Happy Mothers Day Poems 2023, Mothers Day Greetings



Happy Mothers Day Poems 2023

Check out our collection of Happy Mothers Day Poems 2023. Express your love to the one person who is always very honest and fair in their dealings of love with their children - Mother. Don’t let this Mother’s day die like the previous one. Wish your Mother the best ever Happy Mother’s day wish or poem and make them feel proud of you. Here we have collected some of the best poems for you so that you can express your love. We hope you will like our collection.

Happy Mothers Day Poems 2023:

My every moment to that personality, who never wants to see me unhappy. May you get lots of prosperity.

Happiness is to find love, You gave me everything I wanted, Without asking a single word.

You never had a vacation, you never got tired, May you get the happiness you desire.

Your love is never ending, Dear Mom, you are the only one, whose love never remains pending.

Every effort of hers is to bring happiness to you, and bring prosperity and peace to your life.

Sweet Happy Mothers Day Poems:

May your life be filled with lights, May your life be filled with delights, May God fulfill your desires.

You are the best mom in the world, you are always the first in expressing love, You never complained a single word.

Day after day, and every motion of yours, you always express your love, Like a drop in the ocean.

My days drowned by seeing you smile, I am so thankful to you dear Mom, You kept my every hope alive, and your love never faded for a while.

Whenever I look at your face, I feel like I’m staring, The only thing I find is your caring, Our friendship is the best example of a perfect pairing.

Short Mothers Day Poems:

Love, love everywhere everything gets scared, When a mother looks with anger at the one, who hurt her child and caused them to shed tears.

Your love is a lovely thing, silent as a pool, drips like rain in the spring, like everything gets wet and cool.

Example of love in its purest form, I always look at you when I am hopeless, and your smile gives me energy like a storm.

For me, the happiest person in the world is someone who has found someone whose care is bound to them.

From Daughter Mothers Day Poems:

I pray to God, that he gives everyone such a great Mom.

Her love is everlasting, like a flower giving off fragrance, till the beginning of autumn in her life.

She loves you more than anything, She will care about you more than anything, Her end is just the start, That’s the way she built her heart.