Creative Wedding Invitation Quotes Wordings For Friends

Creating things is not easy but it never means creativity is not in you. Here are some Creative Wedding Invitation Quotes which may help you if you are not finding some useful way to create a creative wedding invitation for your wedding. This collection will surely be helpful to you in your purpose. If you like our collection after reading it then do not forget to share us. Go ahead because the whole collection of Wedding Invitation Quotes is waiting for you.

Creative Wedding Invitation Quotes Wordings

Creative Wedding Invitation Quotes

  • Lock the happiness in the vault of creativity and cheer up yourself to get ready to dance in my wedding. Yeah! the time has come. Must come to my wedding!
  • My wedding is next week and you all are invited to come and be a part of the delightful occasion.
  • May you have a great day because the upcoming days are all going to be great. Because you are going to be a part of a happy journey. Must come to my wedding the next month.
  • Life is like a painting and I want to paint it in the best ever way, in a way in which it is never painted before. For that purpose, I will need a helper a companion and true friend to do it perfectly. Therefore, I decided to get married. Must come!
  • There is a list of things which are undone and these things are looking forward for you. So, come soon and be a part of my wedding ceremony.
  • Man is always looking for joys, but these joys are always in front of him. The very next month there is my wedding and that will be awesome with your presence. Come Soon!
  • True friends are those who stand for their friends in every situation. I am getting married the next week and you all are invited along with your family. Must come!

Indian Wedding Invitation Quotes For Friends

  • Life is like the sparking of light which may belong to you but it is always connected with many other people too. Marriage is a relation like that in which you both are connected to each other.
  • There is a relation which is looking forward to me. I am getting married this month! and you along with your family has to come!
  • Everyone needs a person who can look after and can be the strength of you. I am getting married!
  • This morning brought many new things along with it to my life and one of this is my soulmate. I am getting married and you all have to come!
  • The flowers look smiling, the grass is greener today, the sun is shinier today. This is all because I am going to start a new life. You all have to come!
  • White clouds and blue sky is now looking more beautiful because there is a special person coming to my life. You all have to come!
  • The waves of joys are flowing in me. I think it is because I am getting married. Haha! what a surprise right? you all have to come to my wedding, the next week.
  • A life cannot be spent alone, everyone needs a partner for them to spend life with. Have a great day and must come soon to the wedding ceremony of my sister.

Quotes For Wedding Cards

  • Next week my brother is getting married with the love of his life. Must come and give him and his wife you precious blessings. Thank You!
  • Today I am here to invite you all on the marriage ceremony of my brother. Me and my whole family is looking forward for your arrival. Must come, thank you!
  • The person who means a lot to me is getting married. I think you got it my brother is getting married this month and you all have to come!
  • Hope you all will be okay and you will be enjoying the best of your health. Must come to marriage ceremony of my brother. Thank You!
  • Nice things happen to nice persons. You are a nice person and therefore here is a nice thing going to happen with you. This message is an invitation to you to come on the wedding ceremony of my Brother!
  • Develop the things which can cause you smile the whole your life. For me that relation is marriage. Its the wedding ceremony of my brother.
  • A wedding is a delightful occasion it is said that there are many things which can make you happy but there is nothing more special relation than getting married.

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