Happy Weekend Quotes For Facebook, Whatsapp

We wish you a happy weekend, today you are here to make your weekend inspired. If you are here to have an Inspirational Happy Weekend Quotes For Facebook, Whatsapp, then start jumping on your bed. Because we have got some really best and amazing Inspirational Happy Weekend Quotes. Read the whole collection like a bookworm so that you can have the best ever Weekend Quote.

Inspirational Happy Weekend Quotes

Inspirational Happy Weekend Quotes For Facebook

  • Hope this weekend may go as the blossoming flower, which may fill your life with its fragrance. Have a great weekend.
  • May the grass of your life remain evergreen and happy and I am ready to be the Gardner of your life. I am more than ready for this purpose.
  • Since I met you, I am like that antique model which is old enough but it is expensive too. May your weekends become spiritually awesome.
  • You and me are like the two flowers, who grew together but this the one who is more beautiful will be plucked first. Have a happy weekend.
  • The soil of our friendship should never get cracked, the most amazing way to keep it healed is to take care of each other and keep watering the love. Happy Weekend!
  • More darkness is the sign of huge lights. When you are sad enough that you have started thinking that you can not be happy again. It has 100 percent chances their that the flood of smiles has to come in your life very soon.
  • Such as looking at the greenery make you smile, same as your presence and your face make me happy and smile with proud that I have you in my life.
  • Be clear in your aims as an eagle is clear on its prey. You can not win the hearts without losing something. Because every success story has many sacrifices too. Keep smiling this weekend.

Amazing Weekend Quotes

  • If someone has broken your heart you feel like the wrecked boat in the vast ocean. Do not even pretend of breaking someone’s heart. Because science has not developed much to ensure its recovery.
  • Keep feeling high, keep feeling like the mountain climber, keep feeling as he feels on conquering the peak of a mountain. This is the way to success.
  • Alcohol is not the solution of every, make two cup coffee and have it with you crush you will feel the difference.
  • As water bubbles give happiness to the little kid, the encouragement of an artist, make him feel the same. Wish you an amazing weekend.
  • Today world has made many high and higher buildings, but the people who are living in these building have forgotten that the nobleness is not in standing high nobleness is to make your stand high.
  • Let your words speak instead of you because they have surely the higher voice than you. Thoughts are the loudest.
  • Eyes can describe you the personality of the person standing further to you because people lie but eyes don’t.
  • Waking up every new day with a new inspiration can make the things more interesting. Wake up and if you don’t have a new inspiration yet, then find one and start the day.
  • Sometimes we get our self far from the happiness in search of money. But we realize it when there is no hope of turning back.

Enjoy Your Weekend Quotes

  • Its okay sometimes to cry alone in the darkness, because everyone is not as strong as light, which reveals everything.
  • A true friend is like a lighthouse which shows you the right path even in deep darkness. Hold tight that friend and say him thank you.
  • A family is very important to everyone. Because people get attached to the things which are almost every time around them. People get even attached to that old chair which is lying in the corner and have no use but you do not have the courage to throw it in the garbage.
  • Sometimes I think why our life is not like cartoons, they don’t need logics to do something. What they do is we all know illogical but makes us smile. Why can’t we pretend to live like these characters?
  • Good deeds are like the bouncing balls, if you have done something good to someone it will surely bounce back to you too. Similar is with the bad deeds.
  • Somethings are un-understandable at current age, but I am sure they will be clear enough to understand after few years.
  • Solving the problems of others like sherlock holmes will make you the robin hood of these people.
  • Holding the little hands of a kid gives happiness, I don’t know why but they do give happiness.

Have a Great Weekend Quotes

  • Your joys are not hidden in the crowds of friends. It can be also found in a friend standing just next door. Have a cheerful weekend.
  • Flowers also have thrones with themselves, as beautiful people have problems with them. Overthinking is not a medical disease but it is a spiritual one.
  • Running for the success without know where you have to stop is like sitting on the nose of a high-speed boat. No guarantee when the layers make their mind to eat you.
  • Sometimes, licking the cream of the biscuits can be as awesome to memorize your childhood. Sometimes jumping in joy is not even enough.
  • Delights are not obsessed with the big gifts, some little gifts are cute enough to bring tears to your eyes.
  • The pyramid of happiness looks similar from all directions, but there are some differences when you have a closeup.
  • The wound given by a sword is less painful than being a victim of someone’s close cold behavior. Enjoy the weekend.
  • Life is full of discoveries, our life is nothing less than an adventurous trip. Enjoy the life and let life enjoy you.

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