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July Status for July, July Images, Flowers

  • Half of the year has passed and the remaining half is about to begin this month. Happy July! 💥
  • If you want to achieve something, do it on your own because nobody else can get it for you. 🌟
  • This can be inspiring and change someone’s life. Happy July! ✨
  • The road to success can only be steady if there is someone supporting you from behind. 🚶‍♀️
  • Don’t give up on the dreams you’ve been trying to achieve for a long time. Keep going. 🌠
  • Half of the journey of the year 2018 has passed and the other half is still ahead. Live it successfully. 🌈
  • I can’t understand why people have stopped truly living. Happy July! 🎉
  • I need someone like you to live a happy life. 🌻
  • Maybe I’m alone, maybe I’m not as great as I think, but the person I have in my life has always made me feel special. Happy July to all of them. 🌺
  • I need someone who can be with me all the time. ❤️

July Status for Facebook

  • I have friends who always stand by my side, no matter if the whole world is against me. 👥
  • A new month has just started and another month has just ended, strange, isn’t it? 📅
  • The bonds of friendship are so strong that nothing can break them. 💪
  • I’m tired of these ever-changing months, why can’t they stay for a bit? 😩
  • The walls are looking at me, I think I’m feeling a little tipsy! Happy July 🍷
  • I’m too shy to write something about this new month, so I just wrote what I’m feeling! 😊
  • Sometimes things can be both true and false at the same time. 🤷‍♀️
  • Changing yourself according to others’ choices is like killing yourself. ⚔️
  • You promised me you would never let me down, and I trust you. 🤝
  • Everything in my life is a blessing from my parents. 🙏
  • The eyes convey all the emotions that another person is feeling, so the person who says ‘we don’t know’ after breaking someone’s heart is the worst liar. 👀
  • People with broken hearts are foolish enough to trust others. 💔
  • If someone is leaving you, it’s their decision, and if you miss them, it’s yours. 🚪

July Status

  • In this world, you can’t make everyone agree with you. We live in a world of disagreements. 🌍
  • If someone is showing their love towards you, consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. 🍀
  • You can never be someone you’re not. Just be yourself. 🌸
  • Astonishing things happen to amazing people. ✨
  • Everyone is special, so treat everyone like they’re special, and they will treat you the same. 🌟
  • Don’t be impolite to someone and don’t break someone’s heart because time is the best karma, and it takes revenge on every wrong deed. ⏳
  • Life is like a mirror, everything you see in it is the opposite. 🪞
  • I just want to dive into the ocean of happiness and get lost in it. 🌊
  • The challenges of life are here to greet me again. 💪
  • Having an amazing time, if yes, send some my way too. 🎉
  • Sometimes you should move on by just accepting that ‘it is what it is.’ 🚶‍♀️
  • Life is too short to hurt someone. Nowadays, everyone has revolvers. 🔫

Status for July

  • Some moments get stuck and keep playing in our minds. Have a lovely July. 🌈
  • May this July bring everyone the best and most exciting days of their lives. 🌟
  • If you’re given something without any reason, it’s given to you for a purpose. Don’t waste your life, embrace it. Have an amazing July! 🎊
  • Whenever you think you’re doing something good, think again and then appreciate yourself. Have an amazing July! 🙌
  • Make a list of things you want to do in every new month, because what you can write, you can do. Have a lovely July! ✏️
  • No matter how tough your life is, add some baking soda to it, and it will become easier. Happy July! 🍰
  • I know you enjoy life a lot. Do me a favor and tell me how you do it, so I can make sure to enjoy this July to the fullest. 😄
  • I wish I could try to do the things that would help me create something meaningful. But honestly, I don’t know what I want to create. 🎨
  • Your kind words can give someone a reason to get up and pursue their dreams. Happy July to you and your family. May you all live long and happy lives together. 👪
  • If you’re creative, you can find motivation from anyone, anything, and any moment. Say goodbye to June and say hello to July! 🎆
  • If you’re doing great work and nobody is praising you, don’t worry. Your success is just a step away. The day you meet a true admirer of your art, you will be successful. 🌻

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