Best Whatsapp Status, Love Whatsapp Status (Short, Cool)

Whatsapp is a daily most used app and Best Whatsapp Status are the best way to express your mood, I hereby Gathered some Best Whatsapp Status a large number of variety status from which you can choose from according to your mood so feel free to express your mood and pick the one you want.

Best Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status – Best Whatsapp Status Collection

  • I am quite it doesn’t mean I am week.
  • Life is like a coin some time its happy some time it’s sad.
  • I am not shay to defend myself it’s just your love making me quite
  • Love is live life is happy you are mine we will shine.
  • I am not in attitude it’s just my style.
  • I live in style not to impress but to express.
  • I am father of my own dreams.
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  • We make the paths of our success.
  • Love makes a man as well as destroys it!
  • Life is an open war rather you have to withdraw your odds or you have to fight against it!
  • Regret what u saw, just see what other want to see.

Best Whatsapp Status Ever

  • Don’t do what other want you to do just listen to your heart.
  • Closing the eyes seeing the sin is as sinful as doing it.
  • Life strikes hard at every instance of life it on you to become a hero or a looser.
  • Don’t fly in to high as they say as higher you are harder u will fall.
  • They say life is a game but they forgot to mention its game of throne.
  • Love is a onetime experience it happens only once.
  • I am silent not because I am on the wrong side just because I don’t want be on any side!
  • Coins make noise so spend the life like cash.
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  • A dollar bill can make you buy anything but love!
  • I will like to walk on the broken glass rather to break your heart!
  • Money can buy anything but love.

Best Whatsapp Status about Love, Life

  • Money can buy anything but happiness.
  • The feeling the aggression of first love is undescribed.
  • Haha you are looking at my status.
  • Ahh! Go away user is busy.
  • My spelling of love is just different I know so move on.
  • If you can’t bear me than simply stop looking at my status.
  • You want to fight! Let’s play tic tac toe.
  • Just saw the most astute individual when I was before the mirror.
  • God is extremely imaginative; I mean…just take a gander at m!!
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  • I’m not languid, I’m simply on my vitality sparing mode.
  • Please be understanding even a can deal with just a single stinky sphincter at any given moment.
  • Whenever I have an issue, I simply sing, at that point I understand my voice is more regrettable than my concern.
  • When I’m on my deathbed, I need my last words to be “I cleared out one million dollars in the.
  • I dependably gain from a mix-up of other people who accept my recommendation.
  • my last idea before settling on general choices.

Best Whatsapp Status For Her, Him

  • If I erase your number, you’re fundamentally erased from my life.
  • A few people need to open their little personalities rather than their enormous mouths.
  • Every day is another opportunity.
  • If open door doesn’t thump, manufacture an entryway.
  • Do not surrender, the start is dependably the hardest.
  • The best way to do incredible work is to love what you do.
  • A trip of a thousand miles starts with a solitary advance.
  • You need to take in the tenets of the diversion. And afterward, you need to play superior to any other individual.
  • Life resembles riding a bike to keep yours adjust, you should continue moving.
  • You’re as of now an effective individual. The things we underestimate another person is appealing to God for.
  • If your attitude is not cool, then do not try to be one, because showing you are cool when you are not is the biggest uncool thing.

Best Whatsapp Status Friends

  • Dreams isn’t what you find in rest, Is the thing which doesn’t give you a chance to rest.
  • I will win, not quickly but rather certainly.
  • Had an extremely awesome “Night Out” the previous evening, as indicated by my police report.
  • The street to progress is constantly under development.
  • Doubt executes a greater number of dreams than disappointment ever will.
  • Born to express not to awe.
  • Silent individuals have the loudest personalities.
  • Some individuals are alive just, in light of the fact that it’s illicit to murder them.
  • When nothing goes right… Go left!
  • Everyone wants to be cool but being honest is the coolest thing.

Fresh and Best Whatsapp Status Ever

  • While I learnt a lot from those who are smarter… It’s who are kinder, teach me the most, and really really big thanks to them.
  • Life is like Donald, Don’t try to make it Trump.
  • When I was single, I see couples are happy Now I am dating now I see singles are happy.
  • Keep smiling and stay positive… There will be a way that you will find to help yourself.
  • Don’t break someone’s heart, they have only one… Break their bones, They have 206.
  • Life really short doesn’t waste it is foolishness… Be kind to everyone and stay positive.
  • I dedicate this life to someone special. Because that person is the only one who changed my life.
  • Hey, You fool. Don’t try to be cool. cause fools never be cool.
  • Being cool is an art, everyone cannot afford this art…

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