Wedding Invitation Sms To Invite Friends

We are sharing here the collection of Wedding Invitation Sms To Invite Friends with you all who really need this collection. If you are getting married or someone from your family is getting married then invite your friends and family to your or your family members wedding so they can be the part of your amazing life changing moment. This moment is not interesting if it is not shared with friends and family. Hope you will like our collection and if you really do then let us know down in the comment section. Wish you best of luck for the whole collection of Wedding Invitation Sms To Invite Friends.

Wedding Invitation Sms To Invite Friends

Wedding Invitation Sms To Invite Friends

  • Wedding is coming and you should get ready to come and enjoy the fun of this precious day!
  • Hope you and your family will be busy in making preparations for the wedding and here is the good news about the wedding we have decided the date and it is the next week. Must come along with your family.
  • Your presence will make the excitement double and you will be the part of our happiness and joys. Hope you will come soon.
  • A marriage is a start of a new relationship and the start of a new life and this is the event which should be shared with all of your family members and close friends. I am inviting you all the wedding ceremony of my brother.
  • You every day can only be better than the previous if you are living happily with your entire environment. Must come to the wedding ceremony of my brother.
  • Life of my brother has to change and he is getting ready for new challenges and I hope he will be successful in this phase of life. Have a lovely day and must come to the wedding.

Whatsapp Marriage Invitation Wordings

  • When you are getting married either you say goodbye to the previous life or you say hello to your new life because you can not choose both paths now. Happy wedding day!
  • It’s me and I am inviting you to come to my wedding, this looks strange that the groom is himself inviting for his wedding usually this duty is on someone else. But must come and be a part of our happiness.
  • I am very happy to announce that I am getting married the next month and you all are invited for it. Thank you over and out!
  • Our life faces many phases some of them are easy and some of them are difficult but the successful persons is the one who faces these both type of situations calmly and bravely. I am getting married the very next month and you all are invited.
  • You all have to come to the wedding actually you should be there two or three days earlier, and no accuses will be accepted. Have a lovely day!
  • I know you are a busy person and you have a lot of works to do but you should be there on my wedding on time and I am in no condition to accept any accuses. Have a good day!
  • No person can be perfect, but at least everyone can try to be perfect and that true effort is all your partner wants to make you. Must come to wedding and give me much more excitement and happiness than I have expected.

Wedding Invitation Templates

  • I have heard a lot that the life of a married person is nothing more than a curse but I am getting married to prove this myth wrong. Must come to my wedding and see me getting success in it.
  • We are living in a world in which you need someone to share your joys and sorrows with. I am also a human and I also live on this planet, therefore, I am also getting married. Your arrival is compulsory!
  • Marriage is a phase of life from which everyone has to walk through. Hope you have heard of my wedding and hope you must have understood that this message is to invite you to my wedding!
  • I am getting married because our country gives more preferences and advantages to the married persons. Have a lovely day and must come to my wedding to make that day lovely too.
  • Every girl and boy wait for this day and everyone want to get married. I was also waiting for this and i also got married. Thank you in advance for coming to my future happening wedding!

Wedding Invitation Cards

  • The word marriage is a strange word and the relationship is a little bit more strange. I am getting married and i will let you know either you should get married or not!
  • People are really afraid of trying new things in their life but as you know that I am fond of new things and this time I am trying to get married. No, jokes aside, but I am really getting married and you are invited before everyone else!
  • Everyone chooses a life partner whom with they want to spend their life and live happily ever after. I have chosen my life partner and you all are invited to come to my wedding along with your family.
  • I was nothing more than just a loser but since he came into my life he changed it and he changed everything and filled my life with happiness and joys.
  • Every girl has dream to be a beautiful bride, beautiful I was and bride I am going to be. Must come!
  • You were there for me in my every happy time and you should be there on my the happiest time of my wedding! Come along with your family the wedding is next month!
  • I am getting married and you must have to come!

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