Happy Mothers Day 2018 Wishes, Quotes, Status

Happy Mothers Day 2018: Mothers are the most important person in everyone’s life. Therefore we have collected Mothers Day Wishes, Mothers Day Quotes and Mothers Day Status to make this day special for your mother. Everyone loves their Mothers, and they worth it because the difficulties Mothers bear in giving us birth and then bringing us up no one can even imagine these difficulties. So we just tried to put a little effort in celebrating this noble and precious day of Mothers. Due to the importance and nobleness of mothers, it’s our moral duty actually it’s compulsory to celebrate this day in such a good way that every mother pray for her child and give them her good wishes. Here we have tried to collect the best phrases about mothers and we hope that you will like it. Happy Mothers Day to all!

The mothers day is celebrated in the second week of mostly may or march. This year it is being celebrated on 13 May, Sunday. This should be celebrated after all the mother is the biggest relation in the world and this is celebrated in honoring mothers and motherhood. No one can compete motherhood love. So celebrate this mothers day in so much excitement that your mother be pleased on you. So, let’s start celebrating Mothers Day by wishing a beautiful phrase about mother.

Happy Mothers Day 2018


Happy Mothers Day Wishes 2018

  • A mother is a whole universe for every person, her smile is heaven, her blessing is the worthiest. May everyone’s mothers live long and this wish is for the Best Ever Mom in the world which is My Mom.
  • Who is greater than a Mother on this Earth who gives life to a person. I can’t even imagine your greatness, the only thing I know is that I love you and I love you more than anyone. Happy Mothers Day.
  • A mother is the strength of her child in every aspect of life, if a person is successful in his life it’s all because of the motivation he gets from her mother. Happy Mothers Day.
  • The only person who always cares about you, who is the purest with you, and who is fair with you more than everyone is A Mother. Thanks for giving me so much dear Mother.

Happy Mothers Day Wishes

  • What can a person imagine and seek from her mother more than love? Because a mother is produced with love, she does not have anything else in her than Love. I just want to thank you Mom for giving me so much love.
  • The demonstration and determination a mother shows to built her child into a flourishing personality can never be shown by anyone else. I love you so much Mom and I just love you.
  • For me, there is no person in my life who is important than you and that is because there is no person in your life who is more important than me. Thanks for giving me such Importance and Happy Mothers Day.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes 2018 with Images

  • I can never pay back a single drop from the ocean of love you have given to me. I am nothing more than just your son and I am proud of that. Thanks for always making me special.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes

  • Whenever a mother is born, she is born with the lots of lives that she is going to give birth. Because every generation starts with a mother. Happy Mothers Day to you dear mom.
  • There is no person like mother, no one can be like mother. The way a mother loves her child no one can. Happy Mothers Day!
  • Mothers day is being celebrated and yet it is the day I like the most. I know how much a mother suffer’s in the development of her child. She always chooses the best for her child. Happy mothers day to you my dear mom.
  • Happiness is to have a person who is always caring about you and I am very happy to have that person and that person is you. Thank you so much for bringing me into this world.
  • When a woman becomes a mother she becomes even stronger for the development of her child. Thanks for developing us into a successful person. Happy Mothers Day.
  • You are responsible for my success, for everything that I have achieved you are the only person behind my success. Happy Mothers Day to the best ever mom.

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Happy Mothers Day Wishes 2018

Happy Mothers Day Quotes 2018 with Images

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Happy Mothers Day Status for Whatsapp Facebook
  • Every mother completes her child, and you also complete me actually without you I am nothing and there is no life without you. Thanks for making me so special.
  • You work all the day, you care for us all the day, you do not get tired of expressing love that’s how you define love. Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day Status

  • There is no better definition of love than a mother because a mother is always expressing love and she isn’t tired of it for a while. Happy Mothers Day.
  • A mother is a leader for her child, whatever she teaches her child, they follow her, without any thinking of losing or winning because they know that whatever their mother is doing for them will be right.
  • Mothers are the most important persons in everyone’s life because there is no other person who can be on her place. For me you are my everything mom, I love you and Happy Mothers Day.
  • No one is like mother, no one can think how a mother thinks, and no one can express love like a mother do. Happy Mothers Day to the world’s best ever mom.
  • Wherever I be, whatever I do, how bad I did, you were everytime there and you became my strength in every aspect of life. I can not imagine my success without you. Thank You so much for making my life such special. Happy Mothers Day!
Happy Mothers Day Card

Happy Mothers Day Card

  • Whenever I felt down, whenever I lost hope you became my hope and pushed to achieve every that thing which I desire. Happy Mothers Day.
  • Mothers are the greatest blessing of Allah Almighty, no one can be like a mother. Whatever and however a mother can do a thing for her child no one can do. Happy Mothers day to you.
  • Who is, who never takes a leave from her work and she complains about it, yeah she is Mother. Thanks for caring for us so much. Happy Mothers day!
  • I feel myself the luckiest person of the earth because I have a mother like you, who cared about me so much that today whatever I am, its all because of my mother. Happy Mothers day to the most special mother in the world.
  • My feelings for you can never be changed because I am nothing without you. My existence does not worth without you. Happy to have a mother like you!
  • My good luck is that I had an amazing mother like you, you filled my life with lights and made it bright, and gave me everything which I desired. Thanks for your exceptional love, Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day Messages 2018, Pictures, Flowers

  • Whoever feels himself lost in this world, should spend some time with her mother and she will tell him how much special you are and you told me how special I am. Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day Messages 2018

  • My life can never be completed without you, you are an important part of my life. Happy to have a great mom like you and Happy Mothers Day to you dear mother.
  • Mother has a second name too which is called hope, because whenever I felt lost you gave such strong hope that I came back strongly and won everything. Thanks for being there every time.
  • A day which is in honoring the world’s greatest relation, this day has come and I want to honor this day to you. Happy Mothers Day dear mom.
  •  Mothers always try their best to fulfill every desire of their child. Now on this noble day of mothers, we should at least give a try to fulfill a mother’s desire. I’ll try my best.
  • Today I am in this world it’s because of my mom, I never cared about my problems because I knew it that my mother would be caring for me and that would be better for me. Happy Mothers Day.
  • Everything which is connected with you means a lot to me, I don’t care what it takes I will always love you and I love you the most and I know you love me the most. Happy Mothers Day!

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Happy Mothers Day Status for Whatsapp Facebook

Mothers Day Messages 2018, Pictures, Flowers

English Happy Mothers Day 2018 Text Sms

I Love You Messages For Mom, Wishes for Mothers

English Happy Mothers Day 2018 Text Sms

  • Mother’s love is the purest love in this world if someone wants to see the purest love he should see a mother loving her child.
  • Biggest happiness for me is to celebrate your day. I am happy to have this day again in my life. Happy Mothers Day!
  • Spend this day in honoring your mother, spend this day in respecting motherhood. Because there is nothing more important thing than a mother.

Happy Mothers Day Messages in English

  • Happy To have the best ever mom in the world. I am so pleased to have you in my life. I respect you, I love you and I know you love me more than me. Happy mothers day!
  • Even if we try to thank and describe the nobleness of this noble day and this noble person who is called mothers. Happy Mothers Day to the most special mother of the world.
  • Dear mom, may you enjoy the best of the healths and joys throughout your entire life and may you remain such happy in your entire life. Happy Mothers day to the worlds best ever mom and she is my mom.
  • A mother is the only person who is responsible for your existence. After giving yo existence to the world she works as a Gardner to develop you to make you strong and she does it by showering her blessing in every stage of life.

Mothers Day Quotes From Daughter

Mothers Day Quotes

  • Happy Mothers day to you, dear mom I can not thank you for everything that you did for me even if I try to do maybe this whole will not be enough. I just want to say you thank you and happy mothers day.
  • May you live long, may you always remain healthy and smiling. I can not see you sad because you can not see me sad either. Happy Mothers day.
  • The best relation of the world is your mother, whenever a mother is sad the whole universe is sad this is how nature defines a mother.
  • A mother never wants to see her child sad or crying, so why need other ladies to be happy when we have our mother with us. I do not need anything else except you. Happy Mothers day.
  • My mother is my best friend, my mother is my teacher and there is nothing which mother cannot teach to her child to make them special. Thanks for making me and my life special.
  • A mother is like a Gardner, she always works for the growing up her child into a strong person. Thanks for making me so strong to stand in this world. Happy Mothers Day.
  • The first face which a child see after his birth is the face of his mother. So, how not a mother be so special for him. Dear mom, may you have a glad mothers day.

Mothers Day Quotes From Son

  • Take a break and enjoy your day too, mom, today is your day and on this great event, you should not waste it in spending like other normal days. Happy Mothers Day.
  • Happiness is to spend my whole life in giving you respect and serving you, even this will not be enough for describing your greatness. Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day Quotes

  • Mother is the blessing of Allah which can neither be replaced nor it can be had again. So serve your until they are in this world. May you live long and happy mothers day!
  • A mother’s hug can heal every wound, whenever you feel sad and you feel yourself alone, hug your mother and she will tell you how important you are. Have a glad mothers day.
  • You are always thinking about us and you think the best for all of us. We all love you and today we want to wish you a Happy Mothers Day!
  • Whenever a mother wants to give her best, she gives her best and makes her child strong enough that they can face this cruel world.

Mothers Day Inspirational Quotes

  • She knows everything whatever you tell and whatever you hide from her. You guessed every my problem without asking me and you solved them that’s what shows your love. Happy Mothers day!
  • I miss your stories which you tell when we were kids and then we just fall asleep listening to you. That was the best part of our lives. I miss you and happy mothers day.
  • When you are far away from me I feel like alone, but when I again get near to you my whole strength comes back. Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day Inspirational Quotes

  • If someone wants to see heaven in this world he should see his mother, there is nothing more beautiful than a smiling face of a mother. May your remain ever smiling dear mother.
  • If we try to thank for all these things which you have done for us we can not do that. May you live long and may your blessing always remain with us. Happy Mothers Day!
  • Time is very difficult and standing in this world is like a challenge at this time, and today we are standing and facing the difficulties of this modern world. Happy Mothers day to you sweetest mom.

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