up with joy happy anniversary dear happy anniversary my love.
  • I know being edict to something is a bad habit but I am addicted to you and I love to be edict of you be in my life forever. Happy anniversary dear.
  • Honey you know what day is it its they day we become close we started our new life today dear it’s our Wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary my life my Heart.
  • I still remember the day when I first say in my office and I heisted to ask you for a cup of tea and you said ok becoming red. Hehehe that moment was a when I decided my partner will be you and now after so many years of successful happy married life with you accept my gifts and cake on your marriage anniversary
  • There are some special moments in everyone’s life and they can’t forget them as per me it’s our first meeting the air the heartbeat the expressions the feelings the shyness you lips your eyes your hands your fingers my getting on my knees to propose you that was the moment of my life I want live daily only with you. After so many years we are so close and love is all around us here is another year ending and a new beginning is going to be on dear many many happy returns of our anniversary love you so much.
  • The wedding is one of the most precious moments of life. and my marriage with you was the most beautiful thing I ever had done in my life. Honey, I really love you and I never want to lose you. Happy marriage anniversary dear.
  • My life is with you, dear wife. and you made it happy and comfortable. Thanks for everything you had ever done for me. Happy marriage anniversary dear.
  • You are the most important part of my life. and you are the most important part of my life. I want you with me ever and forever. and happy marriage anniversary dear.
  • I wish you live long and happier life. because of you, my life became happy. My boring routine became excited just because of you. thanks dear for everything you had done for me.
  • Life is short. No one knows how and when it ends. But spending this short with someone special is exciting. and dear you made my short life special. Happy marriage anniversary.

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