Marriage Invitation Message to Boss, Teacher, Friends

Marriage Invitation Message is the beginning of a wedding and if you are in a situation of inviting relatives and friends on your wedding, then be sure to that you are at the right place. In our collection of Marriage invitation, we have collected many nice and attractive Marriage Invitation Message which you can send to your Boss, Teacher and friends and anyone else who is in your invite list. We assure you the quality. Give us your feedback at the end of the post.

Marriage Invitation Message

Marriage Invitation Message

  • On this delightful day, we invite you to come and be a part of our happiness. We are waiting for your arrival.
  • Your arrival on this delightful occasion of our wedding will give us the utmost pleasure and we will feel your love. Hope you will come soon.
  • Be quick be ready and bring your family too. We are waiting for you to come our wedding and give us a reason to thank you.
  • Happiness are all over the world, it seems like everything is happy today. Because there is a delightful occasion going to happen the next week. It’s my wedding and you and your family are invited must come.
  • The reason why such states of happiness are shared with your loved ones is that sharing happiness can bring more and more happiness to your life.
  • The delightful occasion like the wedding should be enjoyed because this is the event which comes once in everyone’s life and you should be ready to enjoy it as much that it remains in your mind forever and ever.
  • Everyone have happiness and everyone want to share this joys with their loved ones so that these joys can give the double joy. We are eagerly waiting for your arrival.
  • Must come to my wedding because this is never gonna come again in my life. So, I wanna enjoy it with every person whom which I have made some good memories.

Indian Wedding Invitation Message

  • Coming to the world which is amazing and delightful. A new life has to come and a new beginning has to begin. Wish us good luck and bless us with your presence.
  • The wedding is next week and you all are invited must come and bring the children too. We will be so happy by your presence.
  • Hopefully, this will be the best day of my life. Because another life has to be attached with me and I am so happy. Give me a reason to be more happy by coming to my wedding.
  • When you think too much, it means you are wasting many reasons to be happy, you are wasting many chances to get pleasures in your life. Must come to my wedding.
  • Wedding is the combination of two people and their lives are going to be attached their stories are now being one and their soul is getting attached to each other. So, you have to come and bless us for our future life.
  • Wasting the life is not a good idea. Therefore, I decided to get married. Haha! this is more like a surprise and you have to come to my wedding.

Marriage Invitation Quotes

  • Thanks for the love, support, and the whole help. I am getting married and you must have to come to my wedding and increase the joys.
  • Your arrival is our honor, we are so looking forward for your arrival on our wedding. Must come along with your family to be a part and be a reason for the joys of such delightful day.
  • Gifts are not the things which give you happiness, the style and attitude with which a gift is being delivered do matter. Your arrival to our wedding will be better than a gift. So, must come along with your family.
  • We must agree that nature has its own rule and this is the reason we must not try to change these roles. So, therefore, I also decided to get married. Haha! I know the invitation was a little different from a traditional one but this is the reason you have to come to our wedding.
  • There is no joy without friends, and that is not joy which is not shared with the friends. I am waiting for your arrival on our wedding so that you can also be the part of our delights and joys.
  • Everyone has right to be happy. This is my right too and I am going to have a new start by getting married. Must come to my wedding and give me a reason to thank you.

Modern Wedding Invitation Wording

  • The delights of tomorrow are only possible when there is time to remain happy and joyful all the day. Such day is coming to my life and I want you to come and be part of that day.  Must come to my wedding.
  • The reason why I look so happy is the day of my wedding. I am happy to announce there is heading a delightful occasion the very next week and you all have to come and be a part of it.
  • No one in this world is not who will not get married. I am not out of this planet so I am also getting married. Must come!
  • Enjoyments are all around us but we are so busy in hunting money that we have forgotten that we have also the right to give some time to ourselves and being happy. I am getting married next month and you all should come and this lightful day happier.
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  • The on which everything seems good and full of delight has to come. It’s my wedding day and I am here to invite you all to come to my wedding and give me one more reason to smile.
  • Sharing the joys can give you the hope of getting more and more joys by the person you are sharing your joys with. It’s not a big deal I am inviting you to come to my wedding and be a part of my happiness so that tomorrow I can also be a part of your joys.

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