Romantic apology message



Say sorry to your love from our collection of Romantic Apology Message To My Love. You can express your words in amazing wordings and can get your apology accepted. Here we have collected some of the best text messages for you to send your loved ones and say them sorry for your Behavior. Hope you’ll like our collection of Romantic Apology Message.

Romantic Apology Message To My Love

  • We have been friends for so many years and I cannot let this friendship break because of my stupid mistake. I am so sorry for hurting your feelings. Please forgive me.
  • If someone fights with you and then soon he realizes that he had made the worst mistake and then he tries to reach you and talk to you. Do not ever lose that person because he loves you.
  • Anger is to give the punishment of someone’s mistake to yourself. I don’t wanna you to give yourself punishment because of my mistake. I am extremely sorry please forgive me.
  • A person who can control his anger and can forgive the mistakes of others, then he is the greatest person in the world towards me.
  • My mistake is not so big that you cannot forgive me, I can keep saying sorry until then you don’t forgive me, and I don’t care if my whole life can go through it. Best Romantic Apology Message Ever
  • My mistakes are not in my control but if unintentionally I hurted your feelings. Then please forgiven me.
  • No one in this world is not born as perfect and no one is a perfectionist, everyone can commit mistake and this is your duty how you see the mistakes of your loved ones. I am sorry if I hurted your feelings.
  • Every relation has ups and downs and this does not mean that you should break that relation I am extremely sorry for my mistake please forgive me.
  • An anniversary is a precious and memorable day for everyone, and I know the importance of this occasion, but I my self can not get it that how I forgot this day. I am sincerely sorry for that. Please forgive me.
  • OMG, I forgot your birthday, I am very ashamed of that, I don’t know what happened and I forgot your birthday. I came home and your packed gift was in front of me which I had bought for you. I am so so sorry.

Sweet Romantic Apology Message

  • You always understand me and I know that this time too you will understand me and you will forgive me. I am extremely sorry.
  • So sorry to hear about your uncle’s death, I wasn’t able to attend the funeral and for that, I am very sorry. I will be there as soon as possible.
  • Everyone should remember the mistakes of their past only for learning lesson from them and be better in the future.
  • Maybe there will be a day when we will not be able to see each other anymore, maybe there will be a day when I will not be able to say sorry for my mistake. But I am sure that day is not Today.
  • I am very mad at this year because every third person is sending me apology message for hurting my feeling and making me sad. So, I started sending this announcement to everyone. That I AM NOT FORGIVING ANYONE if you want to get your apology accepted, pay for that and after that I will think about it.

Romantic Apology Message For Hurting

  • I have one life, and I want to spend this whole life with you. Hope you will be with me whenever I’ll need you. And I am sorry for last day please forgive me for that.
  • Due to your kindness I and able to spend this beautiful life with you. I am sorry for those things that irritate you and please forgive me for them.
  • I am very thankful to you for being in my life. Whenever you feel a little confused with our relation, don’t hesitate come to me I’ll fix that. Sorry dear for last night,
  • My intention was never to hurt you. But if you got hurt with my wordings, then for that I am really sorry for that. Please forgive me for them,
  • It’s up to you, you will forgive me or you will take your revenge. But there is only one thing I want to say you. and that is I am sorry,

Romantic Apology Message For Him

  • You are the one who made this life beautiful and better. and I want to say sorry to that person who made it. I am sorry dear
  • Dear, you are my princess and please forgive me. Forgive me for all those things that I ever had done wrong to you. I am sorry for them,
  • Life is too disgusting to me nowadays. and dear you are the one who loves me and forgives me for every worst thing. I am sorry dear,
  • Dear Wife, you are my life and I don’t want to lose my life. Please forgive me for last night, I know I overreacted. I am sorry,
  • I have made a blunder and I know its very difficult towards you to forgive me, but every person deserves a second chance. I am sure you will definitely give me a second chance.

Romantic Apology Message

  • If you want to say me sorry to me, say it I have a big heart I will definitely forgive you. But I have a condition you have to take me to dinner and Apology Accepted.
  • Sometimes I think I should apologize myself because I have been hurting myself for a long time.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to make a big mistake and learn from that mistake that either you are able to solve your problems or not. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.
  • Forgive all those things what I ever had done wrong to you. I am sorry dear. I assure you this will never happen again in my entire life.
  • Forgiving someone’s mistake is a noble deed to do. I want you to do this noble deed and forgive me Please. I assure you this will never happen again.

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