Wedding Invitation Wording, Quotes Templates

Every relation is important in life. Wedding is one of them. The first thing is Wedding  Invitations and Wedding Invitation Wording and you also want it to be special in great wording. Some relations are God gifted such as mother, father, brother, sister and other such. Some relations we make with our own decision and ourselves are responsible for these decisions. The Wedding is a relation related to that relation which we choose ourself. We have many occasions to celebrate and they come after a specific time period but Wedding is a Precious Relation and we all want to make this day special and unforgettable for us and as well as for others too. Here we have a really good collection of such invitation. Read, Like and send them to your loved ones.

Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

  • Hello, Hope you will be alright. Today  I am here to inform you and your family that my brother is going to be married this month and On this precious day, we want you to come and make us your grateful.
  • Hope you all will be fine and enjoying your health. I have a special news for you that I’m getting married this Friday and on this memorable day, We want you and your family to come. Make this day more special for me.
  • Hi, Hope you all will be healthy and enjoying the life. Today I am here to add some more happiness in your life. My sister is getting married on (your date). Hope you all will be there for us and make us your grateful.
  • Marriage is a special day for all of us and as a married person, you know the importance of this day. On this delightful occasion, we want you to come and increase our joy. We’ll feel blessed by your presence.
  • There’s no one who doesn’t want to get married. I had decided to get married this month and I want you to come and make this joy double. Waiting for your arrival.

Wedding Invitation Wording Messages

  • Weddings are always a source of happiness and joys. These happiness are ever coming. My Brother is getting married this week and I have the responsibility to invite all the relatives. So, hope you all will be there. Thank You.
  • Hope you will be happy to know that I am getting married this week me and my family are looking forward for you and your family. Hope you will be there. Thank You.
  • Because the Weddings are the most special day in everyone’s life. Therefore, he wants it to be the most memorable day in his life. My sister is getting married. Everyone in our family is waiting for you and your Family to come.
  • Today my responsibility is to invite you and your family to my brother’s wedding. Hope you will come and give him your good wishes and make his day.
  • Life is full of experiences and another experience is coming in my life. I am glad to inform you that I am getting married this week, Hope you will come along with your family and give me your best wishes.

Wedding Invitation Wording

  • A wedding is a new start in your life may you live happily and your life gets full of peace. Many challenges are waiting for you. No one is going to help you in every your problem you by yourself is going to solve it for you
  • A wedding day is the most precious day in everyone’s life. You are getting married and there’s a new start, a new challenge and a new victory is waiting for you. Go ahead get it.
  • Getting married is just a start to a new life new challenges and new efforts. Make sure you will be ready for all of this.
  • Marriage is like a thread made of cotton. Both groom and bride are tied into it to spend their whole life and both have to walk together to keep that thread safe from breaking.
  • The relation of marriage can be as soft as cotton and can be as hard as stone the choice is yours.

Wedding Invitation Wording Text Sms

  • A new start has to begin, A new era has to start, Getting married and making that day memorable is everyone’s dream. So, as mine. Because you are special for our family, therefore, your arrival is especially awaited.
  • My Brother is getting married this week. I am inviting you to be on this delightful day to make us feel good.
  • In every aspect of life, a wedding day is one of the greatest day in our life. I am getting married in this month and your arrival is awaited. Hope you will be there for me.
  • This morning is the most special morning for me because I am going to announce that my sister is getting married. We hope you all would be there for us and make that day an unforgettable day for her.
  • Looking like Someone is getting married, hmmm. Oh yeah! My Brother is getting married at the end of this month no one can take your place as you are my brother’s best friend. So, come and be on Your place.
  • My instinct was saying that we are meeting soon and therefore, I have decided to get married next month. Haha! hope you like the way of invitation. So, be there for me. Thank you

Wedding Invitation Wording for Friends

  • Please Join me for the evening of champagne and Special event. Join me For my Wedding and pay me your wishes.
  • I want to start my lives new period in the presences of you. I want to celebrate my happiness with you. Please come and join me I will be there waiting for you.
  • I got a really big and blessed day to get a Gift. I want you there to take part in my happiness. So, be there I will be there waiting for you.
  • There is going to be a big and better change in my life. I am going to marry soon. So, Please join me at this happy moment of my life, Be there.
  • Dear Friend, you supported me and helped me every time, whenever I need. So, I am going to marry soon So please join me at this happy moment. I will wait for you…
  • Dear Friend, You made me laugh when I was sad. You made me feel better When I was Unhappy. You always will be my best friend. Please Come to my special event of life. I need you there So, be there.
  • My marriage is set now I need you with your family to join me at this special occasion.
  • I told you that I am going to tell you guys a special news. And the news is that I am Going to marry and my marriage date is set. So, Be there on that date. I need your presence.
  • Dear Friend, Now I set my new goals of life. As you know I am going to marry and my marriage date is coming. So, I want you there to get with me and celebrate this special moment.

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