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Enjoy this rainy season with your loved ones, or if they are far away from you, send them Romantic Rain Quotes and Sayings. Some people love rain, while others hate it, but this article is for those who love rain. There is also good news for those who dislike rain: they might fall in love with it after reading our collection of Romantic Rain Quotes. We have gathered some truly beautiful quotes about rain, which are probably also romantic. Please read and give us your feedback.

Romantic Rain Quotes and Sayings:

  • Sad people get sadder after rain, while happy people get happier. I am happy because I have you with me. Happy rainy day, dear.
  • This night is becoming more and more romantic by the minute. I don’t know whether it’s because of the rain or because of you. Tell me if you feel the same.
  • Happy rainy day to my love, who is like rain, which cleans the dust and every dirt from the environment, just as you cleaned my heart from every dirt and made me yours.
  • To me, you are like rain, always ready to shower blessings on everyone. Happy Rainy Day and have a nice day.
  • If you want to find a romantic person, find someone who loves rain and can sit by the window for hours, just watching the rain. Happy Rainy Day.
  • Enjoying rain is not just about getting wet and catching a cold. It’s an art that only romantic people

Inspirational Rain Quotes

  • Rainy seasons are not forever, it’s just a gift by nature, and everyone should take advantage of it. Have a happy rainy season.
  • I am a lot like rain. When I am happy, I get so expressive that sometimes I get myself in trouble. Have a nice rainy day, sweetheart.
  • No matter how far apart we are, when it’s raining, I feel so close to you that I can smell your fragrance.
  • These water droplets are making me excited. Maybe I am in love with someone, or maybe it’s just the rain.
  • If you haven’t gotten wet in the rain, trust me and try it once. You will get addicted to it. Have a happy rainy season and an awesome day.
  • It’s awesome to sit on a rocking chair and watch raindrops striking the ground. It looks like the rain is meeting its love after a long time.

Enjoying Rain Quotes, SMS

  • Get wet in this rain and let it wash away every pain and spread happiness in your life.
  • You are like the sunshine that brightens up every dullness after rain.
  • If you love someone, a rainy day is a perfect day for proposing, and it also has more chances of getting your proposal accepted.
  • Rain makes everyone romantic. If you love someone, wait for a rainy day and propose before it gets too late. Happy rainy day.
  • My life became so dull when you left. Please come back and let’s take a new start. Missing you.
  • I love rains because when we first met, it was raining, and I offered you my umbrella. Happy rainy day.
  • Our first meeting was on a rainy day when you asked for my name, and everything changed. After that, I fell in love with rain.
  • We may be far apart from each other, but today, when it’s raining, I feel like I am in your arms, and you are in mine.
  • Enjoy every rain of your life. Maybe tomorrow will happen or not. Happy rainy days.